Donations & Dressing in the Holiday Spirit

12 12 2009

It was around this time last week that my friend and terrific DJ, Maht Wuyts, was in the middle of his 26.2-hour mahrathon set to raise money for Heifer International’s Eastern Uganda Umbrella Project.  It was an extraordinary event and quite possibly the longest dj set in SL history (that we know of anyway).  Maht was hoping to raise 100,000L during the event and I’m happy to say that we surpassed that goal by about 36,000L.  As promised, he’s given me the donation screen shots to share with all of you.  

I was awake for a good portion of the overnight hours,  and then again during Saturday afternoon handing out items and generally making sure Maht survived the process.  And despite the crazy hours, I have to say it was a really fun event.  I’m so thankful to have been a part of it and thankful to all of those who donated, no matter the amount.  Raising that much money in SL is not an easy task, and it took the generosity of a lot of people to make it happen.  Maht was able to get some RL donations as well, which he added to the money he raised in world for a grand total of $600 USD.

Maht does plan to do this event again next year, but in the meantime you can catch him every Sunday at the Velvet from 3 -5 p.m. SLT.  Thanks again to all of you who attended, donated money, and to the designers who gave us items to hand out. 

Speaking of those designers, one of the people generous enough to give me items specifically was Sanura Snowpaw of Dreams.   She has a ton of great stuff in her store; everything from clothing to collars, shapes to skins.  I was feeling very xmas-y today and on a whim put on my most recent purchase from her store.  It ended up inspiring a whole outfit, which I thought I’d share – a little holiday spirit neko style.

The Candy Cane Collar from Dreams is so cute I almost can’t stand it.  Almost.  It’s well done and the collar is scripted for color change to coordinate with any holiday outfit you may decide to wear.  I thought the black worked best with this outfit.  The candy canes are tied with a little green bow for even more of a festive holiday feel.

I paired it with a new holiday shirt from T Junction called “I’m on Santa’s Naughty List”.  Sometimes, t-shirts with sayings on them can be fun and this is the perfect example.  The ears and tail are from Urban Dare, one of my favorite stores.  They’re also scripted for color change and a ton of different options.  The cute snowflake tattoo is an in-store freebie at Dream Ink


Thanks again to Sanura for donating items for me to hand out to our donors at the Mahrathon and to all of those who donated time, money, and help in pulling this event together. 

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu Lt.Brows
Eyes: Lucky Monkey – Neko Eyes, Med Blue/Green
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Magika – Robin, LeLook X
Tattoo: Dream Ink – EY-4-2 Gift Snowflakes **FREEBIE**
Ears: Urban Dare – Neko Ears with Bells, Small tinted Crimson
Tail: Urban Dare – Furry Tail with Bells, Long/Full tinted Crimson
Shirt: T Junction – I’m On Santa’s Naughty List
Pants: Axel – Kesfat Jeans, Black
Boots: WRONG – Metal Boots
Sleeves: SiniStyle – Lilith Sleeves, Taped Fingers Option
Piercings: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
[skream!] – Delicate Fangs Piercing
Collar: Dreams – Candy Cane Collar

Photo #1:  aDORKable Poses – Sassy 2
Photo #2:  aDORKable Poses – Sassy 2
Photo #3:  aDORKable Poses- Frisky



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