::Emjay:: Sash Tops – Inspired By Fall

21 09 2009

For my second post about the ::Emjay:: Sash Tops, I wanted to do some fall inspired looks.  The top comes in both beige and brown, and I thought it could be fun to celebrate the transitioning seasons by pairing this lovely top with some more traditional autumn items.  For the beige top, I knew immediately what I wanted to do.


sashtopsneutrals_033 copy



The tweed Capri pants from Pippa by MichaMi were the perfect welcome-to-fall item to pair with the beige Sash top.  The only problem was that the colors didn’t quite match, so I made a copy and tinted them a dark brown to match the design on the top.  I’m so glad those perfectly textured pants are mod.  For shoes, I wanted some lovely brown boots to go with the outfit, and I chose the Danielle boots by Pixel Mode.  They were the perfect compliment to the Capri pants.


sashtopsneutrals_026 copy


I also knew immediately that the Chloe hair by Maitreya was the way to go.  With its super-cute, golden blonde locks and tintable hat, it was the perfect compliment to the outfit.  I went with the Shiloh (Honey) skin in Coconut by ::Exodi:: to continue the brownness of the outfit.  The jewelry is from ::Exodi:: and Zaara.


sashtopsneutrals_023 copy


I shot these photos on Oubliette, which is the home of Balderdash – one of my favorite jewelry stores in all of SL.  If you’ve not taken the time to explore this wondrous SIM, you really should set out and explore.  There are some lovely hidden gems to discover.  Right now is the perfect time to go because the land is in transition from summer to autumn.  It’s a wonderful transformation to witness.


For the brown Sash top, I wanted to do a little boho chic look, so I paired it with the jeweled jeans from Zaara and the Maitreya Dune boots in brown.  I adore these boots, but of course I love everything Onyx LeShelle does.


sashtopsneutrals_008 copy


That includes the Apple II hair, which is what put the boho chic concept in my head to begin with.  I added the hair beds from Earthstones along with the Jharna bracelet in Attraction. 


sashtopsneutrals_004 copy


I kept the Patra Gold Wire bracelets from Zaara and added the Urvi chandelier earrings.  I love the gold leaves on both the bracelet and the earrings.  It was the perfect little touch to this look. 


I shot these photos at The Far Away, a build by AM Radio.  This is the first time I’ve shot there, and it really is an interesting place to visit.  Of course, you don’t have to go to a wheat field to wear boho chic.  I was just as comfortable shopping at Le.Look! later that evening.


sashtopsneutrals_002 copy


Two fall inspired looks with the fabulous Sash tops by ::Emjay::.  I’m not sure I will achieve my goal of building looks out of each color option, but I think with this post and the last you can get a good idea of just how versatile these tops are.



Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio


Model Info:

Beige –

Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Coconut LtBrows **Previously Reviewed Item**
Eyes: ::Exodi:: – Zbilja Eyes, Hazel
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Maitreya – Chloe, Gold Blond (color option, brown)
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Mocha
Shirt: ::Emjay:: – Sash Top, Beige **REVIEW ITEM**
Pants: MichaMi – Pippa (part of a complete outfit) (tinted brown)
Boots: Pixel Mode – Danielle Knee Boots, Brown
Jewelry: ::Exodi:: – Aubrey Bangles, color select bronze
Zaara – Patra Gold Bracelet, Amber
Zaara – Urvi Chandelier Earrings, Gold

Brown –
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Coconut LtBrows **Previously Reviewed Item**
Eyes: ::Exodi:: – Vetro Eyes, Brown(SmNoVeins) **Blogger Appreciation Gift**
Eyelashes: Beauty Avatar – Regina Eyelashes 10
Hair: Maitreya – Apple II, Caramel **Hair Fair Gift**
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Mocha
Shirt: ::Emjay:: – Sash Top, Brown **REVIEW ITEM**
Pants: Zaara – Jeans Jewelled, Indigo
Boots: Maitreya – Dune, Brown
Zaara – Urvi Chandelier Earrings, Gold
Zaara – Patra Gold Wire Bracelets, Amber
Earthstones – Jharna Bracelet, Attraction
Eartstones – Hair Beads, Earth

Photo #1:  Ana_Mations – BabyDoll4_hip
Photo #2:  Long Awkward Pose – Slip Hot Damn
Photo #3:  Maitreya – Model 32
Photo #4:  TorridWear – Drama 08
Photo #5:  TorridWear – Coy 06
Photo #6:  Ana_Mations – KorruptStand 1




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21 09 2009
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