I Ride the Subway at Night.

3 03 2009

Beulah Mills sent me a notecard awhile ago about a challenge to various fashion bloggers, and I was honored to be included.  The basic premise of this challenge is to take a piece of clothing from Ivalde and make it your own, so to speak. Having different people create different looks can really show the versatility of a design, and even an entire collection, such as the case here.  People tend to think Vintage when they think of Ivalde, but that doesn’t have to be the only word associated with it.  I am guilty of this, myself.  Before this challenge, I had been to Ivalde once or twice, but it wasn’t really my style.  I thought it was too Vintage for me.

For the challenge, I was asked to choose one outfit that the designer and woman behind Ivalde, Neferia Abels, would then send me for review.  I wandered around the store for a while and saw some very nice designs, but one dress caught my eye:  the Fiola dress.
First, I wanted to show you the dress just as it comes; it’s quite cute. 


A little too short for my own personal taste, but it could easily be worn to a party or dance and even out on a date.  I can already think of one event I might even wear this to.  You can never have too many little black dresses in your inventory, really.


The design of the top is what caught my eye.  It has a crocheted like quality to it.  I love the intricate, lacy look of it.  It lends such flair to the dress.  Imagine my surprise when I found that it was in the 1970’s section.  This dress may be the only thing I like about the 70s!
After shooting the dress the way it was designed, it was time to make it my own. I do love to mix-and-match.


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Digital Egyptian

7 02 2009

Digital Alchemy opened today, and the first thing I did upon signing in tonight was tp over there and check it out. I wanted to see the Runway show, but daytime events are almost impossible for me to attend during the week. I was impressed by the wide variety of special items available; items the designers created specifically for this Egyptian themed event.
I love Egyptian mythology and art, so I expected to find at least one thing I liked here, and when I came upon the Eternal Nefartari dress by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai, I knew I’d have to buy it. The only decision was color, and I finally settled on the beautifully Egypitan Blue and Gold version.
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Dress Me Up Challenge

13 12 2008

Oh, why not? It could be interesting.
I was just having a conversation with a client about how I like to “play dress up” in SL, but that I’m still a Goth girl underneath it all. She responded by telling me that the Goth girl always shines through, no matter what I’m wearing. Which, I thought was a very sweet thing to say.
So, with that in mind, I open myself up to the whims of my readers. Dress me up!
Achariya is the brilliant mind behind this challenge and the rules are as follows:
1. Post a picture of yourself in your underpants.
2. In this post, invite your readers to suggest a particular outfit (or jewelry, shoes, skin, etc.) from a designer for you to purchase and write about.
3. In the next few weeks, look back over the suggestion list and incorporate these ideas into your regular blogging, marking these entries with the tag “dress me up.”
Post in as many or few suggestions as you want. It’s up to the blogger’s discretion to pick which items to wear, so no complaining if they don’t pick your idea.
Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio
Model Info:
Skin: Celestial Studios – Charmed Skin 20 (Glitter- Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC – darkturquoise
Hair: the Abyss – Secret, Light Blonde
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nails – #000 Basic Toenails, Red
Bra and panties: Lovelace – Millais, Crimson
Pose: Striking Poses – Sarah Michelle Gellar_1

Blacklace…And A Bit Of Leather Too

3 09 2008

Alphamale & Blacklace had the Grand Opening of their new SIM a few weeks ago. The whole place is gorgeous! The Blacklace store is one of the most opulently designed stores I’ve ever seen. It’s rich colors, dark wood floors, and dark wall treatments are a delight for the eyes. I felt like I’d stepped into a sumptuous boudoir. Yelmer Pfeffer and Mariska Simons, both of whom I met that night andfound to be lovely people, did a fantastic job on that place. If you’ve not been there, you should go just for the experience of stepping inside their sensual world. Alphamale is stunning too, very sleek and modern. Bright and bold. A direct contrast to Blacklace, but then–they should be. There’s a jazz club too and a mall on the new SIM, but I’ve not been able to go to the club yet. Maybe someday I’ll have some free time to check it out. Of course, I meant to blog about it then, but RL got in the way. It has a nasty habit of doing that, doesn’t it? But the SIM was so fabulous and the lingerie I bought so stunning, that I just had to blog it…even if I am a few weeks late.

This past weekend I had some free time in world, so I decided to do some inventory sorting. Not particularly riveting, but a necessary evil. While lounging around my STILL unfurnished house (though I do have some rugs and artwork out) I decided to pull out the lingerie I bought at Blacklace and snap some photos. The first set I put on is the Black and White Laced Bra Set.

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Slink Into Leather

21 08 2008

Every wardrobe has it staples. There’s the little black dress, the perfect pair of jeans, the basic t-shirt, etc. Then there are those versatile pieces you can build different looks from. Take a pair of capri pants, for example. Depending on what you pair with it, they can be casual or a little bit dressy. These pieces are just as important as those staples, perhaps even more so, because they give you options. I love having options, which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across the perfect pair of leather pants.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…leather pants? Are you crazy? I know…they go in an out of style, sure. But the key is that they ALWAYS come back in. And do you know why? Because nothing makes your derriere look quite as good as the perfect pair of leather pants. Of course, there is the added bonus of being figure flattering and looking great with your best stiletto heels and your clompiest boots. And let’s not forget the reason to wear them in the first place, attention. Nothing grabs the eye like well fitting leather pants. You’ll always be noticed. Where can you find this fabulous new wardrobe must-have? They’re at Slink: The Art of Beauty. Taking this one pair of pants and adding different items from my inventory, I was able to create four distinct looks pretty effortlessly. I could have put together a ton more, I’m sure, and I am sure you can take these and make them your own as well. The options are limitless, really. Let’s check out what I came up with, shall we?

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