New Release!

26 06 2008

There’s a new release at Zaara’s Indian Couture today and I just had to snag it and share it with my Glamourazzi readers. Anjuna comes in three different colors, including the red one I’m wearing here. It’s a block printed tie up shirt over a white tank top with cute little white drawstring pants.

Paired with some comfy sandals and pretty jewelry, it’s the perfect casual wear for a leisurely day of window shopping or walking along the beach.

Also perfect for sitting on the porch swing contemplating life’s little mysteries…like men. (And though the pants look grey because of the sunset, I promise you they are indeed clean linen white)

Run (don’t stroll) to Zaara’s Indian Couture and pick up this super cute summer outfit. At 275L you can’t go wrong.

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Hair: ETD – Phoebe, Black
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nail – Basic Toenails, Red
Outfit: Zaara Indian Couture – Ajuna, Red
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui – Signature Sandals, Black and Gold
Jewelry: ND – Black and Red Bangles
Shiny Things – Gold Hoop Earrings, Red
Gaea Designs – Nose Stud, Ruby
Bonita’s Jewelry – Cranberry Twist Necklace


Taste the Summer

21 06 2008

Summer is almost upon us, and at MDR we’re celebrating in grand style by throwing a Summer at the Studio bash tonight. Of course, only finding out about this a few days ago I fretted over what to wear. I was thinking beachy, but not just a bikini. I wanted beach chic, not just beachwear and I think I put together a very cute summer outfit. It’s perfect for that summertime party, walking along the boardwalk, or just shopping with friends. Follow the jump for more details and photos!

My friend Rhodesy had to suffer through me putting this outfit together last night. I decided immediately on the Gloss Triangle bikini top, a freebie from the PixelDolls VIP List. (If you aren’t on that list, get yourself over to PixelDolls and sign up!) I know what you’re thinking–summer is all about fun colors and bold style. But I love the combination of black and silver and decided to continue the monochromatic theme throughout my outfit. This way, I’ll stand out from the crowd without “STANDING OUT,” if you know what I mean.

It took a few tries to find the perfect bottoms for this outfit. I went through capris, shorts, skirts, jeans…nothing was working. Then I remembered a pair of cute shorts I’d seen the last time Rhodesy and I were at BoA Creations. They are cute and sexy at the same time and I love the suspenders hanging from them. They give the shorts just a touch of cool. And the texture of the shorts lends it that designer touch I was looking for.

For shoes, I decided to throw on my Metro Stitch shoes from Digital Dragon Designs. I have to admit to stealing this idea from Pyper. I saw her wearing them at the last photo shoot I did for her and I couldn’t help snagging them myself. They are just so cute and a little Gothy.
So there you have it…a cute but chic summer look. Of course, you could do this in any color you wanted to with any different combination of tops and bottoms. The important thing to remember is to create a look that works with your personal sense of style and go with it.

And if you want, throw on your favorite summer outfit and come to our Summer at the Studio party tonight at MDR Photo Studio. We’re giving away a photo shoot prize package with each of our four Senior Photographers, including yours truly. The party starts at 7:30 SLT. If you do pop in, make sure to find me and say hi.

Model Info:

Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Hair: Abyss – Secret, Full Moon
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nail – Basic Toenails, Red
Top: PixelDolls – Gloss Triangle Bikini, Platinum
Bottoms: BoA Creations – Short, Black
Shoes: Digital Dragons Design – Metro Stitch, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline’s – Individual, a Right Hand Ring
Caroline’s – Ankh necklace, Onyx
WRONG – Beads & Bangles, Black
Freebie – Ruby Eye Belly Stud


18 06 2008

What do you wear when a dashing Englishman IM’s you and asks you to come and dance with him? When you only have a few minutes to pull a formal look together, the task can seem quite daunting. I only had five minutes to make a decision so I pulled out THE DRESS. You know the one, right? THE DRESS that is simply more stunning than anything else in your inventory. THE DRESS you pull out when you want to make a dazzling impression on a first date, or even the tenth. Yes, that one.

For me, it is the Reiyel Dress from BAIASTICE HAUTE COUTURE.

More photos and such behind the jump!

This dress is totally not my style. In fact, several of those who know me best were surprised that I chose to buy it. Not suprisingly, I have nothing else like it in my wardrobe, and perhaps that is one of the things that makes it to special.

The minute I saw this dress in the store I was in love with it. It is quite simply remarkable. The colors are subtle and elegant and the detail on the gold embroidary is some of the best I’ve seen in all of SL. The skirt is my probably my favorite part…the movement is so soft and alluring. I felt like a Princess when I put this dress on for the first time, and every time since. (Thankfully, it comes with a crown!)

The Reyiel Dress is graceful, serene, and beautifully crafted. For me, it is THE DRESS.

And yes, I did get to have that dance with my new English friend.

Model Info:

Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Hair: ETD- Janae, Blonde
Dress: Baiastice Haute Couture – Reiyel Dress (includes shoes)
ShinyThings Gold Hoop Earrings, Amber

Touch Of India

14 06 2008

I love the culture of India.

