Miss Blaize

8 06 2009

Burlesque is just inherently sexy, isn’t it?  I love everything about it, but especially the costumes and one of my favorites comes from Reasonable Desires.  I blogged about that here.  When Austie Pegler passed me review copies of their newest release the other night and told me that it was a burlesque outfit, I couldn’t wait to put it on.  I was not disappointed.  It comes in 6 different colors and each one has a different name.  My favorite is the blue one: Miss Blaize.

burlesque_011 copy

I’m not generally a fan of polka dots, but it really works well with this outfit.  The sheer number of options you get with this is a bit daunting at first, but then you get so caught up in trying out all the different looks that you don’t really mind.  It comes with two skirt options; long or shirt, and I really can’t decide which one I like better.  I really love the combination of lace with the side bow on this.

burlesque_013 copy

It also comes with two options for hair accessories: a cute, little top hat or a gorgeous flower.  Again, it’s hard to decide which one is more fun.

burlesque_008 copy

And then there is the option of wearing a bra or the extremely cute tassled pasties.  I had to adjust the pasties a tiny bit as I’m probably a bit smaller chested than a lot of avs, but otherwise they fit perfectly and are very “va va voom” sexy. 

burlesque_029 copy

Of course you could wear this just as lingerie as well.  You could do a bra and panty set, or wear it with the corset.  This corset has lovely stringing down the back, by the way.

burlesque_027 copy

The best touch on this, though, is the garter options for stockings.  You can wear either the darker pair of stockings or the lighter pair with back seams.  The garters come with the option of being attached or not and you can have the left or the right stocking rolled down or both of them rolled down!  It even comes with a prim for the rolled down stocking to make it more realistic.  It’s  just such a fun and whimsical touch.  I love it.

I chose to wear the Rouge option of the ::Exodi:: Eden v2 skin.  I mean, really…what other option was there?  Hair is the Nico hair in Caramel by Maitreya.

burlesque_019 copy

So next time you need a Burlesque costume or feel like getting a little sexy, you should definitely head over to Reasonable Desires.  Their items are really well done and very…well, reasonable as far as price goes.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Exodi:: – Eden v2 (Sugar) Rouge, Lt. Brows **REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: ::Exodi:: – Vetro Eyes, Blue (Sm, No Veins) **Blogger Appreciation Week Gift via Gift Card**
Hair: Maitreya – Nico, Caramel **Blogger Appreciation Gift via Gift Card**
Outfit: Reasonable Desires – Miss Blaize Burlesque **REVIEW ITEM**
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Cocktail Shoes, Blue Lagoon

Photo #1:  Boudoir Rouge – Celebration 11
Photo #2:  Boudoir Rouge – Celebration 11
Photo #3:  Boudoir Rouge – Celebration 11
Photo #4:  Boudoir Rouge – Behind – Flirtatious
Photo #5:  Boudoir Rouge – Behind – Flirtatious
Photo #6:  Boudior Rouge – Celebration 22




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8 06 2009
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