Mix and Match The Night Away!

14 04 2009

I’ve given up on doing the entire Bunny Hop Hunt for several reasons.  It’s just too big and too hard and my inventory is already too chaotic to add another 200+ items that it will take me months to sort through.  So I asked myself which stores I’d be sad to miss and just hopped to those places.  One of those places was Baiastice.
I’ve always thought Baiastice to be one of the most interesting stores on the Grid, and I tend to have very strong reactions to the designs of Sissy Pessoa.  There is no internal debate for me while shopping there.  If I own it, it was an instant “I love it and must have it right now” decision.   And I’m always excited to find new stuff out at Baiastice because there is the possibility that she’s done something that will blow me away.  Imagine my delight to have stumbled upon an entire area of new stuff (well new to me, anyway) while hunting for yet another elusive easter egg.  It was an area of mix and match seperates that I was really excited to see at Baiastice.  And, of course, a few things immediately grabbed my attention.  The first was this lovely, soft silk top. 


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Week of Lingerie – Friday

21 03 2009

Despite SL’s best efforts to thwart me, it’s time to end the Week of Lingerie here at Fashion 360°.  Now that my inventory is all cleaned out and organized, it’s time to put the last few pieces into their rightful spots.  And that means we have come full circle to the brand that started this whole idea to begin with:  Blacklace.

I blogged the newest of the new releases on Sunday, but Mariska Simons did release a Valentine’s collection and you know I snagged a few sets.  Before I sort them into their proper places, let’s take a look.

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Week of Lingerie – Thursday

20 03 2009


There are some side benefts to being a photographer in SL.  Sometimes, clients come in with fabulous stuff and they are all too willing to share landmarks with you.  Such as the case with Thursday’s lingerie showcase; Reasonable Desires.

I can’t say I’d ever heard of Reasonable Desires before, but a client of Rhodesy’s came in wearing this cute little vintage lingerie set and I thought it was worth checking out.  There’s a lot of…interesting things there, and it took me awhile to find the set her client was wearing but I prevailed.  And then, there were the color choices.  I’d love if it came in colors other than pastels.  The only red set I found was a Christmas themed one with snowflakes.  It was very cute and I bought it too.  In the end, though, I decided to get Anne in Periwinkle.

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Week of Lingerie – Tuesday

18 03 2009

There is a certain touch of whimsy behind the designs of Shir Dryke, which is what drew me to check out her store Ornamental Life in the first place.  I went there looking for a shirt, but when I discovered the lingerie section, I got a little side-tracked.   One particular piece immediately caught my eye, and I bought it in two colors faster than you could even say the words Ornamental Life.  That piece is called Remembering Chloe.


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Week of Lingerie – Monday

17 03 2009

Inventory sorting is a funny thing.  You make all these plans of what you’re going to sort and when, sometimes even how and then once you get in there you realize that your plans are not going to work.  I had intended to blog some of the newer Blacklace tonight, but once I got into the jungle that is my lingerie folder, I realized there were some other pieces that needed to be sorted first.  So, in the interest of me getting this folder cleaned out and organized by the end of the week, I’m going to let my inventory dictate what gets blogged and when.  Today, it’s Casa Del Shai.

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Fashionable Relay Challenge

27 02 2009


It’s my turn to take the virtual baton in the Fashionable Relay, and I couldn’t be more excited! What better way to kick off my new blog than by participating in this fun challenge that the lovely Sasy Scarborough organized?

I grabbed the virtual baton from SarahTheRed Aurbierre over at What? Another fashion blog? who threw it to me after creating a fabulous outfit. She looked fantastic in a little edgy mix and match that I’d absolutely wear while hopping around the grid. In fact, I wanted to use several of the items she chose, but alas I am limited to one. In the end, I chose the one item she used that I already had in my inventory, The Jules skirt by Maitreya.

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Do Good, Look Good.

13 02 2009

As you might have heard, there is a fundraising drive going on in SL to help the victims of the Australian BrushFires. These fires have devastated the country, wiping towns completely off the map, killing hundredes and leaving even more homeless. One of the great things about SL is our ability to come together and raise money for a cause, and this time is no different. There are donation boxes set up in various places across the grid, and several content creators have made special items for this event, with all proceeds going to the Austrailan Red Cross to help disaster victims. So to do my part, I thought I’d go out and snag a few of the items and show them to you here.

Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs has created a very special item called Victoria, a stunning little silver and black dress. I love the bell shaped skirt and ruffles. The corset lacing down both sides of the skirt gives it a unique look. Black prim bows adorn the waist while the top is simple, yet elegant with nice details here and there. It’s quite the demure little dress, so of course I had to go in the direction of Gothic Lolita by pairing it with the MeriJayne II hair from ETD and an Ankh necklace from Caroline’s. Demure, however, is one thing I’m really not, so I made this look a bit edgier with the addition of some piercings, the torn fishnet thigh high stockings from Street Magic, and the Basic Boots from WRONG.

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