Rockin’ The Runway With Miamai

30 03 2010

Miamai is one of my favorite stores; ranking right up there with Maitreya when it comes to the level of my excitement about a release.  So when I got the notecard that the Spring Collection at Miamai had finally made its debut, you can just imagine how happy I was.  After racing home and logging in, I discovered that monica Outlander had gifted me with a review pack.  I literally jumped out of my chair, that’s how excited I was!  It was like xmas and my birthday all rolled into one little box. 

Of course, I dove in and started emptying boxes.  It’s all lovely, and while there are a few things that weren’t really me, most of it was and I’ll be blogging a lot of it over the next few weeks.  It seems only fair to start with the first item that caught my eye:  the Keyn Jacket in Silver.  It was totally love at first sight.

This jacket is part of the City Collection at Miamai and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I’m not sure words can describe it adequately enough.  It’s a little bit of everything, really.  You could describe it as avant-garde.  You could say it’s a bit gothy or a bit futuristic.  Whatever you call it, and however you style it, you should own this.  The texture is beautiful with the perfect amount of shading and light.  I just want to reach out and touch it.  It looks so very soft.

The prim collar, shoulders, sleeves, and bottom are exceptionally well done.  They fit perfectly and add just the right amount of drama and flair to the jacket.  I mean, look at this collar.  It’s simply stunning.

I will say that accessorizing with the jacket could be a bit difficult unless you’re using one of the viewers that give you more than one attachment point.  This jacket eats up a lot of them, but you could also opt to not wear both pieces to the sleeves or the bottom of the jacket should you so choose.

For my look, I wanted to do a bit of a rocker chic runway look, so I paired the Keyn jacket with the Labelle pants, also from the Miamai spring release.  I love the fit of these pants and the waistband is fantastic as well.  While I may photograph this jacket with nothing underneath of it at some point, I wasn’t quite comfortable walking around that way so I put on the Shakira top from DYN.  It’s short enough that it didn’t detract from the jacket, but stylish enough to work well with the look.  It also added a quick punch of color to the look.

The boots are from Kookie:  Athena in red.  They added a touch of sexiness to the look, tied in with the red of the Shakira top, and definitely went with the rocker chic feel of the look.  The hair is another new release from Miamai for spring: Nara.  I’m wearing it in EmoBlack because I liked that hint of blue in it.  As I said above, accessorizing was a bit difficult with the jacket, but I did add a lip piercing from [skream!] for a bit more rocker edge.

The set I used for these photos is from –CLICK– and it’s their newest release: The Runway.  All of the poses you see here are included in the drop down menu.  It’s another fun set from them and I really enjoy using them for photos.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. 

Miamai is a fantastic store and this new Spring Collection is full of fun and fantastic items from a wonderfully talented designer.  Be sure to grab that Keyn Jacket.  I was serious when I said you should own one. 

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu Lt Brows
Eyes: Fusemelon – Radiance Eyes, Midday
Eyelashes: Glam Affair – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Miamai – Nara Hair, EmoBlack **REVIEW ITEM**
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Shirt: DYN – Shakira Top, Red S **REVIEW ITEM**
Jacket: Miamai – Keyn Jacket, Silver **REVIEW ITEM**
Pants: Miamai – Labelle Pants, Black **REVIEW ITEM**
Shoes: Kookie – Athena, Red
Piercings: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
[skream!] – Love My Lips Piercing

All photos: -CLICK- The Runway Photo Set




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