23 05 2010

I’ve been on a SL break for the last few weeks and that’s why I’ve not posted in so long.  I’m not entirely sure that break is over, but I had to come back and do a post featuring my newest favorite photography gadget:  The PoseAnywhere HUD by Essential Soul Studios

When my new friend DavidThomas Scobal contacted me to tell me about his creation, I was really excited to try it out.  A HUD that lets you use your own no trans poses on someone else?  I’ve wanted something like this since I first started taking photos in SL.  And while I find it terribly ironic that it’s being released the same week I close my photo studio, I am extremely thankful for its existence.

To test it out, I took the lovely Kyria Tomsen to Bon Temps, La (the True Blood SIM) and snapped some fun photos in the graveyard.

The PoseAnywhere HUD is very simple to use.  In fact, I’m not sure it could be any easier to operate.  You basically rez it, throw the poses in it, and attach it.  That’s it.  It’s also copyable so you can make as many of them as you want for easy pose organization. 

Here is a screen shot of what the HUD looks like when you’re wearing it.  You have the option of posing yourself or selecting a model to pose.  Also, I love that the HUD displays the name of the model AND the name of the pose.  That is especially important for us bloggers who always credit the poses in our posts.

When you select the pose a model option, you’ll get a pop up with the avatar names of the people in your vicinity.  Simply select your model, wait for them to give you the permission, and start posing them with your own poses.  No more hoping a model has the pose you’re looking for!

Once I had Kyria in a pose, I asked her to walk around a bit to make sure you could still adjust things after you’ve started the HUD.  After all, sometimes you get the shot lined up and you just need the model to move that extra inch over, right?  Thankfully, Kyria had no problems moving about in the pose.  Score one more point for the PoseAnywhere HUD.

Another thing I wanted to test was the ability to use multiple HUDs during a shoot.  I am a huge fan of the FilterCam HUD and it is very rare for me to do a shoot without using it at least once.  Because of this, I wanted to see how I could use them both.  I knew I couldn’t attach them at the same time, so I took off the PoseAnywhere HUD and attached the FilterCam.  Kyria stayed in the same pose while I used the FilterCam HUD with no problem.  When I was finished, I put the PoseAnywhere HUD back on and moved her into the next pose effortlessly.  It was as if I’d never taken the HUD off.  Words cannot express how fantastic that is.

If you are a photographer or just want to take photos of you friends for fun, the PoseAnywhere HUD at Essential Soul Studios is a definite must have.  It’s easy to use, versatile in that you can pose yourself or a model, copyable so you can organize your poses, and reasonably priced.  Oh, and let us not forget the free updates!  I’m not sure you could ask for anything more.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire
Model: Kyria Tomsen

Stuff That Kyrias Are Made Of: (this is what Kyria called her Model Info and it was cute not to use it here too)
Dress – *Reale* Etherna dress (pearl)
Skin – Belleza – Belle pale Smokey Mocha
Hair – Truth – Eva – treacle
Necklace – Balterdash Rosary – Seaspray
Earrings – Monkee- Hourney Earrings – Diamond & Silver
Feet – SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Pivoting
Ring – ~flirt~ Tiffany Ring – Platinum and Diamond
Eyes – Nany Merlin’s Expressive eyes blue 1

Essential Soul PoseAnywhere HUD **REVIEW ITEM**
Photo #1:  Essential Soul Studio – Tip Tapping
Photo #2:  Essential Soul Studio – The Strut
Photo #3:  Essential Soul Studio – Protection
Photo #4:  Essential Soul Studio – The Strut
Photo #5:  Essential Soul Studio – The Strut **FilterCam HUD by MechanizedLife Used as well**




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12 06 2010
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