Take The Plunge

4 08 2009

There are certain essential summer items one must have: sunglasses, swimsuits, shorts, etc.  Tank tops are definitely on that “essentials” list.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  They can be comfy and casual or pretty and feminine.  Or, as is the case with the newest tank tops from Riddle, they can be sexy as hell.

riddle_027 copy

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Mix and Match The Night Away!

14 04 2009

I’ve given up on doing the entire Bunny Hop Hunt for several reasons.  It’s just too big and too hard and my inventory is already too chaotic to add another 200+ items that it will take me months to sort through.  So I asked myself which stores I’d be sad to miss and just hopped to those places.  One of those places was Baiastice.
I’ve always thought Baiastice to be one of the most interesting stores on the Grid, and I tend to have very strong reactions to the designs of Sissy Pessoa.  There is no internal debate for me while shopping there.  If I own it, it was an instant “I love it and must have it right now” decision.   And I’m always excited to find new stuff out at Baiastice because there is the possibility that she’s done something that will blow me away.  Imagine my delight to have stumbled upon an entire area of new stuff (well new to me, anyway) while hunting for yet another elusive easter egg.  It was an area of mix and match seperates that I was really excited to see at Baiastice.  And, of course, a few things immediately grabbed my attention.  The first was this lovely, soft silk top. 


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Dress Me Up Challenge: Arcadia by Ana Lutetia

9 01 2009

My next Dress Me Up Challenge is from Ana Lutetia, who said “hmmm… me thinks neko! ^^”

I know, I know, I’m way behind. I have to admit to being a little excited about this challege because I am somewhat of an Ana Lutetia fangirl. I read a lot of fashion blogs, but hers is definitely one of my favorites. So, her taking the time to give me a challenge, was very cool. I had an outfit in mind the minute I read this challenge, the Plaid Short Set from Riddle and it’s one I’ve blogged before, which is probably not the best plan, but it’s perfect for the look I wanted to end up with. However, I did take this opportunity to go out and find the best tail and ears I could find. I have one pair, and they’re…good. Just..not excitingly good, ya know?

My friend Sutcliffe had this amazing tail on one night, and after getting the landmark from him, I tp’d over to Urban Dare. I recognized the name from Ana’s blog, but I’d not gone to explore it. I’m so glad I took the time now because I LOVE this store. There’s so much to see and do on this SIM that I think I spent at least two hours there, and that’s saying something for she who has been known to tp out of a store in less than a minute. The first thing I bought was the ear and tails. The quality here is amazing.

Now, if you’ve read any of my posts at all, you know I’m a big fan of versatility, and the Neko Furry Tail and Neko Ears are the epitome of that. They come with a ton of options, from tail and ear length, to colors, to sound…a drop down menu is full of fun choices to help you coordinate your tail and ears with your outfit. Or, if you prefer, you can wear the HUD that comes with. I got the version with Bells, and you can toggle the level of the sound as well, which is a nice touch. There are several options to choose from though if bells aren’t your thing. Oh, and people can interact with your tail and ears, petting them, tickling them, etc. And if you’re with someone that has the same tail and ears, they interact with each other as well. How fun is that? The tail was just 200L and the ears, 150L. I’d say that’s more than a bargain for everything you can do with them.

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Riddle Me This, Part Two

27 09 2008

How many looks can you create with just one outfit from Riddle?

Well, my answer is three but I’m sure you guys can come up with even more.

Last time I posted, I showed you some of the fabulous stuff from Riddle that I just adore. I don’t normally do two posts on one store right in a row, but I wanted to show you how much fun I had creating different looks with the Plaid Short Set from Riddle. I did buy it in two colours, and I do mix and match them once, but even if you only buy one color I think you can change the look of this set dramatically just by what you pair with it.

For the first look, I decided I wanted to try to go couture with these pants, and there’s no better way to achieve that than mixing and matching. I took the top from one of my Sexy Business Wear outfits, Manhattan by Mischief, and added it to the Red Plaid Shorts from Riddle.

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Riddle Me This

21 09 2008

Last week, while scrolling through Iheartsl.com, I saw an ad for a limited edition outfit by Riddle. It was made specifically for the Harajuku Fair and was only available for a few days. The outfit, called {After} School Days, was very cute and a little unusual…unusual enough to make me curious to see what else Riddle had to offer. So, of course, I dropped everything and teleported over there.

I was quite impressed. This fun, quirky store has a little bit of everything, and the prices are VERY reasonable. Don’t forget to grab some Cotton Candy on the way in. You’ll be there awhile so snacking is not a bad idea. Plus, it makes for cute photos.
The designer, Chrystina Noel, is willing to give us bloggers an outfit to review, so I contacted her and asked for the {After} School Days. She was quite nice, and I enjoyed talking with her. Once I had the outfit in my inventory, I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and try it on.
Now, we all know how it is…sometimes you fall in love with something “on the rack” but when you get it home and try it on, you’re left feeling a bit let down. Sometimes the quality isn’t what you’d hoped for or it’s just not flattering to your shape. But then there are the good times, when you get it home, put it on, and the quality is even better than you thought it was going to be. Such is the case with Riddle.

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