Valentine Arcadia

14 02 2010

I’ve had a lot of fun putting together some different looks for this Valentine’s Day, and I have one more left that I want to talk about.  Because today is my rl birthday, I thought I’d put together a look that is more me than anything else I’ve done recently.  It is essential Arcadia, a look that is sexy and alluring, but not too revealing.  It is a look that is a bit dark, a bit enigmatic, and also a look of contrasts.  That pretty much sums me up, I think.  Putting this look together was so much fun for me, and the look started with a dress from Gothicatz.

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Arcadia’s Top Five Lingerie Sets of 2009 – #1

1 01 2010

Technically, I should have been showing you the best lingerie set of 2009 yesterday, but alas my schedule did not work out that way.  Instead, we’re going to spend the first day of the New Year looking back at my favorite lingerie set of 2009.  This is the set that is definitely the most ‘me’.  While I do have that girly, princess side I mentioned before, my dark side always comes first. This set is my darkness turned into lingerie.   My pick for the #1 lingerie set of 2009 is Belle by Blacklace.

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Turn Up The Heat

7 07 2009
And that is exactly what Zaara has done with her two new swimsuit releases.  After I got the notecard yesterday, I raced over there as fast as I could to get my hands on these hot little swimsuits and was really excited to snag them.  I mean, can a girl ever have too many sexy swimsuits?
The first thing I saw upon entering the store was the Esha bikini display.  Esha is a gorgeous print bikini that comes in six different colors.  You can buy them individually, in mini-fatpacks of glitter (silver, coffee, black gold) and tropical (lime crush, blueberry cream, apricot mauve), or in the standard mega fatpack of all colors.  And, if you buy the mega fatpack, you get a special edition color: crimson.  I stood there for several minutes debating on which option to choose.  I knew I wanted at least three of them; but, in the end the crimson was too tempting, and I bought the fatpack.
My favorite of the glitter trio is silver.
zaara_034 copy

A MichaMi Summer

24 06 2009

Swimsuit season is upon us, both in rl and in sl, and nowhere is this more evident than in the newest releases from MichaMi.  The beautiful and talented Milla Michinaga has designed two very sexy swimsuits just in time to hop in the pool or laze around the beach.  One is a bikini, and the other, a one-piece–a stunning one-piece that immediately caught my eye. I raced over to MichaMi and stood there for at least ten minutes trying to decide which color of Yolanda to buy.  I loved most of them, but decided one new swimsuit was probably enough.  So after agonizing for awhile, I picked out Yolanda in Cream.

yolanda_049 copy

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Sing Blue Silver

6 05 2009

When I’m putting together a look, I generally start with one main item and work out from there.  99% of the time, that main item is a shirt, or a pair of pants.  A skirt, perhaps. Sometimes even a dress, though not often. The last thing I always do is accessorize, but just because I put it on last doesn’t mean that I don’t know the importance of a good piece of jewelry.  The right jewelry can really take an outfit to that next level, whether it be chic and elegant, or urban and outrageous.  It is the finishing touch, the final piece of the fashion puzzle.

With this in mind, I decided to honor the closing of Violet Voltaire’s amazing jewerly store by not only showcasing some of her fabulous creations, but also by building the outfits from the jewelry itself.  What once was last is now first.  All of the pieces I use in these next few posts were purchased at Violet Voltaire during her 50% off sale.  This sale, which includes all but a few select items in the main store, is going on until the 16th of May and if you haven’t gotten yourself over there yet, I suggest you stop reading this and do so now.  Well, maybe read this first. 😉 

But definitely check it out before it ends.  In addition, she has put out some fabulous dollarbies and deeply discounted items in a building behind the main store, which just so happens to be the first store front she ever had.  There’s lots of fun stuff in there, including lucky chair items and whole collections from Halloween and Christmas, all at bargain prices.


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Two to Tango

21 04 2009

And apparently it takes two tries to get this post published.  *glares at the internet*

Versatility is the key to any good wardrobe.  Having those pieces that can be worn with several different “looks” can easily double the size of your closet, be it real or virtual.  That’s probably my favorite thing about fashion: taking one item and styling it this way and that.  Of course, my SL wardrobe is considerably larger than my RL one, and I often have things in more than one color.  My virtual wardrobe is versatile beyond belief sometimes.  And sometimes, I even surprise myself with what I come up with.  Take the Madrid skirt from Leezu Baxter, for example.  I adore this skirt, and I own it in both red and this gorgeous teal and blue confection called Candy.  I’ve worn both colors recently, in very different ways.


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Prep School Punk

25 03 2009

Friend, co-worker, and fellow fashionista Cajsa Lilliehook passed me a landmark the other day to a store called Rara Avis.  I’d never heard of it, but she thought I’d like some of the things there.  Hungry for new fashion, I went that night to check it out and I have to say she was right. I took my time looking around because on first visual pass I wanted about eight things, but my budget required me to narrow it down a bit.

One of the first things I came across was this intriguing little shirt called Tear You Apart.  It was cute, in a completely odd sort of way.  The name of it, though, reminded me of the song by She Wants Revenge with the same name, so I decided I had to have it.  I wasn’t entirely positive I’d like it because the pattern isn’t something I’d normally wear.  But if I have learned anything during this past year of shopping in SL, it’s to grab those things that stand out to me even if they’re not my usual style.  More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised.  And this time was no different.


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