Surprise! It’s Halloween!

31 10 2009

**Edited to fix the Surprise! slurl**

Happy Halloween!  It is the most important day of the year (for me, anyway) and also my favorite holiday all rolled into one.  But, alas, I know there are some of you still looking for that perfect costume.  If you’re in the market for a ready-to-wear witch costume, Lara Aridian of Surpise! has made a fantastic one. 
Witches don’t always have to be dark and sexy.  Sometimes, witches are just cute and sassy (w/a hint of sexy), and that’s what this first costume by Surprise! is. 

pyramid_031 copy

WitchyPoohnins is a lovely little costume that comes complete with dress, hat, and wearable broom.  It comes in a variety of colors, but Lara was kind enough to drop the scarlet version on me as she knows I love red.  I’ve been shopping at Surprise! for quite some time.  I love her gift bags, party/holiday decorations, and plushies.  This is the first time she’s ventured into costumes though, and she did a fantastic job.  I love the texture on the bodice and the skirt.

pyramid_033 copy

This costume is really very flattering.  It’s short, but not too short…very sassy, especially if you add the flying broom which is also available at Surprise!.    This broom is really fun to use.  You can fly around, and it leaves a trail of stars in your wake.  You can purchase several different versions, depending on what color stars you want to leave behind. 

pyramid_027 copy

The wearable broom that comes with this costume is really cute too, and could be really fun depending on your AO, or if you’re taking photos, what pose you use.  In keeping with the cute and sassy theme, I added the Diva hair in Brown by Magika.  I adore this hair.  It’s probably the longest one I own, but I really enjoy the ponytail over the shoulder.  I also added the Mystic Pentacle Set by Earthstones in garnet because I love it and wish I had it to wear in RL.  The skin and eyes are both from ::Exodi::

pyramid_034 copy

For shoes, the Tesla Athena in Darkheart were the pefect match for this dress.  I just added some cute stockings, and I had a finished look ready for any costume party.
Another adorable thing at Surprise! is this little witchy bear.  He will circle around you on his broom when you wear him and turn him on.  Too cute!

pyramid_028 copy
So, if you’re looking for a cute and sassy little witch costume, head over to Surprise! and pick this one up.  It’s not too late to dress up for this most important of holidays.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Nosferatu Lt Brows
Eyes: ::Exodi:: – Speculation Eyes, Blue
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Magika – Diva, Brown A
Costume: Surprise! – WitchyPoohnins With Costume, Crimson **REVIEW ITEM**
Stockings: GL Designs – Betrayed Heart Stockings, Tintable **HUNT GIFT**
Shoes: Tesla – Athena, Darkheart
Jewelry: Earthstones – Mystic Pentacle Set, Garnet
BastChild – Women’s Slave Ring Ruby Silver l and R
Accessories: Surprise! – Flying Witch Broom & Wearable WitchyPohnins Broom **REVIEW ITEM**
Surprise! – Flying Witch Bear **REVIEW ITEM**

Photo #1:  Essential Soul – The Strut  **Photo taken with FilterCam HUD by MechanizedLife**
Photo #2:  Essential Soul – The Strut  **Photo taken with FilterCam HUD by MechanizedLife**
Photo #3:  Pose in broom
Photo #4:  Essential Soul – The Strut
Photo #5:  Essential Soul – The Strut




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