Valentine Glam

7 02 2010

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, as it is my RL birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to do some valentine themed posts.  Having your birthday on Valentine’s Day can sometimes be problematic especially if, like me, the whole cutesy heart and flowers stuff isn’t really you.  The only time I wear heart anything is if there’s a skull, screws, or something else attached to it.  But red is my favorite color, so I decided to stick with the color scheme of the holiday for the upcoming looks.  Instead of cutesy heart and candy type stuff, I’m going to do Valentine’s Day my way (it’s my birthday, I’m allowed) and focus on looks that are edgy and modern, sexy and flirty, dark and mysterious.  For the first look, I’m starting off with a look inspired by today’s SL Daily Deal – the Sweet Stacked Rings by alaMood in Pink Burst.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right.  I do not normally wear pink.  I maintain that I don’t even really like pink that much, but these rings are really fantastic and since you can only get them in pink today for the SL Daily Deal, I thought I’d show them off.  And pink fits in with the Valentine’s color scheme, right?  Of course, since I only wear pink for Gabby this is totally her fault.  I’m not sure exactly how, but it is.

alaMood’s sweet stacked rings are gorgeous.  The set comes with three rings for each hand and you can wear them at the same time, or just the left or right version if you choose. You can even move them around if you’re adventurous like me, though they fit pretty well when I put them on.  I love platinum and the pink isn’t overwhelming in this set – just a few pretty pink jewels.  Because they were pretty and sparkly and made my inner princess very happy, I decided to continue the sparkly theme and put together a little Valentine Glam look but with a slight urban edge.

I started with the Ripped Sequins Jeans from KHUSH, a review item sent out to one of the bloggers groups in world.  These jeans are fantastic and I love the sequins peeking through the rips in the fabric.  A word of warning though; they are dangerously low on the hips, so if you’re like me and not comfortable showing that much, find a long top to go with them.  If you aren’t like me and okay with showing that much, go grab these now!  I really hope they come out with a higher-waisted version of these pants because they’re a lot of fun and I’d love to be able to wear them more often. 

For the top I wore the jacket layer of the Magenta Sequin Dress by KHUSH, also a review item.  It was just long enough to cover what I wanted it to cover and continued the sparkly aspect of the look.  The back of this is incredibly sexy as well.  I also liked the black accents on the bust and the bottom of the top.  This allowed me to pull in the Lilith Sleeves from SiniStyle and the Ving Boots from Shiny Things to add that urban flair I love so much.

I added the Sneaky hair from Magika because I wanted something short but still full and flirty.  I also thought the headband was a nice touch to this look.  Oh, and I added some fun accessories from Lostwood, [skream!], and a hunt gift from Kunstkammer to complete the look.  The necklace was a fun touch because what says Valentine’s Day more than a candy skull necklace?

Be sure to head over to alaMood and grab the Stacked Rings in Pink Burst.  The pink option on these rings will only be sold as part of today’s SL Daily Deal, though more colors will be released on Wednesday.  There are only 150 sets on sale today, so be sure to get there fast.  And after you’ve grabbed the rings, head over to KHUSH and grab yourself some more sparkly goodness.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio 


Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey) – Flower Girl, Lt Brows **Preveiously Reviewed Item**
Eyes: Fusemelon – Radiance Eyes, Midday
Eyelashes: Glam Affair (Beauty Avatar) – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Magika – Sneaky, Brown A **Previously Reviewed Item**
Top: KHUSH – Magenta Sequin Minidress (Jacket Layer Only) – **REVIEW ITEM**
Sleeves: – SiniStyle – Lilith Sleeves
Jeans: KHUSH – Jeans Dark – Ripped-Sequins, Pink **REVIEW ITEM**
Boots: Shiny Things – Ving Boots, Black
Jewelry: alaMood – Sweet Stacked Rings, Pink Burst **REVIEW ITEM**
Kunstkammer – Candy Skull Necklace **Hunt Gift**
::69:: – Open Star Earrings, Pink/Black
::Lostwood:: – Funky Kitty Bracelets, Pink
Sensations –  Barbarian Princess Collar
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
[skream!] – the beauty mark piercing

Photo #1:  Essential Soul – Jazz Fingers
Photo #2:  Essential Soul – Jazz Fingers
Photo #3:  Essential Soul – Tip Tapping
Photo #4:  EverGlow – Model 163 **REVIEW**




2 responses

7 02 2010
Gabby Panacek

LOL! I’m going to keep pushing pink on you because you look so good in it! So, keep blaming me all you want. One day you will come to realize that you have a deeply hidden love for all things pink, fluffy, and covered in hearts!

7 02 2010
Arcadia Nightfire

*laughs and runs away from Gabby* You keep that pink fluffy stuff away from me!

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