Take The Plunge

4 08 2009

There are certain essential summer items one must have: sunglasses, swimsuits, shorts, etc.  Tank tops are definitely on that “essentials” list.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  They can be comfy and casual or pretty and feminine.  Or, as is the case with the newest tank tops from Riddle, they can be sexy as hell.

riddle_027 copy

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Gothic Opulence

15 07 2009

With all of the bright summer fun I’ve been having lately, it was inevitable that my Gothy side would demand to come out and play.  A few weeks ago, I met Sascha Frangilli, and she invited me to her store, Sascha’s Designs.  If you’ve not been there, you should take some time to go and look around.  It’s huge, and the sheer number of gowns she has available is amazing.  While perusing the store and chatting with Sascha, my eyes were drawn to a dress called Black Widow, and I knew I had to have it.  Sascha was kind enough to gift it to me, and I decided to blog it the next day.  Well, things happen in RL and SL, and I get behind on my blogging.  I know, shocking  isn’t it?  But finally, tonight I had a reason to get it out of the “to blog” folder, dust it off, and put it on.  Because not only was my inner Goth ready to play, she was also feeling a bit princess-y.  Those two sides of my personality do not work together very often, but when they do the result is usually something I like to call “Gothic Opulence.”

black widow (2)

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Satin Cool

10 07 2009

After all that swimming and posing in the sun, I thought something cool and satiny was in order last night, and the newest release from Insolence was certainly the right choice.

Snapshot_061 copy

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Turn Up The Heat

7 07 2009
And that is exactly what Zaara has done with her two new swimsuit releases.  After I got the notecard yesterday, I raced over there as fast as I could to get my hands on these hot little swimsuits and was really excited to snag them.  I mean, can a girl ever have too many sexy swimsuits?
The first thing I saw upon entering the store was the Esha bikini display.  Esha is a gorgeous print bikini that comes in six different colors.  You can buy them individually, in mini-fatpacks of glitter (silver, coffee, black gold) and tropical (lime crush, blueberry cream, apricot mauve), or in the standard mega fatpack of all colors.  And, if you buy the mega fatpack, you get a special edition color: crimson.  I stood there for several minutes debating on which option to choose.  I knew I wanted at least three of them; but, in the end the crimson was too tempting, and I bought the fatpack.
My favorite of the glitter trio is silver.
zaara_034 copy

Beach Babe

5 07 2009

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While Rhodesy was entertaining you all with her first guest post, I decided to take a little break and head back to the beach on Mirabella.  It’s hard to keep me away from the ocean while I’m logged into our virtual home; probably as hard as it would be to keep me away if I lived near one in RL.  Of course, having these sexy swimsuits doesn’t hurt either.

Ornamental Life Bikini
My newest suit for the summer is from Ornamental Life

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Lazy Sunday

30 06 2009
After a very busy week and an even busier weekend, I decided that Sunday would be a lazy day by the beach sort of day.  I had a lovely morning, but then my evening was busier than I had expected, so this post is going up on Monday instead of Sunday…ah well.
Nothing feels more appropriate for a lazy Sunday on the beach than a tank top and shorts, I have to say.  For those of you who have not heard, ::Exodi:: is having a 50% off sale until July 3rd with 100% of the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Make-A-Wish is a wonderful charity, and I think this sale is a wonderful way for Ryker Beck to commemorate the life of someone whose talent she admired.  I went and bought everything in the store I had been wanting but did not already own; knowing that, while I did spend a lot of lindens, they were going to help make a wish come true for someone out there.  And really, what better way to relax on a lazy Sunday than by knowing you’ve helped someone even in some small way.

For lounging on the beach, I chose some of my new favorites from ::Exodi::–the Lilian Tank and the Nadia Shorts.

Snapshot_054 copy

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A MichaMi Summer

24 06 2009

Swimsuit season is upon us, both in rl and in sl, and nowhere is this more evident than in the newest releases from MichaMi.  The beautiful and talented Milla Michinaga has designed two very sexy swimsuits just in time to hop in the pool or laze around the beach.  One is a bikini, and the other, a one-piece–a stunning one-piece that immediately caught my eye. I raced over to MichaMi and stood there for at least ten minutes trying to decide which color of Yolanda to buy.  I loved most of them, but decided one new swimsuit was probably enough.  So after agonizing for awhile, I picked out Yolanda in Cream.

yolanda_049 copy

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