Can A Vampire Be Kyoot?

25 10 2009

**Edited to correct pose information**

There are times when a certain item immediately catches your eye, and you know instantly what you will do with it.  This happened to me several months ago as I was shopping in Kyoot.  I hadn’t been to Kyoot in quite some time and had decided to go and see what was new.  While shopping, I saw something white out of the corner of my eye and immediately turned and walked toward it.  Before it even finished rezzing, I knew it would be perfect for Halloween.  I was not wrong.  Straight Jacket Surrealist brings the Halloween to Couture. The only thing left to do was buy it and figure out which direction to take.

As I stood in the loft going through my inventory trying on this and that, I began to brainstorm.  My first thought was maybe a Mummy, so I added the Boxer Arm Wraps from Urban Dare.  But then, because this dress has fabulous stitches here and there, I thought it could be used for a fabulously modern twist on Frankenstien’s Bride (I still think that could work).  And then, I began trying on skins.  When I put on the Julana III, Bleeding Hearts by DaeSkins my inner vampire (yes, I do have one) stood up, pointed at that dress and said “This is fabulous and it is MINE!”  And so, vampire it was.

vampire_019 copy

But first, just a few words about the Straight Jacket Surrealist by Kyoot.  I LOVE this dress.  It’s just so exquisitely different and the name is a perfect description of the design. While some may be hesitant at the one bare side, I found that it added to the overall asthetic this dress was tyring to convey.  But fear not, if you’re not comfortable leaving one side of you bare, it does come with a black undershirt that can be worn with to cover the breast area.  I chose to just put on a pair of pasties instead, but you could certainly wear it the other way if you so desired.  The texture on this is stunning…all the delicate shading and stitches here and there are incredibly well done, and the sculpty skirt, collar, and sleeve are fantastic.  But it’s the straps that I love the most.  They really just…complete…this design. 

vampire_029 copy

Now where was I?  Oh yes…my inner vampire had staked her claim.  (pun not intended)

Julana III by DaeSkins (couldn’t find a current location but the creator is Daequix Scarborough) in Bleeding Hearts is really a lovely skin.  The attention to detail is nice…the blood dripping from the eyes and mouth is paler than on most skins you see, and the blackness around the eyes is quite intense.  It’s also a lovely skin tone; it’s that perfect shade of undead…not too white, but by no means normal looking.  I like that the nails are already black, freeing up my attatchment point for the Boxer Wraps from Urban Dare.  I liked them so much I kept them, but switched to the “bloody” option to continue with the theme of “vampire.” I also added the blood spatter tattoo from Urban Dare because a vampire can never have too much blood.  We’ll just say she’s a messy eater.  Speaking of which, I added a pair of freebie fangs I got last Halloween on a hunt.  These very delicate looking fangs randomly drip large drops of blood.  They’re really fun to photograph and again continued the theme of the freshly fed vampire.

vampire_007 copy

This pose is from one of LostAngel‘s Halloween releases:  The Crypt Crawler.  It comes with several poses and this quite realistic looking skull and a changing tombstone depending on which pose you’re using.  Oh, and bones too!  If you’ve not checked out the Halloween room at LostAngel, definitely head over there.  All of the poses and props are fantastically done and so fun to play with.  But then, one should expect nothing less from LostAngel. If I wasn’t on a budget, I’d buy every single one of them.

For hair, I chose the Nyx hair by Goldie Locks and tinted it a fun shade of red.  What better hair for a vampire than one named after the Goddess of night?  It really was perfect for this look.  For the eyes and eyelashes, I wanted something out of the ordinary yet stunning.  The eyes are from Kunstkammer and are the Halloween08 HYPNOEYES and are only 1L.  Check out the trunk sale at the entrance. There’s a lot of fantastic stuff there!  The eyelashes are from [glow] Studio:  Avantgarde Abstract.  I’m not really sure how to describe these lashes except that they remind me of somewhat of lace and are dramatic enough to look right with this amazing dress from Kyoot.

vampire_012 copy

That left the shoes, and I wanted something that worked with the dress but was still sexy and stunning.  I chose the Athena Heels in Panda by Tesla.  They have this sort of old-world charm to them, yet still look modern and sexy. 

vampire_020 copy

Because of the large collar on the dress, I didn’t wear a necklace.  I did, however, add some earrings from Alienbear: La Fleur in red.
The photos were shot in the cemetary on Oubliette, home to Balderdash, Evie’s Closet, and more. If you’ve not explored Oubliette, you’re missing out.  It is truly a stunning work of art and also one of the most peaceful places I’ve found on the grid.
And so there you have yet another mix and match masterpiece.  I like this one so much, I think it just might be my Halloween costume this year. Speaking of Halloween, MDR is having a Halloween party.  I’ll be posting the details in a few days so look for that.

So in answer to the question posed by the title of this post, yes.  A vampire can definitely be Kyoot!

vampire_017 copy

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: DaeSkins – Julana III, Bleeding Hearts
Eyes: Kunstkammer – Halloween 08 Hypnoeyes
Eyelashes: [glow] Studio – Avantgarde Eyelashes, Abstract
Hair: Goldie Locks – Nyx, Steel (tinted bright red)
Pedicure: Candy Nail – #000 Basic Toenails, Black
Fangs: Athy Designs – Blood Dripping Fangs **FREEBIE**
Dress: Kyoot – Straight Jacket Surrealist
Shoes: Tesla -Athena, Panda
Arm Wraps: Urban Dare – Boxer Arm Wraps, Bloody **HUNT ITEM**
Blood Spatter: Urban Dare – Blood Splatter Tattoo
Pasties: Dark Eden – Black Pasties
Earrings: Alienbear Design – La Fleur Earrings (part of a set), Red

Photo #1:  Reel Expression – *Luth* Melancholy 13
Photo #2:  ::Dare:: – Field Flower
Photo #3:  LostAngel – The Crypt Crawler (pose 5)
Photo #4:  LostAngel – The Crypt Crawler (pose 1 without the bones)
Photo #5:  Reel Expression – *Luth* -Melancholy 13
Photo #6:  Essential Soul – Reflect




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