Week of Lingerie – Tuesday

18 03 2009

There is a certain touch of whimsy behind the designs of Shir Dryke, which is what drew me to check out her store Ornamental Life in the first place.  I went there looking for a shirt, but when I discovered the lingerie section, I got a little side-tracked.   One particular piece immediately caught my eye, and I bought it in two colors faster than you could even say the words Ornamental Life.  That piece is called Remembering Chloe.


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Skin Trade

16 03 2009

I’ve never blogged a skin before.  In fact, I hardly ever change my skin.  I think I’ve mentioned before my difficulty finding another skin I like as much as my everyday one.  It’s not that there aren’t great skins out there, because there are. But I’ve been hard pressed to find one that doesn’t completely change the face of my av and has good makeup that I like.  In SL, as in RL, I am extremely picky about things.  So when Ryker Beck of Genesis offered up review packs of her new skin, I decided to take a chance and see if I would like it.

And I do.  A lot.  So much so that I’m blogging about it…and that should tell you something.



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Let’s Hear It For October!

3 10 2008

Ah, October. That’s when Autumn truly begins for me. I love everything about this month. The cool days and even cooler nights, that scent on the wind that lets you know fall is here, watching the leaves begin to change color, and of course Halloween. This month, more than any other, fills with me joy.
So expect a lot of Fall Fashion and Halloween posts from me this month. There will be the occasional “OMG you must see this even though it has nothing to do with Fall” post, of course, but the majority of my focus will be on what to wear in order to look fashionable and be comfortable in those cooler temperatures.

For my first official “Fall Fashion” post, I decided to talk about some recent purchases. Cajsa gave me a tip the other night that Frangipani Designs was having a huge moving sale. Everything was massively discounted. I’d never been to Frangipani Designs, but grabbed Rhodesy and tp’d over there as fast as I could. (I do love a sale.)

Rach Snookums of Frangipani Designs has a lot of lovely stuff in her store, but it was the “Fall Fashions” that caught my eye immediately. My first purchase was the red Hoodie.

I love hoodies. They’re just so cute and comfy. Of course, after I’d bought it I discoverd Rhodesy bought it too, but in purple of course. We also both bought the Entourage jeans in Celestial, but I bought the black ones and she bought blue. So, I decided we should definitely shoot these outfits together.

Before I continue with the photos, I’d like to mention that all of the photos for this post were taken at the Impressione Conservatory, which I discoverd while checking out the Weekend of Beauty event. Impressione is, according to their website http://impressionegroup.com/Impressione.html, “a full service virtual world marketing agency, offering the complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out.” They are masters at planning special events and marketing, so if you are in need of one of those services, definitely check them out. While perusing the Weekend of Beauty event, I fell in love with their Conservatory SIM. JennyH GossipGirl of Impressione was nice enough to give me access to their SIM to shoot these photos. Thanks, Jenny!

So…Fall Fashions.

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So Bizarre!

28 08 2008

I was flipping through the second edition of the Modavia Fashion Directory the other night, and I came across a section entilted “Emerging Designers.” This was probably my favorite part of the entire publication as I am ALWAYS on the lookout for the newest fashion finds in SL. I mean, my inventory is under ten thousand…I obviously don’t have enough clothing yet. Right?

The designer that caught my eye the most was Anyusha Lilienthal and her Ibizarre clothing line. The clothes in the photo were gorgeous and seemed to be exactly my style, so I grabbed my friend Rhodesy and we tp’d over to Ibizarre as fast as SL would allow. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. The building was gorgeous and the clothes were fantastic. When we saw the prices, we were even more excited. Everything was quite reasonably priced and would fit into any clothing budget. I also liked the diversity of the styles in the clothing offered. Something for everyone is definitely a plus and Ibizarre has it.

I snagged this fantastic leather dress at the outlet store, which is off to the left of the main store. Be sure to check that out as everything in there is deeply discounted.

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Slink Into Leather

21 08 2008

Every wardrobe has it staples. There’s the little black dress, the perfect pair of jeans, the basic t-shirt, etc. Then there are those versatile pieces you can build different looks from. Take a pair of capri pants, for example. Depending on what you pair with it, they can be casual or a little bit dressy. These pieces are just as important as those staples, perhaps even more so, because they give you options. I love having options, which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across the perfect pair of leather pants.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…leather pants? Are you crazy? I know…they go in an out of style, sure. But the key is that they ALWAYS come back in. And do you know why? Because nothing makes your derriere look quite as good as the perfect pair of leather pants. Of course, there is the added bonus of being figure flattering and looking great with your best stiletto heels and your clompiest boots. And let’s not forget the reason to wear them in the first place, attention. Nothing grabs the eye like well fitting leather pants. You’ll always be noticed. Where can you find this fabulous new wardrobe must-have? They’re at Slink: The Art of Beauty. Taking this one pair of pants and adding different items from my inventory, I was able to create four distinct looks pretty effortlessly. I could have put together a ton more, I’m sure, and I am sure you can take these and make them your own as well. The options are limitless, really. Let’s check out what I came up with, shall we?

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