The Dichotomy of Arcadia…and other newness.

18 04 2009

A few weeks ago, I posted about the Tear You Apart shirt by Rara Avis called Prep School Punk in which I raved about how much I adore said shirt. The one down side I described was that it didn’t come in more colors because I wanted more of them.  Well, Azriel Ballyhoo, the designer, saw my post and contacted me to tell me that I had inspired her to make more of these fantastic little shirts.  She had been thinking of it for awhile, but my post got her motivated again.  I am so happy that I inspired this wonderful designer to add more options for this super sexy shirt.  She is releasing five new versions today and, of course, I am going to show them all to you.  This is probably going to be the longest post ever posted, especially if you are reading this on one of the feeds.  But, I think it’s worth it.  Ready?


First up is Arcadia, inspired by and named after yours truly.  I am quite honored that Azriel chose to name this one after me, and I absolutely adore it, of course.  It is made up of  my three favorite colors: red, black, and silver.  This shirt is a bit edgier than the first Tear You Apart shirt.  I love the screen pattern on the right.  It makes me think of speakers for some reason, which isn’t a bad thing.  Since this is the Arcadia shirt, I built a look with things that I consider to be “essential Arcadia.” 

There is nothing more essential Arcadia than the Secret hair from theAbyss.  It is the most ME, RL &  SL, and one of the first hairs I ever purchased.  I still love it, even more than a year later. One of my essential stores is WRONG.  I own practically everything they sell, and even some things they no longer offer, including these Basic Boots that I wear ALL the time. 


One of the first items I bought from WRONG was the black bondage mini skirt, and I paired it with my favorite stripey socks, also from WRONG. Jewelry was easy, the sanity jelly bracelets and the beads and bangles in red, also from WRONG, and then one of my favorite necklaces in SL: the Moon necklace from Caroline’s Jewelry


It shows the three phases of the moon and is menu driven so that you can change the stone color to suit the look you’re putting together.  The skin is Eden Sugar – Nekophelia by ::Genesis::, which is quickly becoming an essential Arcadia item.

The next shirt is one of my favorites of the new bunch: Dichotomy.  One defintion of this word found in Merriam Webster’s Dicitonary is “something with seemingly contradictory qualities.” It certainly fits this shirt well, with blood spatter on one side…


…and flowers on the other. 


I adore everything about it, including the little rip in the fabric on the “bloody” side.  I wanted a little edgier industrial-flavored look for this one, so I went with the Katya hair from Deviant Kitties in Red Licorice.  I adore the Taffy Packs of their hairs; the colors are just so fun.  Skin is the Eden Sugar, Codie skin because I wanted those lovely red lips to match my hair.  This shirt screamed for stompy boots, so I chose the Shyt Kickers from WRONG for the added height and..well, stompyness. 


The pants are also from WRONG.  I love these pants.  Basic black pants that can be worn a variety of ways…and they come with colored belts too.  I have the red one, of course.  The Library necklace from SPRAWL was a bit of an odd choice for this look, but that’s exactly why I liked it.  I have the composition notebook, but they have several book options available.  I found this at the RFL Clothing Fair, and I adore it.  It’s just so damn cute.  Leather Arm Straps and cuffs from Urban Dare completed the look.

The third shirt being released today is Estrella, which has a fun star pattern in black and red. 


You can never have too much black or red, I say…but don’t worry.  Other colors are coming up soon.  This is probably one of my favorites of the looks I put together today.  I went Neko and grabbed the 3/4-length Kitty Patch pants from WRONG because they just work so perfectly with this top, no matter which option you’re wearing.  For boots, I went with the mortido boots by Katat0nik because they’re stompy and have skulls with bows on them!  How fantastic is that?  I’ve had these forever and never really had an opportunity to wear them until now.


Neko accessories from Urban Dare, of course, because I love love that store. 


The hair is Robin by Magika.  I’m wearing the exclusive Le.Look! version that you can only get at that location, though it does come in several other colors.  I like this one best though, I think.  I jumped back into the Eden Sugar Nekophelia skin for this one and my very cool picture changing necklace is from Little Nuisance

The fourth shirt is called Succexy, featuring teal and black. 


