Sometimes It’s OK To Wear Pink!

14 04 2010

While I check to make sure Gabby didn’t just faint at the title of this post, you should probably know that today is Pink Shirt Day!  This is an effort, both rl and sl, to raise awareness for the Anti-Bullying Campaign.  Several SL designers have released special items and gifts to show their support.     And though it is Pink Shirt day, not all of these items are shirts.  There are poses, jewelry, and other stuff for you to snag as well.

I wanted to do something a bit different for the blog post, because who wants to see me in a pink shirt besides Gabby?   Instead, I gathered some plurk friends and snapped a quick photo of us wearing some of the items you can get today.  And while my avatar does look a bit sad in the back there, I promise it’s not because of the pink shirt!  Several fantastic designers have stuff out today including A-Bomb, Dreams, Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose, BOOM, and more.  A partial list will be at the bottom of this post instead of the usual model info.  (Did you see how many people are in that photo?) When you grab one of these special items, you’ll get a more complete list.

Bullying happens every day, and though this event started because of an incident with a 9th grade boy, bullying happens to all ages and all types of people.  I’m sure we’ve even seen instances of bullying in SL.  So help make a difference by grabbing a pink shirt and standing up with your friends to say enough is enough.


Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Pose:  Glitterati

Models (in no particular order):
Arcadia Nightfire
Gabby Panacek
Kyria Tomsen
December Dollinger
Harper Ganesvoort
Tymmerie Thorne
Addison Mortlock
Lavea Alter
Chandni Khondji
SySy Chapman
Aldwyn Zanzibar

List of stores participating in Pink Shirt Day:
(This list is NOT complete. I’m only listing the ones I know about, so please don’t sue me if you find someone I forgot to mention)

Adore & Abhor

Long Awkward Pose
Get Bent

*Ticky Tacky*
(OMFG) I Love It!