Fashionable Relay Challenge

27 02 2009


It’s my turn to take the virtual baton in the Fashionable Relay, and I couldn’t be more excited! What better way to kick off my new blog than by participating in this fun challenge that the lovely Sasy Scarborough organized?

I grabbed the virtual baton from SarahTheRed Aurbierre over at What? Another fashion blog? who threw it to me after creating a fabulous outfit. She looked fantastic in a little edgy mix and match that I’d absolutely wear while hopping around the grid. In fact, I wanted to use several of the items she chose, but alas I am limited to one. In the end, I chose the one item she used that I already had in my inventory, The Jules skirt by Maitreya.

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Do Good, Look Good.

13 02 2009

As you might have heard, there is a fundraising drive going on in SL to help the victims of the Australian BrushFires. These fires have devastated the country, wiping towns completely off the map, killing hundredes and leaving even more homeless. One of the great things about SL is our ability to come together and raise money for a cause, and this time is no different. There are donation boxes set up in various places across the grid, and several content creators have made special items for this event, with all proceeds going to the Austrailan Red Cross to help disaster victims. So to do my part, I thought I’d go out and snag a few of the items and show them to you here.

Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs has created a very special item called Victoria, a stunning little silver and black dress. I love the bell shaped skirt and ruffles. The corset lacing down both sides of the skirt gives it a unique look. Black prim bows adorn the waist while the top is simple, yet elegant with nice details here and there. It’s quite the demure little dress, so of course I had to go in the direction of Gothic Lolita by pairing it with the MeriJayne II hair from ETD and an Ankh necklace from Caroline’s. Demure, however, is one thing I’m really not, so I made this look a bit edgier with the addition of some piercings, the torn fishnet thigh high stockings from Street Magic, and the Basic Boots from WRONG.

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Digital Egyptian

7 02 2009

Digital Alchemy opened today, and the first thing I did upon signing in tonight was tp over there and check it out. I wanted to see the Runway show, but daytime events are almost impossible for me to attend during the week. I was impressed by the wide variety of special items available; items the designers created specifically for this Egyptian themed event.
I love Egyptian mythology and art, so I expected to find at least one thing I liked here, and when I came upon the Eternal Nefartari dress by Shai Delacroix of Casa del Shai, I knew I’d have to buy it. The only decision was color, and I finally settled on the beautifully Egypitan Blue and Gold version.
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