Valentine Glam

7 02 2010

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, as it is my RL birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to do some valentine themed posts.  Having your birthday on Valentine’s Day can sometimes be problematic especially if, like me, the whole cutesy heart and flowers stuff isn’t really you.  The only time I wear heart anything is if there’s a skull, screws, or something else attached to it.  But red is my favorite color, so I decided to stick with the color scheme of the holiday for the upcoming looks.  Instead of cutesy heart and candy type stuff, I’m going to do Valentine’s Day my way (it’s my birthday, I’m allowed) and focus on looks that are edgy and modern, sexy and flirty, dark and mysterious.  For the first look, I’m starting off with a look inspired by today’s SL Daily Deal – the Sweet Stacked Rings by alaMood in Pink Burst.

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A MichaMi Summer

24 06 2009

Swimsuit season is upon us, both in rl and in sl, and nowhere is this more evident than in the newest releases from MichaMi.  The beautiful and talented Milla Michinaga has designed two very sexy swimsuits just in time to hop in the pool or laze around the beach.  One is a bikini, and the other, a one-piece–a stunning one-piece that immediately caught my eye. I raced over to MichaMi and stood there for at least ten minutes trying to decide which color of Yolanda to buy.  I loved most of them, but decided one new swimsuit was probably enough.  So after agonizing for awhile, I picked out Yolanda in Cream.

yolanda_049 copy

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Simply Fabulous

7 04 2009

I’ve always thought that Nicky Ree was one of the more talented designers in SL.  I’ve photographed a few of her dresses, and they are quite well done.  The textures are always lovely, and the movement is fun to capture in photos.  However, I’ve never really bought any of her designs before.  While well done, most of them are not usually my personal style.  And some of the more grandiose designs tend to be a bit out of my budget, though if I saw something I fell in love with that totally would not stop me.  I think the main reason I don’t shop there is because her store layout drives me utterly mad.  I can’t stand it for five minutes, usually, without getting angry.   However, last night I braved the madness to go check out the newest release from Designing Nicky Ree: Water Nymph Adrie.


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Dress Me Up Challenge: Arcadia by Gabby Panacek

27 12 2008

For my second challenge, Gabby gave me the following guidelines:

“Okay, Arcadia, let’s get you away from the goth for a little bit. I’d love to see you put together something Glam punk in style. Start at Maitreya and Emery…their recent collaboration will give you lots of pieces to work with. Then check out Gritty Kitty or Exile for some hair. Oh, and I’d love to see you try some brighter colors with this, too. Have fun!”

I must admit that I found this the most daunting of the challenges, not because I dislike Glam Punk or anything, but because of those two little words: bright colors. *shudders*

After hiding in a corner and listening to my inner Goth hissing in my head for a while, I decided to be brave and tp over to Maitreya to see what their collaboration with Emery produced.

The results were interesting. And while I can appreciate the aesthetic of the outfits, I wasn’t sure any of them were even remotely “me” enough to wear. But I did find myself drawn to the look in the promotional signs, so I thought I’d try to replicate that. It looked very Glam and still a bit “me”. I found the Emery Biker jacket and immediately wished it came in more than two colors. Fuscia (Hot Pink to me) and Yellow are not colors I would normally wear. But I kept hearing Gabby’s words in my head, so I snagged the Hot Pink jacket as it is the lesser of two evils. At least it’s derived from red, right?

Next, I grabbed the Emery Denim Burk pants and the Maitreya Frenzy shoes in the special Hot Lips edition. They’re black with hot pink on the bottoms, which totally matches the jacket.

And though Gabby directed me to other places for hair, I couldn’t pass up the Nico hair sitting next to the Frenzy shoes. The Maitreya Armwarmers in black were next (sorry, I have to have black in there somewhere Gabby), and I was starting to feel a little better about the outfit. Not entirely comfortable, mind you, but I thought it would at least be an interesting experiment. All that was left was a shirt. And while the model in the promotional sign had on just a plain grey shirt underneath her jacket, I decided to grab the Emery Call Me outfit (a freebie, btw) and use the Blondie shirt from that outfit with my new look. It works perfectly to tie in those black armwarmers. As for accessories, I tp’d over to ::69:: for some fun pink and black star earrings and decided to use my Exotic Zeenu necklace from Viva La Glam instead of hunting around for a new one. With all of the pieces gathered, I tp’d home and put the whole thing together.

And you know what?

I LOVE it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! I’ve not stopped wearing it for an entire week. Can you believe it?

Gabby, you’ve corrupted me!

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Satin, Velvet, and Blacklace!

12 10 2008

Ah, the wonder that is Blacklace. In a continuation of my last post, I shall share with you some of the other wonderful things I bought when the new Fall Line went on sale.

Foxy is a stunning corset set that comes in a myriad of color choices. I chose the Gold one, which is very unusual for me. I never wear yellow, and I tend to stay away from any variation thereof as a general rule, but I just fell in love with this. That’s another thing I love about Mariska’s designs…her colors are so rich and seductive that they make me step outside of my comfort zone and buy colors I’d never really considered before. The detail on this is exquisite, as it always is with a Blacklace design. Look how lovely the lace pattern is on this corset…

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Let’s Hear It For October!

3 10 2008

Ah, October. That’s when Autumn truly begins for me. I love everything about this month. The cool days and even cooler nights, that scent on the wind that lets you know fall is here, watching the leaves begin to change color, and of course Halloween. This month, more than any other, fills with me joy.
So expect a lot of Fall Fashion and Halloween posts from me this month. There will be the occasional “OMG you must see this even though it has nothing to do with Fall” post, of course, but the majority of my focus will be on what to wear in order to look fashionable and be comfortable in those cooler temperatures.

For my first official “Fall Fashion” post, I decided to talk about some recent purchases. Cajsa gave me a tip the other night that Frangipani Designs was having a huge moving sale. Everything was massively discounted. I’d never been to Frangipani Designs, but grabbed Rhodesy and tp’d over there as fast as I could. (I do love a sale.)

Rach Snookums of Frangipani Designs has a lot of lovely stuff in her store, but it was the “Fall Fashions” that caught my eye immediately. My first purchase was the red Hoodie.

I love hoodies. They’re just so cute and comfy. Of course, after I’d bought it I discoverd Rhodesy bought it too, but in purple of course. We also both bought the Entourage jeans in Celestial, but I bought the black ones and she bought blue. So, I decided we should definitely shoot these outfits together.

Before I continue with the photos, I’d like to mention that all of the photos for this post were taken at the Impressione Conservatory, which I discoverd while checking out the Weekend of Beauty event. Impressione is, according to their website, “a full service virtual world marketing agency, offering the complete range of services to develop your brand, both in-world and out.” They are masters at planning special events and marketing, so if you are in need of one of those services, definitely check them out. While perusing the Weekend of Beauty event, I fell in love with their Conservatory SIM. JennyH GossipGirl of Impressione was nice enough to give me access to their SIM to shoot these photos. Thanks, Jenny!

So…Fall Fashions.

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