Mix and Match The Night Away!

14 04 2009

I’ve given up on doing the entire Bunny Hop Hunt for several reasons.  It’s just too big and too hard and my inventory is already too chaotic to add another 200+ items that it will take me months to sort through.  So I asked myself which stores I’d be sad to miss and just hopped to those places.  One of those places was Baiastice.
I’ve always thought Baiastice to be one of the most interesting stores on the Grid, and I tend to have very strong reactions to the designs of Sissy Pessoa.  There is no internal debate for me while shopping there.  If I own it, it was an instant “I love it and must have it right now” decision.   And I’m always excited to find new stuff out at Baiastice because there is the possibility that she’s done something that will blow me away.  Imagine my delight to have stumbled upon an entire area of new stuff (well new to me, anyway) while hunting for yet another elusive easter egg.  It was an area of mix and match seperates that I was really excited to see at Baiastice.  And, of course, a few things immediately grabbed my attention.  The first was this lovely, soft silk top. 


I immediately thought “clubwear” when I saw it and quickly pulled together a look suitable for dancing the night away.  I love several things about this top.  First, the texture is lovely, and I especially like how well done the back is. 


The metal collar around the neck comes in three different colors, silver, gold, and steel which certainly adds to the versatility of this piece.  It could easily be worn several different ways, from casual to office wear with the simple addition of a jacket thrown over it.  It’s really a very sexy shirt so I paired it with the Jewelled jeans from Zaara since they are super sexy as well.  Shoes were a bit harder to choose, but I ended up wearing the Maitresse Profound boots from Storm Schmooz.


For hair, I chose the Robin LeLook X hair by Magika that you can get at their Le.Look! location.  I’m afraid you’re going to be seeing a lot of this hair from me in the future because I can’t seem to take it off.  I love the multi-colors and the cut.  It’s really stunning.

Because of the metal collar, I didn’t feel a necklace was really necessary.  And with the jewelled embelishments on the jeans, I decided to keep the accessories quite simple with just some bangles and a pair of gold hoop earrings from Shiny Things.  Skin is, of course, the Eden Sugar Skin by ::Genesis::, this time in Chocolate Orange.
The second shirt that caught my eyes also immediately sent me into a dancing mood, though I thought of a more upscale hot spot.  The Glitter Arrow top is similar in cut to the Soft Silk top, but has a lot more pazaaz. 



I really like the texture of this one and especially love the little lacy edging along the bottom.  This shirt is definitely a bit higher up the sexy scale, so I paired it with the SLink leather pants and the Virtue shoes by Maitreya, which could very well be the sexiest pair of shoes I own. 


I kept the Magika hair and just changed the makeup on the Eden skin to Reluctant which went better with this shirt.  I also wore a little bit more jewelry with this top just because it felt more flashy to me.  The Atomic Cherry Name necklace from Atomic Cherry is a fabulous little freebie that you can snag in the front of the store.  It’s sexy, yet whimsical at the same time and certainly worth having in your inventory.  I chose a star belly ring from Alienbear Design, a cuff from Violet Voltaire, and my mainstay, the Sanity Jelly bracelets from WRONG, to complete the look.


Though I did clubwear looks with both of these shirts, they could easily be worn several different ways.  If you’ve not been to Baiastice lately, go take a look at the new stuff Sissy Pessoa has put out.  There are tons of seperates to choose from, shirts, skirts, pants, even jewelry.  It’s really fun stuff and very afforadably priced.  
Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Outfit #1:
Skin:  ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Chocolate Orange **PRI**
Eyes:  ::Genesis:: – Speculation Eyes, Blue **GIFT**
Manicure:  Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Hair:  Magika – Robin, LeLook X
Shirt:  Baiastice – Top Soft Silk, Red
Jeans:  Zaara – Jeans (Jewelled), Charcoal
Shoes:  Storm Schmooz – Maitresse Profound, Black
Jewelry:  Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
ND – Black & Red Bangles
Shiny Things – Gold Hoop Earrings, Ruby
Outfit #2:
Skin:  ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Reluctant **PRI**
Eyes:  Riddle – Deep Violet (white) **FREEBIE**
Hair:  Magika – Robin, LeLook X
Manicure:  Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure:  Candy Nail – #000 Basic Toenails, Red
Shirt:  Baiastice – Glitter Arrow Top, Red
Pants:  SLink – Skinny Leather Pants, Black
Shoes:  Maitreya – Virtue, Patent Black
Jewelry:  Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Atomic Cherry – Atomic Cherry Name Necklace **FREEBIE**
WRONG – Sanity Jelly Bracelets, Black
Violet Voltaire – Love Like Blood Cuff, Blood
Caroline’s – Individual, A Right Hand Ring
Alienbear Design – Star Diamonds Belly Ring, Ruby

Photo #1:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Runway V2 08
Photo #2:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Sex Sells V2 03
Photo #3:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Runway V2 08
Photo #4:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Runway V2 06
Photo #5:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Arty V2 02
Photo #6:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Sex Sells V2 07
Photo #7:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Sex Sells V2 11
Photo #8:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Expression 6




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14 04 2009
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