28 04 2009

A few weeks ago, Ayumi Shinn dropped a review item on the SL Bloggers Network in world, a cleavage enhancer that she designed and is selling in her store.  I’d never heard of her store, [AYUMI], before so I decided to go check it out.  She has some really cute stuff, but my favorite was the Button Up Shirt with it’s plunging necklace and thick belt underneath the bust line.  It comes in five colors, and she’s selling them for 150L each, or 250L for the fatpack.  Never one to pass up a deal, I grabbed the fatpack and decided to see what kind of looks I could throw together using this daringly sexy shirt.


The first look I came up with is sort of an edgy, office chic look.  I paired the [AYUMI] Button Up Shirt in Charcoal with the SLink Buckle Pants in Black.  I left the collar off of the shirt because I like the cleaner line you achieve without it.  I’ve never been a huge fan of collars, RL or SL, but it does come with one if you like that option.  And the buckles sort of match, which I like. To accentuate the edgy qualities of this shirt, I paired it with the Robin hair in the Le.Look! exclusive color by Magika.  I’ve said it numerous times before, but I really do love this hair, and the cut and color combination of this exclusive version was perfect for the style I was trying to achieve.

Of course, anytime I do office wear, there are some staples that I must have.  The Classic Tank Watch from Muse and the Tamara shoes from ZHAO.  You get classic elegance from the watch and a hint of sexy with the shoes. For the finishing touch, I added the Burst necklace from Earthstones for a bit of drama and to draw the eye down a bit.


For fun, I threw on the Cleavage enhancer Ayumi Shinn sent to the Bloggers Group.  It comes in several different skin tones, and it’s tintable so you can get an exact match to your skin.  I did not tint it when I put it on, but I did do a before and after photo to show you what it actually does.
You can definitely see the difference.  While I don’t think this is something I will ever wear, I am a fan of it existing.  I am quite happy with my avatar’s cleavage, but I do know some people who strive for the look this item provides.  [AYUMI]’s cleavage V.2.6.3 offers a simple and quick solution without forcing an av to increase the size of their breasts until they begin to appear square and angular.
For the second look, I paired the Blue Button Up Shirt by [AYUMI] with the Genesis capri pants from Decoy.  I wanted to go City Casual with this look…something you’d wear running errands or taking a leisurely walk along the boardwalk, and I think I achieved it.
After perusing through my hair folder for what seemed like an eternity, I decided a hat was in order.  I grabbed the Janine hair from ETD in Blonde, my go-to hat hair. The hat is scripted for color and texture change, and I turned it Navy blue to match the shirt.  I love the Janine hair.  It’s just so versatile, and it looks fantastic.
My friend Rhodesy told me that it is now in the discount room at ETD; so go and grab it for cheap!  My shoes are also from ETD; the Demi Trainers in Black are super cute and helped the casual feel of this outfit come together.  I threw on a Tote Bag from Sweetest Goodbye and some fun accessories to complete the look.  The necklace is the new Cake or Death necklace from Violet Voltaire.  I’m wearing the Death version, of course.  It’s a black and white cake with a little skull sitting on top. A little closer view:
Super fun and cute, it comes in several different versions each with something different on top.  I was very sad to hear that Violet Voltaire was closing her awesome jewelry shop.  To ease the pain, she’s having a 50% off sale until May 16th, the day she closes the doors. (This necklace is a new release and not included in the sale.)   She’s also put out her very first store in the back of the mainstore with lots of fabulous dollarbies and freebies.  Make sure you get over there before they disappear.  I truly believe she’s one of the most talented jewelry makers in SL and I will certainly miss her fun and quirky store.
I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least attempt an edgy, industrial sort of look.  I put on the White version of the [AYUMI] Button Up Shirt and added the Black Razies from Reaction.  Then, I paired it with the white suspenders and the Metal Boots from WRONG.  I ended up with a very Unisex Industrial look, though the plunging neckline of the shirt makes it quite clear that I’m all female.
For hair, I went with the Katya hair from Deviant Kitties in Blue Taffy because it brought out the blue in my eyes and because I love wearing the Taffy versions of hair from there.
The tattoo is from Inks & Kinks, called Captivity.  I love this all over tattoo.  It’s amazingly detailed and just edgy enough to work here.  For jewelry, I chose the Grind My Gears set from Atomic Cherry, because what else screams industrial as much as a set of gears?  Some gloves, goggles, and select piercings completed the look.  In the end, I was quite pleased.
The Button Up Shirt from [AYUMI] is definitely one of those versatile pieces I build my wardobe on.  It’s well done and sexy as hell.  Be sure to check out [AYUMI] on your next shopping spree.  She’s got some fun things there. I hope to see more from her in the future.
Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio
Model Info:
*All review copies will be marked as such.  Previously reviewed items will be marked with PR.*
Look #1 – Edgy Office Wear

Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Reluctant **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Speculation Eyes, Blue  **GIFT**
Hair: Magika – Robin, LeLook X
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shirt: [AYUMI] – Button Up Shirt, Charcoal (minus collar)
Pants: SLink – Buckle Pants, Black
Socks: NanoGunk – FIX Skin Color Socks, Tinted Black
Shoes: ZHAO – Tamara, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Eye Candy – Hellenic Tone Silver/Mosaic Cuff
Muse – Classic Tank Watch, Black (Silver face)
Earthstones – Burst! Jewelry Set, Drama
**[AYUMI] Cleavage Enhancer used on one photo** **REVIEW ITEM**

Look #2 – City Casual
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden – Sugar, Codie **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Speculation Eyes, Blue **GIFT**
Hair: ETD – Janine, Blonde (hat tinted navy stripes)
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shirt: [AYUMI] – Button up Shirt, Blue (minus collar and cuffs)
Pants: Decoy – Genesis 10 Capris, Medium Denim
Shoes: ETD – Demi Trainers, Black
Accessories: Sweetest Goodbye – Tote Bag**FREEBIE**
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Fear & Clothing – Leather Bracelets with Metal, Girly **GIFT**
Miriel – Teardrop Earrings, Black
Violet Voltaire – Cake or Death Necklace, Death
Caroline’s Jewelry – Individual, A Right Hand Ring

Look #3 – Unisex Industrial
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Nekophelia
Eyes: The Sweetest Sin – Blue Burst Cat Eyes
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Katya, Blue Taffy
Tattoo: Inks & Kinks – Captivity
Shirt: [AYUMI] – Button up Shirt, White (minus collar)
Pants: Reaction – Razies, Black
Shoes: WRONG – Metal Boots
Gloves: Vette’s Boutique – V Gloves, Black
Goggles: TheAbyss – Infared Goggles_Model #2012 [Unisex], Black – Sky Reflection
Suspenders – WRONG – Suspenders, White
Jewelry: WRONG – Sanity Jelly Bracelets
WRONG – Beads & Bangles, White
Atomic Cherry – Grind On My Gears Set (minus bracelet)
Shit Luck – Crossing Lip Piercing, Female

Photo #1:  Boudoir Rouge -Rouge – Celebration 2
Photo #2:  *Double You* – Party Time 10
Photo #3:  *Double You* – Party Time 10
Photo #4:  *Double You* – Party Time 10
Photo #5:  Long Awkward Pose – F-Blogger1 **GIFT**
Photo #6:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Shoes 01
Photo #7:  Long Awkward Pose – Miss Pretty
Photo #8:  Reel expressions – *Luth* – Fashion S3-01
Photo #9:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* – Innocence 01
Photo #10:  Reel expressions – *Luth* – Fashion S3-01




9 responses

28 04 2009
28 04 2009

Wow! I didn’t expect to see that much difference using the enhancer. Boy, was I wrong!

28 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Yes, it really is quite noticeable but not in a bad way I don’t think. Definitely a great option to have.

28 04 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

Great shots and great looks, as always. That enhancer really makes a big difference.

28 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Caj. And yes, it does. I was rather surprised when I put it on.

28 04 2009
Violet Voltaire

Wow! Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my jewelry in your post! It truly means the world to me, and helps ease the skeery-ness of crossing over into a First Life business. ^_^

28 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

You’re welcome, Violet. I said nothing but the truth. 😉 I do hope we’ll get to see some of your rl work in the future. One can never have enough quality jewelry, rl or sl.

7 05 2009
IsaDaft Trollop


8 05 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

*smiles* Glad you liked the post, Isa.

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