**Guest Post – Glowing**

12 09 2009

**Rhodesy Durant, friend and fellow MDR Photographer, has done another guest blog post. This time, she’s talking about her newly purchased skin.  Of course, I had to try it on too!  But as is the case with so many, it didn’t really work for my avatar.  I think it’s gorgeous though, so I encouraged Rhodesy to share her find with all of you.  Enjoy!**

My second life began over 3 years ago, and in that time I blush to tell you the vast number of skins I have purchased. I’ve been wearing my current skin almost exclusively for over two years. I’ve blogged about it here before.

And while I’ve been very happy with my every day skin, I never could quite stop the search for others. I’ve spent thousands of lindens on skins I thought I liked, wore around my friends once, and then never donned again. I’ve tried hundreds of lindens worth of demos too. And then, this week, I donned a demo skin that was as good as my normal one but upgraded.  I still looked like myself. I just looked…more clearly defined. And then I took my clothes off, and it was all over but paying for the skin pack. My rear end and cleavage has never looked so well defined or realistic! This skin manages to lend curvy lines to an otherwise demurely small figure.

After walking around for 3 days wearing a demo skin and getting Arcadia’s opinion so many times she probably wanted to hurt me, I broke down and bought it. And Arcadia insisted I blog it for all of you to enjoy as well. LAQ’s new Glow Skins absolutely work for my avatar! Below, I’ve posted some tasteful pics so that you too can appreciate the attention to detail that was put into this skin. Specifically, I’ll draw your attention to the knuckles and kneecaps.



Laqroki has outdone themselves on this venture bringing realism to avatar skins for an avatar like mine who doesn’t seem to fit into any of the popular brands. Having tried multiple options, I settled on the Carina Glow skin in the Peach tone. This is makeup option #5. Eventually, I’ll snag one of the Lacie skins in Peach as well, but the recession seems to have hit my SL pocketbook as well. The only drawback to these skins is that they can only be purchased in fatpacks for L$1990/pack. These days, that came relatively dear to this avatar. But don’t be surprised to see me running around in barely-there clothing for a while showing off this wonderful investment!

The skin is designed using a diffused glow technique which lends this skin its three-dimensional quality. As you look at the belly, I wonder if this ingenious designer didn’t use photographs to piece parts of this skin together.



I’m so stunned by the realism that I can’t help but sit and wonder exactly how this beautiful look was achieved. However, they can keep their secrets as long as they keep producing these tantalizing skins for me to parade around in.

Hurry over to Laqroki and check out these wonderful new skins and add a new dimension to your second life as well!

Photography by Rhodesy Durant, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: Carina Glow skin in Peach tone makeup #5 by Laqroki
Hair: Chandra in Amethyst Blackened by ETD
Eyes: TD Eyes_Violet
Eyelashes Beauty Avatar – Regina – Eyelashes 06
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure Plum
Necklace: Elegant Filigree Collar by Dari’s House
Outfit: Bra & panties from Blacklace – Promiscuous in Purple Lace & Black Satin
Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps in Black

Photo #1:  Field Flower by Dare

Bathtub w/bubbles – Lost Angel




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12 09 2009
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