Crochet Goes Urban

18 08 2009

Crochet is not a word that appears often in my inventory, I must admit.  Not that I have anything against crocheted items; it’s just not a look I’m normally drawn to.  But when Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs posted a photo of her new crochet stockings on Plurk, I knew I had to have them.  Shelly was nice enough to send over a Bloggy Bag (and create a new term for review packs while she was at it), and as soon as I put them on I loved them even more.

moonshine_002 copy

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Take The Plunge

4 08 2009

There are certain essential summer items one must have: sunglasses, swimsuits, shorts, etc.  Tank tops are definitely on that “essentials” list.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  They can be comfy and casual or pretty and feminine.  Or, as is the case with the newest tank tops from Riddle, they can be sexy as hell.

riddle_027 copy

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28 04 2009

A few weeks ago, Ayumi Shinn dropped a review item on the SL Bloggers Network in world, a cleavage enhancer that she designed and is selling in her store.  I’d never heard of her store, [AYUMI], before so I decided to go check it out.  She has some really cute stuff, but my favorite was the Button Up Shirt with it’s plunging necklace and thick belt underneath the bust line.  It comes in five colors, and she’s selling them for 150L each, or 250L for the fatpack.  Never one to pass up a deal, I grabbed the fatpack and decided to see what kind of looks I could throw together using this daringly sexy shirt.


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The Dichotomy of Arcadia…and other newness.

18 04 2009

A few weeks ago, I posted about the Tear You Apart shirt by Rara Avis called Prep School Punk in which I raved about how much I adore said shirt. The one down side I described was that it didn’t come in more colors because I wanted more of them.  Well, Azriel Ballyhoo, the designer, saw my post and contacted me to tell me that I had inspired her to make more of these fantastic little shirts.  She had been thinking of it for awhile, but my post got her motivated again.  I am so happy that I inspired this wonderful designer to add more options for this super sexy shirt.  She is releasing five new versions today and, of course, I am going to show them all to you.  This is probably going to be the longest post ever posted, especially if you are reading this on one of the feeds.  But, I think it’s worth it.  Ready?


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Slink Into Leather

21 08 2008

Every wardrobe has it staples. There’s the little black dress, the perfect pair of jeans, the basic t-shirt, etc. Then there are those versatile pieces you can build different looks from. Take a pair of capri pants, for example. Depending on what you pair with it, they can be casual or a little bit dressy. These pieces are just as important as those staples, perhaps even more so, because they give you options. I love having options, which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across the perfect pair of leather pants.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…leather pants? Are you crazy? I know…they go in an out of style, sure. But the key is that they ALWAYS come back in. And do you know why? Because nothing makes your derriere look quite as good as the perfect pair of leather pants. Of course, there is the added bonus of being figure flattering and looking great with your best stiletto heels and your clompiest boots. And let’s not forget the reason to wear them in the first place, attention. Nothing grabs the eye like well fitting leather pants. You’ll always be noticed. Where can you find this fabulous new wardrobe must-have? They’re at Slink: The Art of Beauty. Taking this one pair of pants and adding different items from my inventory, I was able to create four distinct looks pretty effortlessly. I could have put together a ton more, I’m sure, and I am sure you can take these and make them your own as well. The options are limitless, really. Let’s check out what I came up with, shall we?

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