Valentine Darkness

9 02 2010

Valentine’s Day takes on a whole different feel when I let the dark side of my personality come out to play.  You definitely won’t find any candy hearts in this post, nor anything pink. *looks pointedly at Gabby*  I wanted to go dark and a bit sinister today, maybe a little mysterious.  This look was all about indulging that inner darkness while stretching my wings, both stylistically and photographically.  The Feather Dress from LeLutka seemed like a good place to start.

I don’t wear feathers very often, but I immediately wanted this dress.  It wasn’t just the fun feather skirt that made me click buy so quickly, thought.  It was the color…that vivid red against the black in the feathers just made my heart beat a little faster and I had to have it.  The dress also comes with feather attachments on the chest, but I left them off for this look.  I love the texture on the feathers…they are so very real looking and that gorgeous red peeking through is fantastic.  My favorite part of this dress though is the wide black sash.  It covers your entire torso and the juxtaposition of that bright red ribbon with the darkness of the feathers below is genius.

Taking this look to the dark side wasn’t as easy as one would think.  It took me quite a while to decide on the right accessories for it.  The one thing that didn’t take too much thought, though, was adding the Backless Ankle Boots from COCO.  I really love those boots, especially with this dress.  They add a very modern feel to the look, I think.  The gloves are part of the Twilight Ragged dress from PixelDolls and the leather arm straps are from Urban Dare.  I liked the heaviness they added to the look.

For jewelry, I needed a substantial piece to carry this look and the Red Winds II set from Chloe was perfect.  I picked this up during that huge sale Phoenix Rising had last year and it’s one of my favorites.  This set is scripted for color change so I was able to match it to my look effortlessly.  And it’s big enough to command attention, but doesn’t overpower the rest of the look.  Hair…hair took me the longest to decide on.  Stretching my wings is difficult when it comes to hair choices, because most of what I have is what looks good on me and I wear all the time.  Just as with skins, I tend to stick to a few certain designers whose hairs look right on my avatar.  Thankfully, I have a folder of “photo shoot” hair; those pieces that are really fantastic but I wouldn’t wear everyday. 

This particular hair is the Gothic Geisha Hair from Sin Von De, in red.  This was a hunt gift from Urban Dare when the new sim opened last year and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use it since then.  It works well here and continues that bold and dark theme.  And again, it’s substantial and I thought that worked best for what I was trying to achieve.The eyelashes are a recent purchase from Nikita Fride, whose hair I love.  These eyelashes are really very pretty and I love the flowers in them.  Also, they fit almost perfectly when I put them on.  If I could, I’d probably get down on my knees and thank her for that.  Adjusting prim lashes makes me stabbity. 

This look, while not your typical Valentine’s Day outfit, was a fun challenge for me to put together.  Of course, you could wear the Feather Dress from LeLutka and the boots from COCO with a nice updo or shorter hair for a stylish Valentine’s look if the dark side isn’t your thing.  Just because I took it to there, doesn’t mean you have to.  My favorite thing about fashion is the versatility.  However you style it, this is a fantastic dress.   

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio
Photos taken on location at Immersiva by Bryn Oh

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu (Lt Brows)
Eyes: Fusemelon – Radiance Eyes, Midday
Eyelashes: Nikita Fride – Long Eyelashes Double Flowers
Hair: Sin Von De – Gothic Geisha Hair, Red **Hunt Gift**
Dress: LeLutka – FEATHER Dress, Red
Shoes: COCO – Backless Ankle Boots, Black
Gloves: PixelDolls – Twilight Ragged Gloves (part of an outfit)
Arm Bands: Urban Dare – Leather Arm Straps
Jewelry: Chloe – Red Winds II Color Change, in Onyx
[skream!] – the beauty mark piercing

Photo #1-#4:  Glitterati 06 **REVIEW**




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