Review Policy

I am more than willing to take a look at any items a designer would like to give me, but I reserve the right to NOT blog them.  I blog what I wear in world, and if it’s not my style or I don’t think it’s well done, you won’t see it in the pages of this blog. While I love to promote new or well known designers, my blog’s goal is not to advertise.

However, if you give me something and would like feedback whether I blog it or not, just ask.  I have no problem sharing my opinion (I am a blogger after all).   Also know that I may not wear the entire item you send me.  Part of the fun of this blog for me is mixing and matching to see what new looks I can come up with.  So you may see your entire outfit blogged, or you may see it paired with stuff from other designers.  I always give credit in full modeling info at the end of each post.  Also, I will always mention if an item has been given to me for review in the post and in the style notes.
If I decide to review your item, please know that it may be a week or more before I get the post up. Between my RL and SL work schedules, I do sometimes get a bit behind in the review department. But I will get to it as soon as I can.

To submit an item for review, please include a slurl or landmark for the store, the price of the item, and any interesting notes on inspiration or concept.  Also, if you’d like feedback whether I blog it or not, please let me know that too. Thanks!

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