Ballet Gothique

21 10 2009

Sometimes inspiration for the right costume or even the right look can come from those who know you best.  A few weeks ago, I was trying to come up with the perfect outfit to wear to a surprise birthday party for the lovely Saiyge Lotus and was feeling particularly blocked.  It was a Goblin Ball, but not being very goblin-y myself, I decided to just go with something dark.  You’d think that would be relatively easy for me, but I still found myself struggling to come up with something fun and unique.  Enter the wonderful Gabby Panacek, who I was chatting with via IM at the time.  When I told her of my dilemma, she casually suggested I go as a Goth Ballerina.

 Cue the light bulbs and fanfare!  That was something I knew I could pull off, which I did.  And, I enjoyed the look so much that I decided to blog it as part of my mix and match Halloween Costume series, with a few slight variations.

gothballerina_002 copy

Once I had the idea, I knew immediately that I wanted to wear the Pruriency Corset by TheAbyss.  I’ve had it for months and really hadn’t taken it out of my inventory at all, except the night I bought it to fit it correctly.  If you’re small chested like I am, it will take some adjustment, but it is SOOOOO worth the effort.  I’m wearing it in red here, but it does come in several color options.  This is probably my favorite thing from TheAbyss.  It’s simply brilliant.  I even like the prim attachments, and usually I have a hard time getting those to fit/look right on me.  But this…well, this corset is perfection.

gothballerina_007 copy

I posted on Plurk asking for places to find a black tutu before the party and ended up wearing a small one from Canimal.  But after the party, I noticed that Dahlia Joubert had suggested Chantkare.  Since I’d never been there, I decided to go check it out.  Dahlia was right: the Ballet de Noir dress comes with this fantastic black tutu. 

gothballerina_010 copy

The dress is lovely, but I’m only wearing the skirt here as I was going for a specific look.  This skirt is wispy and dramatic; I love the fullness of it.  I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of that store soon!  The shoes are a new purchase from Adam n Eve:  Ballet Heels in Satin Black.  I knew these were perfect for this outfit the moment I saw them.  They are fantastically painful looking…what better shoes for a Goth Ballerina?

Snapshot_006 copy

(I shot the above photo on Isla Mallorca, which is a fun and fantastic place to visit.  They have lots of fun photo opportunities as well…you can even be shot out of a cannon in the big top!  Thanks to Cajsa for sending me in that direction!  The rest of these photos were shot at Circo Loon and that place is lots of fun as well, but in a slightly different way.)

Another easy choice was the hair.  In this case, big and bold was the statement I was going for, and what better hair than Troubled by Vanity Hair?  This extraordinary hair is one of my “photo shoot hairs.”  Not something I’d wear everyday, but I enjoyed it so much I had to have it.  I have a folder of hairs like this…that I only get out for special shoots/blog posts/costume needs.  We have the advantage of being able to change our hair on a whim in SL, so why not have fun with it?

gothballerina_012 copy

The skin is from FallnAngel Creations and is the Cassiopeia Skin in Deceased Silver.  It seemed appropriately Goth enough and come on…deceased silver?  How could I pass that up?  Unfortunately, I have no recollection as to how this fun skin with its silver lips got into my inventory, but I do know I’ve had it for quite some time.  The Goblin Mask is also from FallnAngel Creations.  I thought it was particularly well done and since the theme of the party was Goblin Ball, I figured it couldn’t hurt.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with this outfit; it lends just an extra touch of the dramatic to the look. 

The lace gloves are from PixelDolls and were a group gift a while ago.  I thought they added a very romantic and feminine touch to the outfit.  Oh, and for jewelry, only a set from Balderdash would do.  Jazz Funeral is probably my favorite set designed by Saiyge Lotus and it was, in fact, the first piece I ever bought from her store.  I discovered her work at that jewelry thing a year or so ago…remember when you had to hunt through the maze for falling gems?  At any rate, her prim work is fantastic and if you’ve not yet been to Balderdash, there’s a hunt going on this month.  It’s the perfect time to discover this lovely little store.

Goth Ballerina: my second mix and match costume of this Halloween season.  If you’re ever stuck for an idea, brainstorming with friends is the best way to go.  Those that know you best will help you come up with the perfect look.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: FallnAngel Creations – Cassiopeia Skin, Deceased Silver
Eyes: The PlastiK – Mourn, Orleans (eyes and prim eyes) **Hunt Gift**
Hair: Vanity Hair – Troubled, Feux
Corset: The Abyss – Pruriency Corset, Red
Skirt: Chantkare – Ballet de Noir (part of full dress)
Stockings: Gothicatz – Garnet Stockings (Part of Full Outfit)
Shoes: Adam n Eve Shoes – Ballet Heels, Satin Black
Gloves: PixelDolls – Bella Lace Gloves, Black **Group Gift**
Balderdash – Jazz Funeral, Merlot
Mask – FallnAngel Creations – Forest Goblin Mask, Black

Photo #1:  Long Awkward Pose – Bolly 9
Photo #2:  Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Fluidity PR4
Photo #3:  Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Powerful Elegance PR4
Photo #4:  Tightrope Pose at Isla Mallorca
Photo #5:  Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Powerful Elegance PR4




2 responses

25 10 2009
Gabby Panacek

Ahahaha! Great look for you! And you looked fantastic at the party…just as you do here!

25 10 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

*smooches* Thanks, love.

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