I love the food, the Saris, the gorgeous people, the language, the religion, the customs…it is all breathtaking and fascinating to me. So when I stumbled across a place in SL that sold Indian clothing, I was filled with anticipation and Zaara Indian Couture did not disappoint. Within one minute of being in the store, I was making my first purchase, the Tie n Dye Halter in Scarlet. With it’s diamond shaped front and barely there back, this top is stunningly sexy and has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in the massive inventory I seem determined to grow.

I wanted to add a touch of India to my outfit but still remain casua,l so I threw on a pair of black pants from GG’s Boutique, my Lucia heels from ZHAO, and lots of fun jewelry. In the end, I had a casual yet still very sexy India inspired outfit.

When you want to add a touch of exotic to your own personal fashion statement, check out Zaara Indian Couture. The detail is exquisite and all of the pieces, be they dresses, shirts, or jewelry are incredibly lovely and fashionable.

Model Info:

Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Hair: ETD Phoebe – Black
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Zaara – Tie n Dye Halter Scarlet
ND Red Jeweled Belly Bindi
ND Black and Red Bangles
DBA Bindi 1
Ruby Nose Piercing
GG’s Boutique Black Pants
ZHAO Lucia – Black
I&K Captivity Tattoo
ShinyThings Gold Hoop Earrings, Red

Artfully Chic

10 06 2008

SL was being crazy again last night and my friend Rhodesy and I were unable to get to the studio for an extended period of time. Don’t you just HATE those impromptu days off? *wink*

We decided to see where SL would let us go and after attempting to teleport to several different locations, we ended up at the Cetus Gallery and Sculpture Parkwhere Elros Tuominen is having a showing of his work. There are several pieces, indoor and outdoor ones, and we had such a fun time looking around. I had to stop myself from buying several of them!

But what to wear while wandering around an art gallery?

I asked myself that same question and, after a bit of mix and match magic, came up with what I think is a stunningly chic yet comfortable look.

I just love this top from Gisaci at Armidi. It’s ultra chic and the color was unusual enough to make me depart from my normal red and black color scheme. Adding the pants from the Office Affair outfit I snagged at Mischief a few months ago kept the look sophisticated but added that touch of casual that I was looking for. To top if off, I threw on some fabulous jewlery and the sleek and sexy Xinful Boots from ZHAO to create an outfit that’s casual enough to go wander around SL all day, yet still fashionable and chic enough to wear to the office.

Pics of our adventure and model info behind the jump!

One of the things I love most about the art Elros creates is it’s immersive quality. A lot of the sculptures here are meant to be sat in/on and you get to rotate around amidst all the swirling color and light.

Besides, it’s fun to make your friends try and find you when you do.

After dragging myself away from the sculpture I wanted to buy inside the gallery, Rhodesy and I went to investigate the pieces in the park. Of course, I immediately found another piece I wanted. This one was called “The Four Winds”, and it had a piece representing the North, South, East, and West winds that rotated slowly around in a circle. Again, another piece you’re meant to sit on and enjoy. This may end up in my house soon.

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shape: Body Doubles Sarah Michelle Gellar (modified to look nothing like her).
Hair: Abyss – Secret, Light Blonde
Top: Gisaci – Buone Vacanze, Blu
Pants: Mischief – Office Affair (part of full outfit)
Shoes: ZHAO – XINFUL, Black Leather
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Caroline’s – Right Hand Ring, Individual
Caroline’s – Pearl Leaf Silver Collection, necklace and earrings
Gisaci – Healing Koi Bangle, Bells

Wandering Through Beauty

7 06 2008

Last night I took a break from shopping (pauses to listen to the collective gasps of shock) and checked out an art exhibit that I’ve been wanting to see for some time now called Kiss The Sky.

It’s a huge exhibit with lots of contribuiting artists and really worth taking the time to explore. I’ve not gone through the whole thing yet, but I’ve been through almost half. I chose to start with the pieces built by my favorite sculptor in SL, Elros Tuominen. He builds the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t checked out his work and are into art, please look him up.
The immersive light show of his pieces for this exhibit are a wonder and inspired me to do an impromptu photo shoot. Because it’s called Kiss The Sky, I immediately thought of angels. I found a “Daring Angel” costume in my inventory and I threw it on, along with a pair of shoes from ZHAO and started taking snapshots. Photos and more about the exhibit behind the jump!

Elros has three spots in this exhibit, and I went to two of them last night. The first one I went to is the Colourfield and The Construction of Light. Elros again amazed me with his talent. You walk onto this level and are instantly surrounded by squares of color gently floating all around you. It’s breathtaking and soothing all at the same time.

The second level I went to is probably my favorite. It’s called “Butterflies through the speed of light”. It’s very blue up there and there are interesting objects floating about, but what I really love is the streaks of color that are constantly racing past you. Make sure to play with your lighting though. The early morning hours seem to be the best.
It’s absolutely beautiful to see.

If you love art and color, this place is definitely worth your time. I am astounded at the talent of Elros and all the others that contributed work to this exhibit.
Sometimes it’s nice to just wander through beauty.

