Guest post – The Style of Argrace

3 07 2009
**The following is a guest post written by my friend, and MDR co-owner, Rhodesy Durant.  I often seek Rhodesy’s opinion before purchasing certain things, so I was delighted when she decided to take me up on the offer of doing a guest post.  I’m sure you will love her look as much as I do.**
Having known Arcadia Nightfire since her first moments in SL, I am no stranger to the concept of fashion blogging. I watch her put together outfits and then go on to describe them for the fashion conscious to absorb. I’ve watched her both fret at trying to get an outfit just right and squeal with glee when an outfit just falls together with no effort at all. She is my partner in crime when it comes to shopping, so we visit a lot of the same stores. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that we went to Hair Fair together on more than one occassion to make sure we’d seen it all.

Because of lag, we both snagged demos to try on back at the studio.  Being Durannies, we both have soft spots for Fedoras but when I spotted Agrace’s store full of them, I decided to pass because they came in all natural hair colors and not my favored purple.  However, when Arcadia tried on one of the demos, I was hooked; I ran to their main store in hopes of avoiding the Hair Fair lag, but was unable to snag this divine creation.  But what a TREAT I discovered! I was delighted to find a whole line of gorgeous hair and even better: clothing that made my inner preppy melt! 

Agrace seems to dabble in a little bit of everything—furniture, jewelry, hair, clothing (for men & women), and eyes. I didn’t want to leave the store! Lindens have been a smidge tight lately, but when I saw this Natural top for ladies in the sensational royal purple satin, I didn’t even think about the Lindens. I just clicked buy! Once I put it on, all of Arcadia’s offers to allow me the occasional “guest blog” spot on Fashion 360° became mandatory. I had to share this with her readers… or maybe I’m just that vain, and I couldn’t resist showing off.
What I loved about the shirt was its amazing color and texture. But once I put it on, I was completely distracted by this ultra-realistic belt! The texture on it has me constantly trying to touch the screen in hopes of being able to feel the bumpiness of the leather.
The shirt comes with a mid-length and a short sleeve option. I chose the short sleeve shirt for these photos. You can also choose to wear the shirt with or without the neckerchief (which is color-change scripted by the way).
With a shirt as fabulous as this, I could only pair it with one thing: my black leather pants from SLink. I’m certain that Arcadia’s raved about these before, and there’s a reason for it. There really is no equal in SL that we’ve ever found.
Underneath it all is my hands-down favorite, wear it about 360 days of the year, skin by Naughty Designs.  I’m a bit of a skin nazi. And while Arcadia and others sport beautiful skins from other designers, there is none that really look better on me than the Alina Fair in smokey eyes with red lips by Naughty Designs. And believe me: I’ve tried other skins. I have dozens of them that I pull out for special occasions.  This skin accentuates my big eyes without overdoing it and rounds out my otherwise oddly shaped mouth. Plus, I have knuckles, knee-caps and elbows. Those details are just as important to me as face makeup, and I don’t buy skins generally without these tiny features.
Of course, what outfit would be complete without accessories? It all started with this fantastic fedora by Argrace. I chose the long, wavy hair model. The hat texture is just as realistic as the belt, and Argrace forever has my respect (and a little drool from ogling the store merchandise… sorry ‘bout that). Next, I added the leather tote bag from SLink. I’m not generally a fan of handbags in SL, but this one does justice to Argrace’s texture, so how could I resist. A set of mixed tone bangle bracelets pulled out the gold and black tones on the belt, and the silver just makes me happy. I completed the look with the addition of Stiletto Moody’s classic Bitch Booties in black. And suddenly, my inner fashionista was released.
Hope you enjoyed this guest blog! I now leave you in Arcadia’s more than capable hands and will return to the fashion sidelines.
Photography by Rhodesy Durant, MDR Photo Studio
Model Info:
Hair: Argrace – Fedora Hat “Glamours wavy” (light brown)
Skin:  Naughty Designs – Alina Fair in smokey eyes with red lips
Manicure:  Sin Skins Glitter Manicure Plum
Eyes: TD Eyes_Violet
Shirt: Argrace Natural (Purple) Lady’s
pants: SLink Skinny Leather Pants Black
Shoes: Stiletto Moody – Bitch Bootie BB Heel
bracelet: GG Jenny Bangle Bracelets @ Zhao
purse: SLink Leather Tote Bag – Black
Pose: Lost Angel Glam – Female Fashion Absolute + SLink handbag AO



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3 07 2009
Guest Post – The Style of Argrace « Second Life’s largest community blog

[…] 2009 July 2 tags: argrace, Naughty Designs, slink, stiletto moody by Arcadia Nightfire Guest post – The Style of Argrace **The following is a guest post written by my friend, and MDR co-owner, Rhodesy Durant.  I often […]

3 07 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

Fabulous post! hope you do more.

5 07 2009

Thanks, Cajsa.

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