Clothing Fair: Exploring New Cultures With Milky House

16 03 2010

Another great thing about Clothing Fair is being exposed to designers/styles that you wouldn’t normally see everyday in your second life.  It’s a great opportunity to find great new designers and see what’s going on fashion wise in the lands outside of our comfort zone.  And that is exactly what happened to me when I stumbled into the Tokyo SIM and found myself standing in the Milky House store.  This mini kimono was so cute; I just had to have it.

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Clothing Fair: A Night Out With EarthStones

14 03 2010

As you have probably heard by now, Clothing Fair began this weekend.  If you’ve not braved the lag, I urge you to de-prim and teleport over there to check it out.  There are eight different sims for you to wander through.  This year, they are built to look like different cities around the world.  As if the fabulous shopping wasn’t enough to entice you, the builds are really stunning.  I couldn’t pick a favorite city if you asked me to; each one definitely had it’s own character. 

With eight full sims of shopping, you can imagine the long list of designers participating this year.  And, of course, Clothing Fair is really about raising money for the American Cancer Society.  One of the things I love about SL is our ability to raise large amounts of money for a cause without any one person having to stretch their budget.  Clothing Fair is a wonderful example of this generosity.  Most designers have special items in the RFL vendors, with all of the proceeds from those sales being donated.  Also, many designers are using this event to debut new pieces to the public. 

 One of the new items being debuted this year is a gorgeous new jewelry set from EarthStones called Zahra. Abraxxa Anatine was kind enough to send over a review copy the other night and I couldn’t wait to build a look with it.

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Where’s The Loot?

23 03 2009

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Why, at the Clothing Fair of course. But you only have a few more hours to go and check out this fabulous shopping experience. Nine sims filled with wares by designers from all across the grid and a lot of the profits go to Relay For Life. So by shopping you’re actually doing something good and helping people. What more can you ask for?

This Relay For Life Clothing fair is themed along Pirate lines, and several designers have created special pirate inspired outfits for their Relay For Life vendor. All of the proceeds from these special vendors go to Relay For Life.  I found two of these special outfits that I just love. The first is by Mariska Simons of Blacklace and it’s called Crimson Temptress.


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