‘Tis Almost Fairy Time

20 06 2009

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” ~William Butler Yeats

This Sunday, we’re celebrating Midsummer by having a “Release Your Inner Fae” party at MDR.  It’s the first party we’ve thrown in the new studio, and though it’s a smaller space, there is still plenty of room for dancing and fairy fun.  DJ Bridgitte Boucher will be spinning for us, and we can’t wait to hear what kind of mix she’s come up with for this event.  Also, we’ve started a new program at MDR: the Affiliate of the Month.  Each month we’ll have a different designer/store sponsoring the party.  It’s our way of showing some of our favorite places to our clientele.  This month’s Affiliate is Wishbox.  Rhodesy is wearing the Water Fae costume by Wishbox in the party ad below.


We first came across Wishbox last summer when MDR had a Midsummer party.  Looking for fairy costumes was a lot of fun, and we went to several stores.  Wishbox was one of our favorites and the place Rhodesy finally found the costume she was looking for. 

Water Fae is a stunning costume that comes with wings, bikini, silks, magic wand, skin effects, and sparking body pearls.  The wings on this costume are simply some of the best I’ve ever seen in SL.  They are utterly gorgeous and still manage to keep the fragility and delicate look of fairy wings.  They photograph beautifully, too.  Here is one of Rhodesy’s self-portraits wearing the costume.


She was really happy with the skin effects as well.  She tried several different skins with this outfit, and the skin effects from Wishbox complemented them all with just the right amount of shading on key body points.


That versatility is one of the things we love about Wishbox.  You can find just about anything at Wishbox; from faires, sprites, and nymphs to Goddesses and Bellydancers.  There’s even a bit of Steampunk and period clothing as well.  Wisp Jinn, the creative force behind Wishbox, is a versatile designer that makes quality pieces, no matter the style. Don’t think I let Rhodesy have all the fun though.  I too fell in love with a costume at Wishbox last summer called Luminary.

wishbox_023 copy

Luminary is billed as a celestial goddess costume, and it comes with a ton of stuff: crown, scepter, necklace with built in light, sandals, bodice, long skirt, short skirt, and an underskirt.  You can wear it a few different ways, which we all know I enjoy. 

wishbox_013 copy

The texture on this skirt is simply amazing.  It’s like gossamer with little stars captured inside the fabric. Again, Wisp Jinn was able to create something that looks beautiful and delicate.  I love the crown on this costume, too.  And the necklace and scepter are a perfect touch.

wishbox_022 copy

Another recent addition to my inventory from Wishbox is the Folklore Drindl Dress.  It comes in five different color options, but I chose the black and red version.  It’s called Bloodflower.  There was no way I could leave the store without it.

wishbox_003 copy

This costume comes with two different shirts and prim sleeve options.  I chose to wear the off the shoulder look.  I love the texture on this bodice.  It’s gorgeous, and the prim sleeves are perfect.  The skirt on Bloodflower is very cute, and the pattern along the bottom is quite interesting.  It looks almost as if part of the flowers are cut out of the material.  Very interesting touch.  And, each color of this dress comes with a different embroidery pattern.  Of course, I love that it comes with bloomers.  Any costume that has bloomers is just fun.

wishbox_005 copy

You can wear this dress in the traditional way, or you can mix it up like I did and add more modern touches to it.  I decided to go Goth with mine and added the Lace Up Thigh High boots from J’s.  The lacing up the side of the boots complimented the corset lacing up the back of the bodice. 

wishbox_007 copy

For skin I went with the Nosferatu makeup on the Shiloh (Honey) skin from ::Exodi::.  The blood eyes are also by ::Exodi::.  For hair, my favorite ETD MeriJaynne II in chocolate was perfect with this dress.  I added gloves and some fun and funky jewelry from Violet Voltaire to finish the look.

wishbox_008 copy

Oh, and one of my favorite little accessories comes from Wishbox.  The Fairy Roses color changing garland is a lovely little hair accessory that only costs 25L.  And talk about being versatile, it’s scripted for color changing the flowers and so simple to use!  It comes with a notecard of 140 different color options for you to choose from.  Isn’t it darling?

wishbox_025 copy

Go check out Wishbox.  There’s a little bit of everything there, and it’s all reasonably priced and very high quality.  While you’re there, grab a fairy costume and join us for the MDR Midsummer party.  Wisp Jinn, designer of Wishbox, will be on hand and will have a little freebie gift for all party goers.  Also, she has generously donated an 800L Wishbox gift card.  One lucky winner will recieve that and a free photo from MDR wearing the items they purchase with the gift card.

Hope to see you there.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio (Photos 4-11)

Photography by Rhodesy Durant, MDR Photo Studio  (Photos 1-3)

Model Info for Rhodesy Durant, Photos 2 & 3:
Skin: Fancy Fairy – Papillion; New Violet Butterfly Makeup 2
Eyes: Celestial Studios – Deep Series, Violet
Hair: Sirena – Jasmine, Purple
Outfit: Wishbox – Water Fae

Model Info for Arcadia Nightfire, Photos 4-11
Look #1:

Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Honey) – Nosferatu
Eyes: ::Exodi:: – Vetro Eyes, Blood Sm No Veins **Blogger Appreciation Gift via Gift Card**
Hair: ETD – Merijayne II, Chocolate
Dress: Wishbox – Folklore Drindl, Bloodflower **Off shoulder top option**
Gloves: Blacklace – Laced Obsession, Black/Red Set **Gloves only**
Shoes: J’s Side Lace-up Thigh High Boots, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Violet Voltaire – Glitterati Set, Red
**Wishbox – Fairy Roses Garland, Tinted Red with Merijayne II hair in Scarlet**

Look #2:

Skin: ::Exodi:: – Shiloh (Cream) – Flower Girl **REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: Eye AC – Dark Turquoise
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Chouli, White
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Pearl
Pedicure: Candy Nail – #0000 Basic Toenails, Silver
Dress, Shoes, & Accessories: Wishbox – Luminary
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline’s Jewelry – Shooting Star Earrings

Poses for Arcadia Nightfire:
Photo #4:  Long Awkward Pose –  Fantasy Faepose 7
Photo #5: Ulrika Zugzwang – Fairy Dance
Photo #6:  Long Awkward Pose –  Fantasy Faepose 7
Photo #7:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* –  Shoes 02
Photo #8:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* –  Shoes 05
Photo #9:  TorridWear Wallflower 13
Photo #10:  TorridWear Wallflower 13
Photo #11:  Long Awkward Pose – Seduction




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