About Me

I’m a Senior Photographer at MDR Photo Studio along with my business partner and Senior Photographer Rhodesy Durant.  IM me in-world if you’d like a copy of my portfolio or check out the MDR Flickr Page.  I specialize in portraits, couples, and modeling portfolios.  Wedding photography is also new on my list, and is proving to be a fun challenge.  I’m always looking for something new; whether that be a new angle or a new location to take photos at.

My love of fashion is a somewhat new affair; but a strong one.  I started out as a Goth girl who rarely branched out of her comfort zone, but that has changed dramatically.  And while I am still Goth at heart, I do let my avatar play dress up in non-Goth clothing.  My fashion sense is strong and opinionated, and I love piecing together new outfits from new purchases and overlooked inventory items. What better way to express oneself than through fashion? Style is something unqiuely personal but designed to be shared.

About the Blog

I named this blog Fashion 360° because I think it best describes my approach to fashion.  I look at fashion from all angles and wear all types of styles, because how you look does make a difference.  Dressing to fit my mood is the general rule of thumb, and that can take me anywhere from office chic to Goth, from sexy to shy, and everything in between.  All of the looks you see in these pages will be outfits I wear in world; not just something I blogged for the sake of blogging. My hope is that by reading this blog, you’ll have the same experience with fashion that I have. My goal is to show you looks that intrigue you even if they are out of your comfort zone.  Being daring and taking chances with fashion is half the fun.

A Note About the Credits

I will always give full credit at the end of each post in the modeling info section. Some items will have notes by them and this is a quick list of the things you might see and an explanation of such.

**REVIEW ITEM** – This is an item given to me by a designer with the express intent of having me blog it.  If that term “review item” is in all caps, that means I am reviewing it for the first time.  If the term “review item” isn’t in all caps, that means I’ve done the offical review in a previous post and am just using it as part of the current post because I liked it with that particular look.

**GIFT FROM DESIGNER** – This is something given to me by a designer as a gift, with no express intent that said item be blogged.  If you simply see the term gift next to an item, that means it was a gift from a friend.


Second Life® and Linden Lab® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended. This site is in no way affliated or endorsed by either Linden Lab® or Second Life®.  I’m just a fan blogging about one aspect of this virtual world.  I’m sure they don’t even know it exists. 😉


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