I like the pattern on this one, and I decided to go a bit beach casual with this look.  By paring it with the Genesis Capri pants from Decoy and some chunky sandals from Digital Dragon Designs, I was ready for a day of shopping along the boardwalk or having lunch with friends.  Very casual and flirty. 


I chose the Lynne II hair from ETD because i wanted a pretty, feminine pony tail, and I’m wearing the Eden Sugar Rockstar from ::Genesis:: for a lighter touch. 


I kept the accessories simple, with the pretty Eternity necklace by Violet Voltaire and some hoop earrings from Shiny Things.

The last shirt being released today is Khorosho Violetta, and it’s a pretty purple and gold shirt.  The lace texture on this is very delicate and light, and I like the colors on this. 


Because my graphics card makes everything so dark, it’s a bit hard for me to see so I hope you have a better graphics card than I do and can fully appreciate this cute little shirt.  I went date night ready with this one, pairing it with the SLink leather pants and some boots from Storm Schmooz


I’m wearing the Robin hair from Magika again, but this time in Light Purple and I also put in some stunning purple eyes I got from Bare Rose ages ago.  I kept the ::Genesis:: Eden Sugar Rockstar skin on since the makeup worked so well with my purple theme.  Jewelry is a combination between Urban Dare and Violet Voltaire.


Five new super sexy shirts, and they are only 75L each!  I know this post is exceedingly long, but I hope I was able to show how versatile and fun these tops are. 

Azriel was kind enough to gift me with the Arcadia version, but I went and bought all the rest because I enjoy them immensely.  You should go snag some too. 
Oh, and if you’d like a chance to have Azriel make you a custom shirt, she is auctioning off that opportunity to help a friend.  The official Press Release from Rara Avis about the shirts follows below:

*New Releases from Azriel Ballyhoo of Rara Avis*
Lots of new releases and I hope you love them as much as I do!
FIVE new shirts in the style of a recent favorite, Tear You Apart.
I had thought about making more versions of this shirt but wasn’t really inspired to until Arcadia Nightfire blogged Tear You Apart and wished for more versions. Check out her blog, Fashion 360°.
So, first up is Arcadia, a silver, black and red shirt inspired by Arcadia Nightfire.
Next is Estrella, a red and black and white design with stars.
I love Dichotomy. Love the word. Love the meaning. Love the design. This shirt is half cute and half murder.
Khorosho Violetka, big words to tell you that it’s “very nice violet”. This shirt has a subtle black and violet lace pattern. Very sweet and sexy.
I AM IN LOVE with Succexy! I know I’m biased but the colors and the patterns are so… succexy. Check out this hot teal, black and white design.
Sooooooo, you love these shirts, right? Well, guess what?! I’m participating in a fundraising auction and I am auctioning off a CUSTOM SHIRT DESIGN! That’s right, if you win I will meet with you to design a shirt in this style just for you! The auction starts on Monday April 20th and closes April 26 at 8:00 SLT. Here is an LM if you want to check it out.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Look #1:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Nekophelia
Eyes: Eye AC – darkturquoise
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Hair: theAbyss – Secret, Blood
Shirt: Rara Avis – Arcadia **GIFT**
Skirt: WRONG – Black Bondage Mini (Iron Cross Belt Buckle from the Plaid Bondage Mini)
Socks: WRONG – Stripey Socks, Red
Boots: WRONG – Basic Boots, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Caroline’s – Individual, A Right Hand Ring
Caroline’s – Moon Necklace
Earthstones – Pentacle Earrings, Onyx
WRONG – Sanity Jelly Bracelets
WRONG – Beads & Bangles, Red

Look #2:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Codie **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:; – Twilight Eyes, Edward **GIFT**
Hair: Deviant Kitties – Katya, Red Licorice
Manicure: Candy Nail – Bloridinal nails, Blood **GIFT**
Shirt: Rara Avis – Dichotomy
Pants: WRONG – Black Pants, Red Belt
Boots: WRONG – ShytKicker Boots, Red Laces
Accessories: Sprawl – Library Necklace, Composition
{Kari} – Audio Wire Bracelet
Urban Dare – Leather Arm Straps, Black
Urban Dare – Leather Bracer, 2 strap Right
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Jen’s Neko Fashion – Eyebrow/Lip Piercing, Joined
Pierced Soul – Razorblade Belly Piercing
Atomic Cherry – Grind My Gears Set, Earrings and Ring Only

