Riddle Me This, Part Two

27 09 2008

How many looks can you create with just one outfit from Riddle?

Well, my answer is three but I’m sure you guys can come up with even more.

Last time I posted, I showed you some of the fabulous stuff from Riddle that I just adore. I don’t normally do two posts on one store right in a row, but I wanted to show you how much fun I had creating different looks with the Plaid Short Set from Riddle. I did buy it in two colours, and I do mix and match them once, but even if you only buy one color I think you can change the look of this set dramatically just by what you pair with it.

For the first look, I decided I wanted to try to go couture with these pants, and there’s no better way to achieve that than mixing and matching. I took the top from one of my Sexy Business Wear outfits, Manhattan by Mischief, and added it to the Red Plaid Shorts from Riddle.

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Riddle Me This

21 09 2008

Last week, while scrolling through Iheartsl.com, I saw an ad for a limited edition outfit by Riddle. It was made specifically for the Harajuku Fair and was only available for a few days. The outfit, called {After} School Days, was very cute and a little unusual…unusual enough to make me curious to see what else Riddle had to offer. So, of course, I dropped everything and teleported over there.

I was quite impressed. This fun, quirky store has a little bit of everything, and the prices are VERY reasonable. Don’t forget to grab some Cotton Candy on the way in. You’ll be there awhile so snacking is not a bad idea. Plus, it makes for cute photos.
The designer, Chrystina Noel, is willing to give us bloggers an outfit to review, so I contacted her and asked for the {After} School Days. She was quite nice, and I enjoyed talking with her. Once I had the outfit in my inventory, I couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and try it on.
Now, we all know how it is…sometimes you fall in love with something “on the rack” but when you get it home and try it on, you’re left feeling a bit let down. Sometimes the quality isn’t what you’d hoped for or it’s just not flattering to your shape. But then there are the good times, when you get it home, put it on, and the quality is even better than you thought it was going to be. Such is the case with Riddle.

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Mischief Managed

15 09 2008

I know, I know…I’ve blogged about Mischief before. But that was all about their “Sexy Business Wear”, and this is not.

Jani Marlowe decided to change her group to a Subscribe-o-matic group, which makes it easier for her I bet, and frees up groups for we loyal fans, since the Lindens are stingy with the group slots. In honor of the switch, every person that signs up for the Mischief subscribe-o-matic group gets an exclusive free gift: Bring It.

One of the things I love the most about Mischief is the creative naming that goes into each outfit. Half the fun of shopping there is seeing the names of the outfit on the wall that grabs your eye and then giggling when you read it. I have mentioned my love for “Sexy Business Wear” before, but Janie Marlowe also does Clubwear very well. The outfits are always sexy and sassy – perfect for going dancing at your favorite nightclub – and this gift outfit is no exception. I really love the skirt on this one. And the detail in the texture is lovely as always, check out the row of buttons on the top and on the waistband of the skirt.

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For The Love of ZHAO

10 09 2008

When I attented the opening of the Alphamale & Blacklace SIM a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Melanie ZHAO of ZHAO Shoe fame. It was a thrill for me because I’ve always admired her work. ZHAO Shoes were my first love in Second Life (as far as shoes go, anyway) and I often find myself searching through my inventory for a pair of ZHAO’s to complete an outfit.

Melanie was nice enough to gift me with her newest releases, and I thought I’d blog about a particularly fun pair tonight. Usually when I’m creating a look, I start at the top and work my way down but not tonight. Tonight, I started with the shoes. These shoes:


Talk about a fun pair of sexy shoes! I love the metal accents all over these open-toed heels. The best part is the gold lock on the back of the ankle that holds the straps together; a very creative touch.

These shoes are sassy and sexy. I rummaged through my inventory for quite some time trying to figure out exactly what to wear with them. I was just about to give up when something occurred to me. Since ZHAO‘s were my first love where shoes were concerned, why not pair it with something from my first love in clothing: Last Call.

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Blacklace…And A Bit Of Leather Too

3 09 2008

Alphamale & Blacklace had the Grand Opening of their new SIM a few weeks ago. The whole place is gorgeous! The Blacklace store is one of the most opulently designed stores I’ve ever seen. It’s rich colors, dark wood floors, and dark wall treatments are a delight for the eyes. I felt like I’d stepped into a sumptuous boudoir. Yelmer Pfeffer and Mariska Simons, both of whom I met that night andfound to be lovely people, did a fantastic job on that place. If you’ve not been there, you should go just for the experience of stepping inside their sensual world. Alphamale is stunning too, very sleek and modern. Bright and bold. A direct contrast to Blacklace, but then–they should be. There’s a jazz club too and a mall on the new SIM, but I’ve not been able to go to the club yet. Maybe someday I’ll have some free time to check it out. Of course, I meant to blog about it then, but RL got in the way. It has a nasty habit of doing that, doesn’t it? But the SIM was so fabulous and the lingerie I bought so stunning, that I just had to blog it…even if I am a few weeks late.

This past weekend I had some free time in world, so I decided to do some inventory sorting. Not particularly riveting, but a necessary evil. While lounging around my STILL unfurnished house (though I do have some rugs and artwork out) I decided to pull out the lingerie I bought at Blacklace and snap some photos. The first set I put on is the Black and White Laced Bra Set.

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