Official Press Release:

New Media Consortium and the Museum of Hyperformalism Presents “Kiss the Sky”, an art historical survey of Hyperformalism in the virtual world of Second Life A 21st century art movement, native to the the virtual world – Curated by DC Spensley (DanCoyote Antonelli in Second Life)

Virtual worlds are a place for discovering new territories and exploring meaning outside the context of the material world. Even in virtual worlds there is an avant garde, a native artform spawned from unique conditions. “Kiss the Sky” is an exhibition of artists that have been wowing viewers since 2006 with art installations indigenous to the virtual world that artist/curator DC Spensley calls Hyperformalism.
On May 17, 2008, 12PM PST, DC Spensley will unveil “Kiss the Sky” the definitive group exhibition of Hyperformalism as expressed by over a dozen artists working the discipline in the virtual world of Second Life. Artists included are the most notable creators in the virtual world of Second Life, chosen specifically for their Hyperformal direction. On display are Chance Abattoir, Vlad Bjornson, nand Nerd, Selavy Oh, Adam Ramona, Nebulosus Severine, AngryBeth Shortbread, Sasun Steinbeck, Sabine Stonebender, Seifert Surface, elros Tuominen, Juria Yoshikawa, and i7o Zhu.
More information about each artist and artist biographies are available at the main platform at the exhibition.Hyperformalism is non-figurative abstraction in hyper-medium and has been known to include abstract objects arranged in simulated space, navigable on a network as well as expressions of reactive and interactive artwork behaviors and geometric or algorithmic pattern play in 2, 3, and 4 dimensions. This list is far from comprehensive. Because Hyperformalism is not representational, viewer relationships are less fettered by pre-existing symbolic weight and artworks encourage fascination with form for its own sake. The virtual world provides the ability to liberate the work from scale constraints and provides a perfect context for this post-conceptualist form.With a figure in the picture, nobody notices the landscape.
Hyperformalism proposes that that by removing the comfortable cliché of anthropocentricism a viewer will be more open to a whole other class of experiences that resonate on a more basic level of awareness and reflect back to the viewer their own humanity. The perception of immersion and variable point of view implicates the viewer into unique relationships with the work destroying all of the usual boundaries between the viewer and the work.While space in virtual worlds is a simulation, place can be real. In fact art experiences are the only thing that can be real in both the virtual and material worlds at the same time. Abstractions that exist as discoverable objects are somewhere between object and concept. It is the state of half existence between object and concept that differentiates formal abstraction in virtual worlds from preceeding expressions of formalism, minimalism and abstract expressionism. Hyperformalism is not Modernism, it is not Post-modernism because it is native to a continuum where only the human mind can visit and where the body and the ideological weight of the figure are not the default fixed point of view. Contact for more information:DanCoyote Antonelli (DC Spensley in RL)Curator/

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: YIPs magrttes fantasy eyes
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shape: Body Doubles Sarah Michelle Gellar (modified to look nothing like her).
Hair: Abyss – Secret, Blood.
Outfit: Daring Angel Costume (Origin Unknown)
Shoes: ZHAO – Chelle, Silver

From My Closet To Yours

4 06 2008

Being a struggling SL photographer, I don’t always spend a lot of money on clothing. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I WANT to spend a lot of money on clothes…shopping is my favorite sport, after all. But I try to keep myself on a budget.

Every once in awhile, though, an outfit comes along that I just can’t resist spending those few extra lindens on. The latest release from Gothicatz is one of those rare gems. I know, I know…I’ve already posted about Gothicatz. But the newest release is a Special Edition, and “special” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Hypnotic is aptly named. This dress is STUNNING! I was instantly in love…and for me to be instantly in love with something that is neither red nor black is saying something indeed. I snatched it up immediately and after throwing on my trusty vinyl boots from Falln, I hit the grid in search of photo worthy opportunities.

There are so many good things about this dress, I don’t know what to tell you about first–mostly because I can’t pick a favorite part of this outfit.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the corset top. The strings that zigzag across the chest draw the eye and reveal a tantalizing bit of skin. Beneath the cups, the sides of the shirt are mesh except for the solid black fabric in an almost tiger striped pattern down the sides. That touch lends a bit of wildcat to this outfit, which makes it all the more appealing. Oh…and the metal adornments on the top, stockings, skirt, and gloves are one of the Gothicatz trademarks that won me over in the first place. I love the blending of materials to create an outfit.

Of course, then there is the FABULOUS skirt with it’s metal belt and lovely strips of mesh. My photos do not do the movement of this skirt justice. It is simply delightful…feminine but with a little bit of attitude. Simply perfect.

This dress was worth every single Linden. I’m not sure there is a better compliment out there. Happy Shopping!

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Black
Shape: Body Doubles Sarah Michelle Gellar (modified to look nothing like her).
Hair: ETD – Merijane II, Chocolate
Outfit: Gothicatz – Hypnotic, Special Edition
Shoes: FallnAngel Creations – Tall Vinyl Boots, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Purple Rose – Vial of Blood Necklace, Female