Look #3:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Rockstar **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Speculation Eyes, Green **GIFT**
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nail – #000 Basic Toenails, Red
Hair: ETD – Lynne II, Blonde
Shirt: Rara Avis – Succexy
Pants: Decoy – Genesis 10 Capri, Midnight
Shoes: Digital Dragon Designs – Metro Stitch, Black
Accessories: Shiny Things – Drop Chain Hoop Earrings, Hematite
Violet Voltaire – Eternity Necklace, Silver/Aquamrarine
Fear & Clothing – Leather Bracelets with Metal – Girly **GIFT**
Frangipani Designs – Double Plait Bangle
Hallasa Hallard Designs – HH Moonstar Belly Ring, Silver
Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud

Look #4:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Rockstar **PRI**
Eyes: Bare Rose – Eyes B Purple Eyes
Hair: Magika – Robin, Light Purple
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Shirt: Rara Avis – Khorosho Violetka
Pants: SLink – Skinny Leather Pants, Black
Shoes: Storm Schmooz – Maitresse Profound, Black (Silver Heel)
Accessories: Urban Dare – Leather Bracers, Double Strap
Violet Voltaire – Heart Container Set – Black/Violet **FREEBIE**
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Studio Sidhe – Delight Belly Ring, Pewter.

Look #5:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Nekophelia
Eyes: Lucky Monkey – Neko Eyes, Med Blue-Green
Hair: Magika – Robin, LeLook X
Gloves: Dominus Motor Company – Stub Finger Gloves, Red
Shirt: Rara Avis – Estrella
Pants: WRONG – Black 3/4 Pants (Kitty patch)
Shoes: Katat0nik – Mortido Boots, Stomp Lightly Red
Accessories: Urban Dare – Neko Furry Tail, 3 Bells and Chain tinted red
Urban Dare – Neko Ears with Bells, tinted red
Urban Dare – Leather Arm Straps, Left
Urban Dare – Leather Bracers, Double Strap
Little Nuisance – Polaroid Picture Changing Chain
PeppermintBlue – Neko Paws Tattoo Brown #01 **GIFT**
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Shit Luck – Crossing Lip Piercing, Female
Alienbear Design – Star Belly Ring, Ruby

Photo #1:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* – Vintage 01
Photo #2:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* – Swimsuit 08
Photo #3:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* – Swimsuit 08
Photo #4:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Vintage 12
Photo #5:  TorridWear – BenchWarmer 05
Photo #6:  TorridWear – Curves 5
Photo #7:  TorridWear – Vain 02
Photo #8:  TorridWear – Vain 02
Photo #9:  Hiccup – Power Thrust Made For Lust
Photo #10:  TorridWear – Drama 05
Photo #11:  TorridWear – Drama 05
Photo #12:  TorridWear – Drama 08
Photo #13:  TorridWear – High Fashion 3
Photo #14:  TorridWear – High Fashion 3
Photo #15:  TorridWear – Geometry 06




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18 04 2009
The Dichotomy of Arcadia…and other newness. « Second Life’s largest community blog

[…] The Dichotomy of Arcadia…and other newness. […]

18 04 2009
Azam Mansha

Its really cool fashion posing, well done and I explain some what is fashion?

Fashion is the most sought after thing in the world. We are always wondering what’s in and what’s not, and we try to imitate every fashion as soon as it sets in and try to get rid of it just as soon as it becomes common. Sometimes these fashion tends are highly influenced by the celebrities, or something that is inspired from natural elements or some styles from the streets. These fashion fluctuations can be recognized as the effect of media on the common masses.

18 04 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

It never feels long when it’s really interesting and worthwhile. The outfits are great with truly well thought out accessories and choices. Expertly styled, these looks are fab. And I am sooooo jealous. No one’s ever named an outfit after me. Wah!!!

19 04 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

It never feels long when it’s really interesting and worthwhile. The outfits are great with truly well thought out accessories and choices. Expertly styled, these looks are fab. And I am sooooo jealous. No one’s ever named an outfit after me. Wah!!!
Sorry, should have mentioned great post! Waiting on the next one!

19 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thank you, Cajsa. You’re going to make me blush!

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