A Unique Perspective on Sameness

30 01 2009

And now for something new…or not. As you’ve probably gathered, a lot of us bloggers are wearing the SAME DAMN THING today. Achariya issued this challenge in response to some conversations on plurk. I think most of us bloggers have caught flak from time to time because we’ve blogged something someone else already showed. But this challenge is to show you that while we are wearing the same item, we look completely different. We all bring our own personality and sense of style to an outfit. So what if someone else already blogged it? Maybe you didn’t care for it the way you saw it once, but the second time was a look you could see yourself wearing? Isn’t that fashion in its truest form?

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Rock n Roll Couture

27 01 2009

I stumbled across Calypso Giano the other day and virtually squealed in delight when I saw the jeans. Designer Calypso Giano has taken the Rock n’ Roll to Couture, and he not only does it with style and flair, but he also has the substance to back it up.

I love, love, love the jeans! There are a ton of colors and textures to choose from. I’m wearing the Fray jeans in black here, but you can bet I’ll be going back soon for some of the ones with skulls on them.

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Alpha Femmes

19 01 2009

Last month, Yelmer Pfeffer of Alphamale released the anxiously awaited first item in the new women’s collection. The Femme shirt is a masterpiece, but I would expect nothing less from the extrodinairy designer of Alphamale.
Available in 17 colors, the Femme shirt is sleek and sophisticated with a gorgeously rich texture that you can’t help but drool over. And the fit is perfect. It’s incredibly flattering, fitting to the curves of a woman’s body about as perfectly as a shirt can. It’s undenieably sexy, yet powerful as well. And call me lazy, but I absolutely love it when I put on a shirt and all the prim pieces fit right where they are suppossed to fit and this shirt does it. I could kiss Yelmer for that..but I won’t. 🙂
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Simple Elegance

12 01 2009

Zaara Kohime has done it again with her newest release: the Amala gown. This came out a week or two ago, and I immediately teleported over to Zaara’s main store and snagged the crimson version, but I’ve been unable to get a post up until tonight. If you’ve not bought this yet, exactly what are you waiting for?

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Dress Me Up Challenge: Arcadia by Ana Lutetia

9 01 2009

My next Dress Me Up Challenge is from Ana Lutetia, who said “hmmm… me thinks neko! ^^”

I know, I know, I’m way behind. I have to admit to being a little excited about this challege because I am somewhat of an Ana Lutetia fangirl. I read a lot of fashion blogs, but hers is definitely one of my favorites. So, her taking the time to give me a challenge, was very cool. I had an outfit in mind the minute I read this challenge, the Plaid Short Set from Riddle and it’s one I’ve blogged before, which is probably not the best plan, but it’s perfect for the look I wanted to end up with. However, I did take this opportunity to go out and find the best tail and ears I could find. I have one pair, and they’re…good. Just..not excitingly good, ya know?

My friend Sutcliffe had this amazing tail on one night, and after getting the landmark from him, I tp’d over to Urban Dare. I recognized the name from Ana’s blog, but I’d not gone to explore it. I’m so glad I took the time now because I LOVE this store. There’s so much to see and do on this SIM that I think I spent at least two hours there, and that’s saying something for she who has been known to tp out of a store in less than a minute. The first thing I bought was the ear and tails. The quality here is amazing.

Now, if you’ve read any of my posts at all, you know I’m a big fan of versatility, and the Neko Furry Tail and Neko Ears are the epitome of that. They come with a ton of options, from tail and ear length, to colors, to sound…a drop down menu is full of fun choices to help you coordinate your tail and ears with your outfit. Or, if you prefer, you can wear the HUD that comes with. I got the version with Bells, and you can toggle the level of the sound as well, which is a nice touch. There are several options to choose from though if bells aren’t your thing. Oh, and people can interact with your tail and ears, petting them, tickling them, etc. And if you’re with someone that has the same tail and ears, they interact with each other as well. How fun is that? The tail was just 200L and the ears, 150L. I’d say that’s more than a bargain for everything you can do with them.

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Dress Me Up Challenge: Arcadia by Cajsa Lilliehook

3 01 2009

Cajsa said: “I would love to see what eshi otawara outfit really draws your interest.Be sure to check out the second floor of her store as well as there’s a lot up there and it’s all on sale right now.”

This was an interesting challenge. I’ve seen several of Eshi Otawara‘s designs before in Cajsa’s blog and in other fashion blogs and magazines, but I’d never really spent time looking around her store. Her designs are unbelieveable, really. I’m in awe at the level of creativity on display there and can only imagine the time it takes to make such fantastical designs.

However, while I can appreciate the creativity involved, I can’t say any of the designs really drew me in and made me fall in love. Of course, this is all a matter of personal taste and you may well find something there that you love. I hope you do, even…because the talent of Eshi Otawara should be appreciated.

I did find one dress on the second floor that I ended up buying, not only because I liked it but because it was a bit ironic. You see, Gabby Panacek did a review of this dress for Glamourazzi right after I joined the blog. I remember thinking how beautiful it was, and also knowing it was completely out of my price range. And now, because of this challenge, here I am reviewing the same dress. Things come full circle sometimes, don’t they?

I bought the Smokey Tux Dress in Strawberry and once I put this glowing confection of a gown on, I immediately thought of Dracula. You can take the girl out of the Goth, but you can’t take the Goth out of the girl. I’m afraid. So, of course, I tp’d over to the cemetary at Transylvania to photograph this fantastic dress.

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