Caged Bird

27 06 2009


Tonight at 6 p.m. slt, my art exhibit opens at the Rara Avis Gallery.  It’s called Et in Arcadia Ego and is a collection of some of my favorite self-portraits.  I’ve posted the Artist Statement at the end of this post so you can get a better feel for what the show is about.  The lovely ladies of Rara Avis, Azriel Ballyhoo and Neneveh Teskat, will be in attendance, and Nineveh is going to be our DJ for the event.  Even if you can’t make the party, do stop by the gallery.  The show will be up until the end of July.  And besides, a trip to Rara Avis is always in order. 
One of my most recent self-portraits combined wings and lingerie.  I found the best store for wings, and I thought I’d share those with you here.

caged_032 copy

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Where’s The Loot?

23 03 2009

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Why, at the Clothing Fair of course. But you only have a few more hours to go and check out this fabulous shopping experience. Nine sims filled with wares by designers from all across the grid and a lot of the profits go to Relay For Life. So by shopping you’re actually doing something good and helping people. What more can you ask for?

This Relay For Life Clothing fair is themed along Pirate lines, and several designers have created special pirate inspired outfits for their Relay For Life vendor. All of the proceeds from these special vendors go to Relay For Life.  I found two of these special outfits that I just love. The first is by Mariska Simons of Blacklace and it’s called Crimson Temptress.


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Week of Lingerie – Friday

21 03 2009

Despite SL’s best efforts to thwart me, it’s time to end the Week of Lingerie here at Fashion 360°.  Now that my inventory is all cleaned out and organized, it’s time to put the last few pieces into their rightful spots.  And that means we have come full circle to the brand that started this whole idea to begin with:  Blacklace.

I blogged the newest of the new releases on Sunday, but Mariska Simons did release a Valentine’s collection and you know I snagged a few sets.  Before I sort them into their proper places, let’s take a look.

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Satin, Velvet, and Blacklace!

12 10 2008

Ah, the wonder that is Blacklace. In a continuation of my last post, I shall share with you some of the other wonderful things I bought when the new Fall Line went on sale.

Foxy is a stunning corset set that comes in a myriad of color choices. I chose the Gold one, which is very unusual for me. I never wear yellow, and I tend to stay away from any variation thereof as a general rule, but I just fell in love with this. That’s another thing I love about Mariska’s designs…her colors are so rich and seductive that they make me step outside of my comfort zone and buy colors I’d never really considered before. The detail on this is exquisite, as it always is with a Blacklace design. Look how lovely the lace pattern is on this corset…

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