Prep School Punk

25 03 2009

Friend, co-worker, and fellow fashionista Cajsa Lilliehook passed me a landmark the other day to a store called Rara Avis.  I’d never heard of it, but she thought I’d like some of the things there.  Hungry for new fashion, I went that night to check it out and I have to say she was right. I took my time looking around because on first visual pass I wanted about eight things, but my budget required me to narrow it down a bit.

One of the first things I came across was this intriguing little shirt called Tear You Apart.  It was cute, in a completely odd sort of way.  The name of it, though, reminded me of the song by She Wants Revenge with the same name, so I decided I had to have it.  I wasn’t entirely positive I’d like it because the pattern isn’t something I’d normally wear.  But if I have learned anything during this past year of shopping in SL, it’s to grab those things that stand out to me even if they’re not my usual style.  More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised.  And this time was no different.


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