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24 01 2010

I’m going against the norm today and not blogging any clothing.  I’m not blogging about jewelry, or shoes, or hair and I’m not blogging a new skin, either. Today, I’m blogging a tattoo.

A few weeks ago, my friend Aldwyn Zanzibar approached me about a project he was thinking of; a tattoo showcase of sorts where we can all show off the ink we wear in world.  That project never got off the ground, but I loved the photos I took for it so much I just had to blog them. 

Tattoos serve a myriad of functions.  They can be symbolic or just for fun.  They can be intricate or incredibly simple.  They can be works of art where skin is the canvas and you marvel at the brush strokes of the creator.  In RL, I have three tattoos.  In SL, my options are limitless and tattoos have become a third category of accessories in my inventory.  They can add flair or strength to the right outfit; they can add an edge of sexiness to a look.  I have a lot of tattoos in SL, but my favorite is a full body tattoo from Dream Ink Design.

T.E.S-01-30 is a gorgeous full body tattoo that covers the front and back of your avatar.  Esrya Noyes hand draws these creations and the attention to detail shows. The deep black color reminds me of my own rl tattoos, and is striking and bold.  I love the scroll work on this design; it’s incredibly intricate.  There is strength in this design, but a softness lurks there as well.  Perhaps that is why I was drawn to it. 


The design starts at the base of the neck and travels all the way down the spine where a larger tattoo rests on the small of the back.  The pattern is a bit different on the front but it too travels all the way down the torso and ends with a lovely triple scroll pattern that the panties I’m wearing here are, unfortuntately, covering.

And while the majority of the tattoo is on the torso, there are bands around the arms and legs at certain points.  You have to wear a top and bottom layer for the entire tattoo, but depending on your outfit, you could certainly wear one or the other.  This tattoo comes on two different layer combinations:  undershirt/underwear and shirt/pants.  Either way, I’ve had no trouble combining it with many different outfits.

Dream Ink has hundreds of tattoos for both men and women, and while this one is my favorites, I have a feeling I’ll be grabbing a few more in the future.  If you’re looking for a new tattoo and want bold colors and unique designs, make sure you check out Dream Ink Design.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio
Photos shot on location at Urban Dare

Model Info:
Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu (Lt Brows)
Hair: Magika – Lust, Red A
Tattoo: Dream Ink – T.E.S-01-30
Panties: LoveLace – Cygne, Black
Pasties: Sweet Dreams – Bloodrage Pasties
Shoes: Fatal Error – Girlie Skull Pumps **GIFT**
Piercing: [skream!] – hook’d piercing with razorblade
Bracelets: WRONG – Sanity Jelly Bracelets
Urban Dare: Leather Bracers, Double Strap

Photo #1: LostAngel – Spring Fever #5
Photo #2: LostAngel – Spring Fever #5
Photo #3: ANA_Mations – BabyDoll4 Hip
Photo #4: LostAngel – Spring Fever #5




3 responses

24 01 2010

I love this blog. I could really use a tattoo to add strength in both lives.

Your pics are absolutely stunning. I’m such a fan. Thanks for sharing these.

24 01 2010
Arcadia Nightfire

Aww, thanks so much Emerald. You totally just made my day. 🙂

17 02 2010
Virtual Neko

I think Aldwyn’s idea is a great one… and I’m wondering he could collaborate with Seikatsu Koba? She started a “Tatuaje” magazine once… not sure if it got off the ground, but perhaps with the two of them working together they could keep each other’s enthusiasm going. 🙂 I’ll contact him too.

And at the risk of shameless self-promotion, I collected a list with slurls of all the SL tattoo stores (that I could find) on a resource page of my blog… in case you want to explore a few you’ve not heard of before (if that’s possible… hehe).

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