Getting Into Trouble

5 04 2010

This is not a typical blog post…

Steeling my nerves, I opened the door of the A-1 Detective Agency and stepped across the threshold, eyes zeroing in on the man I was here to see.  He was sitting behind a desk, shirt only half buttoned but his hat still firmly in place.  I blinked once, twice and then shut the door firmly, striding over to stand in front of the desk.  He didn’t even look up from the stack of papers he was signing.  I gripped the belt ties of my trench coat and waited for him to acknowledge my presence in the room.  And he would acknowledge me.  I was, after all, standing in front of his desk.  Besides, if all else failed, what I was wearing underneath this coat was sure to get his attention. 

My hands tightened on the ties as he finally looked up with a raised eyebrow. 

“You lost, doll?” His tone was far less helpful than his words.

I shook my head, trying to remain calm and collected, but truth was he made me a little nervous.  Okay, a lot nervous.  He was so much more…male than I expected him to be.  Tall, dark, and handsome was the cliché that came to mind, but with a healthy does of mysterious and sexy to round out the equation.  Why, oh why did I have to be attracted to him?  This would make what I had to do that much harder in the long run.  “I need your help.”

Eyes narrowing as he recognized my voice, he threw his pen down on the desk and leaned back in his chair, one arm behind his head.  “Didn’t I already explain to you on the phone that I wasn’t taking new cases?” 

I nodded slowly, drawing in a shaky breath as my nervousness began to escalate.  “You did, but I really need your…”

He shook his head, cutting me off mid-sentence. “I really can’t help you.  I’m sure you’re a nice girl.  And I’m sure whatever kind of trouble you’ve gotten yourself into couldn’t be all that bad. I’ll even give you the name of another detective.  He’s good . . .” 

I shook my head this time, slowly undoing the ties of the belt as I caught his gaze with mine.  “No.  I need your help.  And I’m not leaving here until I get it.”  With my last words the belt came undone, and I pushed the coat off of my shoulders, letting it fall silently to the floor.  I heard him suck in a breath as his eyes slid down the length of my body, taking in every detail of the red pinstriped bra and panties, the garter and the stockings, and even the black lace garter holding the tiny pistol against my thigh.  I didn’t give him time to tell me to get out, but then I really didn’t think he would.  He seemed VERY interested in what I had to say at the moment. 

With a confidence that wasn’t entirely real, I crawled up onto his desk and posed seductively, giving him my back.  I felt the heat of his gaze on my skin as his eyes traveled up my stocking clad legs, and I wondered what it would be like to have his hands caressing my calves or maybe even a single finger tracing the seam that ran all the way from my ankle to the top of my thigh.  It was my turn to suck in a breath as I responded to the sudden electricity in the room.  I heard a soft groan from behind me, and I wondered if it was because he was staring at my ass, pretending to be covered by the black mesh panties.  Between the garter belt clinging to my hips and the low dip of the panties, this particular set of lingerie created quite a striking view. I couldn’t help but smile realizing I was the cause of his arousal.  And he was aroused.  I didn’t have to look at him to know.  He cleared his throat not once, but twice, before he spoke in harsh whisper that completely gave him away.  He could feign nonchalance all he wanted, but I knew that tone.  He was already mine.  I looked over my shoulder, peeking at him from under the rim of my black hat. “Because I need the best, and that’s you.”

He stood up then, moving across the room to lean against an old cabinet in the corner, and I followed him, sliding off of the desk as seductively as I could manage.  His eyes followed me as I moved to stand in front of him–close enough that he’d have a hard time looking way, but not close enough that he could touch me.  I shivered in anticipation and wondered how long it would be before he reached out to drag me into his embrace.  “Tell me what you’ve gotten yourself mixed up in, and then maybe I’ll help you.” 

I smiled and began explaining exactly the kind of bad situation I’d gotten myself into.  My words were coming out in a nervous rush I knew, but it was incredibly difficult to explain things while he looked at me so heatedly, like he wanted to devour me.

My body trembled as his eyes traced the black lace covering the curves of my breasts and the little bow and gun resting in the middle.  I stumbled over my words as he let that searing gaze trail lower, sliding over my bare torso to rest on the pinstriped garter belt with its little buttons and finally landing on the black mesh panties beneath.  I think I even must have swayed towards him when he licked his lips and followed the line of my legs all the way down to my sexy, black boots.  By the time his eyes traveled back up to lock with mine, I’d told him everything I knew; everything that would get him interested in taking this case.  

He looked at me for a long moment and then shook his head.  “I knew as soon as you started to take off the coat that you were going to be trouble.” 

I smirked, throwing my hands on my hips, waiting. Why bother to deny it?  I was trouble, and I was wearing the lingerie to prove it.  “So are you going to help me?”

The smirk left my face as he reached out and pulled me flush against him.  I could feel the hardness of his body against mine, every inch of my skin touching him.  I gasped at the heat of contact, my body already aching for this man I’d just met.  He leaned in even closer and whispered his answer in my ear and I shivered in anticipation. 

It was at that exact moment I heard the gunshot…

**A quick note of thanks to the wonderful Aldwyn Zanzibar for being kind enough to play the detective in this little photo shoot/blog post.   I know having to sit there for over an hour and look at me in lingerie was a hardship, but he didn’t even complain once. 

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this lingerie set when I bought it from Blacklace, and I had a lot of fun playing with these shots.  The rest of this photo set, if you’re interested, is up on MDR’s Flickr page.  The link is up in the corner. **

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Arcadia –
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu (Lt Brows)
Eyes: Fusemelon – Radiance Eyes, Midday
Eyelashes: – Glam Affair – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: ETD – Trinitee, Espresso
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Burgandy
Lingerie: Blacklace – Trouble, Red (comes with hat and garter with gun)
Shoes: INDI Designs  – Lombardi Booties
Jewelry: Aluinn – Trouble Bracelets
Aluinn – Trouble Necklace
alaMood – Asthe earrings, Silver
Callie Cline – The ROCK **GIFT**
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud

Model Info:
Aldwyn –
Skin: Redgrave – 03b Tan Skin, Cruz 3 Day beard
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – Ocean, sea weed
Hat/Hair: Argrace – Fedora Hat, Natural Mid, Black
Shirt: *Linc* – Button Down Shirt Open White
Suspenders: Meriken Co Suspenders, Men’s Black
Pants: Alphamale – Black Casual Tux Formal Pants
Shoes: Akeyo – Chucks, LowTop

**All poses for Aldwyn were part of the Detective Office Photo Prop by -CLICK-**
Photos #1 & 2:  Boudoir Rouge – Classic – Fireside
Photo #3 & 4:   Boudoir Rouge – Naughty – Enticing

Photo #1 – I used the FilterCam HUD by MechanizedLife to get the keyhole frame around the photo.




6 responses

5 04 2010
Nyx Divine

/me leans back puffing on a smoke

That was hot!

5 04 2010
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Nyx. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

5 04 2010

Whoa. Really. I mean it. Whoa!

5 04 2010

You naughty minx! Now get to my house…NOW*winks*

5 04 2010
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Heidi.

5 04 2010
Arcadia Nightfire

*winks at Skyla and blows her a kiss*

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