Swimsuit Spotlight – Baiastice

27 08 2009

Unless an incredibly fantastic bikini/swimsuit gets released in the near future, this will likely be my last post on swimwear for a while.  Not that we can’t enjoy a dip in the ocean all year long in our virtual paradise, because we can.  But the change of seasons in RL will have me focusing on my favorite season soon; autumn.  Until then, I’ve saved one of my favorite swimsuits for last:  Barcelona by Baiastice.

bikiniweek_053 copy

I do so enjoy the creativity and talent of Sissy Pessoa, and this swimsuit is a perfect example of both.  I have to admit that I wanted it before it even rezzed just for the name.  Barcelona is my dream city –  the place I want to visit most in all the world – and so I stood there waiting patiently for it to rez (actually, I did everything but jump up and down screaming to get things to rez faster) and I was delighted when I finally saw it.  The off-one-shoulder suit is sophisticated and elegant but still exotic and sexy, much like I imagine Barcelona to be. 

bikiniweek_058 copy

It comes in a variety of colors, of course, and each color has a different pattern along the front.  I liked several of the designs, but the blue and gold caught my attention immediately.   When I clicked the vendor, however, there was a slight mix up.  The ad photo was of a blue suit, but the text said black.  Not wanting to buy the wrong color, I sent a notecard to Sissy explaining to her what I had found.  She responded promptly, thanked me for pointing that out to her, and as a thank you sent me the blue and gold suit.  I thought that was quite generous, but then Sissy has always provided excellent customer service in my experience.

The texture is lovely, the colors are rich, and the flower shoulder attachment is so cute! 

bikiniweek_057 copy

I love how delicate it looks. Another great thing about this suit is the potential for mixing and matching.  You don’t often find that with a swimsuit, but Barcelona could easily be mix and matched into a ton of looks.  It comes with a fantastically wispy prim skirt as well, for added styling choices.

bikiniweek_060 copy

I paired this swimsuit with the Janelle hair from Dernier Cri and the Shiloh (honey) in Water Lily from ::Exodi::, mainly for the yellow eyeshadow that plays on the gold of the suit so well.  The eyes are from Shine: Lustrous in Aurum, a lovely, bright, golden yellow. 

bikiniweek_048 copy

The poses are from Lyndz-Matic.  If you’ve not been to Lyndz-Matic, you should definitely check it out.  Lyndzy Melli makes some wonderful poses ranging from flirty to funny and everything in between.  And her store is a riot. It’s built to look like a diner and the demo stands are on the tables.  I had too much fun the last time I was there.
There are still a few days of fun in the summer sun to be had, so if you’re looking for a suit that’s a bit out of the norm, check out Baiastice

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey), Water Lily (LtBrows) **Previously Reviewed Item**
Eyes: Shine – Lustrous, Aurum
Hair: Dernier Cri – Jenelle, Tinted Brown
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Swimsuit: Baiastice – Barcelona, Blue Paint**Gift from Designer**
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud

Photo #1: Lyndz-Matic – Pink 2
Photo #2: Lyndz-Matic – Pink 2
Photo #3: Lyndz-Matic – Pink 2
Photo #4: Lyndz-Matic – Pink 2
Photo #5: Lyndz-Matic – Rey




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27 08 2009
Swimsuit Spotlight: Baiastice « iheartsl.com Second Life’s largest community blog

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