Put On That Party Dress!

27 11 2008

There I was last Friday, the night of MDR’s Anniversary Bash, standing in my bedroom frantically riflling through my inventory. What to wear, what to wear…the age old question that every fashionista asks herself before an important occassion. I had a list of criteria I was trying to follow:

Dressy but not TOO formal.
Classy and elegant.
Something a little out of the ordinary.
And most importantly…smokin H-O-T!

My first thought was a little black dress, because that works for almost every occassion, but I wanted out of the ordinary. Perhaps I could find something that fit both bills?

It took me awhile, but I finally stumbled upon the perfect dress for theparty. It fit all of my party dress criteria, and better yet, I’d not had an opportunity to wear it yet. So what dress was the perfect dress for an anniversary bash? What dress was elegant, sexy, and a bit out of the ordinary? The Noir Vero Flexi Dress from Leezu Baxter Designs, of course.

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Fall Mix and Match

20 11 2008

Yesterday was MDR‘s first anniversary. It’s been a year of growth, moving from a small beachfront studio to having an entire SIM full of photo opportunities and a three-story studio extraordinaire. Cajsa has been hard at work building and texturing things, and I have to say the place looks great. We’re having a party on Friday to celebrate a year of taking fabulous photos AND the grand opening of our new SIM, and I’ve been busy with the preparations for that. But I did take a few moments recently to enjoy some of the fall scenery around the grid before it all disappears and the snow starts showing up. It’s not been chilly enough for a coat yet, but this season definitely calls for longer sleeves. I decided to do some mixing and matching of old and new pieces to travel the grid in and I came up with some wonderfully fashionable looks.

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