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31 03 2009

One of the things I really enjoy about the show Make Me A Supermodel is the runway challenge at the end of each episode. They always come up with interesting looks for the models to work with;  some more difficult than others. But it’s as much fun to see how the models will be styled as it is to critique their walks. After all, a model’s job on the Runway isn’t just to look good. It’s to look good and showcase the design well.

With that in mind, I gave myself a little challenge. I wanted to create a look (or two) reminiscent of the sometimes arty, sometimes outrageous styles I’ve seen on Make Me A Supermodel. That sounded too easy though, so I decided to create these looks wearing only items in my inventory that I’d never worn before. I’m not just talking never blogged before, either. I mean those items that I’ve bought/received as gifts or review items and just either forgot about or haven’t had the occassion to wear. We all have those pieces languishing forgotten in the depths of our inventories, I’m sure, and I thought it was high time to dust mine off. This does not include shape, however cause I only have the one, and I like it.

During this same time, I got an invite to the Corrupted Innocence SIM opening, and I took some time to go check it out. It’s a gorgeously done build, really, with lots of fabulous designers showcasing their collections. Everything from poses, skins, and shapes to clothes and shoes; it’s all there for your shopping pleasure.  It’s laid out well, too.  I don’t know about you, but a badly designed floor plan can make me crazy when I’m out and about shopping.  There were many great items for us bloggers–very generous of all the store owners there–and I snagged a few of them to use for this little personal challenge of mine.

3398145578_266c11b425_b3The first look I came up with centered around a very neglected item from LeLutka.  Ocean is a dark confection of a dress, and I remember thinking it was very “runway” when I bought it.  I love the frothy white skirt and the little ribbon holding one side of the dress just a  little bit higher than the other.  It adds a bit of interest without being too over the top.  I paired it with a new pair of Jimmy Chao shoes I got at the Corrupted Innocence (CI) opening.  Bettie is a super sexy pair of shoe boots with a cute little zipper up the side and a very high heel.  These shoes sort of scream “LOOK AT ME!”  But in a good way, of course.


For hair, I chose another item from the CI opening, the Affiliation hair from Pazazz.  I’d never heard of them before visiting this opening but they have a lot of great hair available and several are scripted to be worn as either an updo or down.  I chose this hair in Silver to add a bit of drama to the look.  For edge and freakiness, I added the Blordinal nails by Candy Nails which were a birthday gift from my friend, Rhodesy.  I’m wearing the “with blood” option, but they come with a non-bloody option as well.  For skin, I chose the ::Genesis:: Eden Sugar skin.  Yes, I know I’ve worn this before and blogged it extensively, but I’ve not worn the Chocolate Orange makeup option before, so it counts.  Jewelry was a bit of this and that.


The Bleeding Heart set from Alienbear Designs added even more drama and a bit of elegance to the look.  The colors matched the dress perfectly, too.  I don’t remember why I have this set though.  It doesn’t look like something I would normally purchase, and I know it wasn’t a review item.  So, I’m thinking it was either a gift, a group gift, or on sale for a really good price.  However it ended up in my inventory, it’s a stunning set.  I love the forehead tiara that comes with it and the earrings are simply stunning.  For bracelets, I chose the leather bracelets from Fear & Clothing that Cajsa gave me and a bangle set from Earthstones that added a fun touch of whimsy to the outfit.


The second look  I pieced together started with the fabulous  Noir London Coat in black from Leezu Baxter.


Her Noir collection is one of my favorites and I should be ashamed for letting this fabulous coat languish in the darkened recesses of my inventory for so long.  It’s simply stunning and you can wear it three different ways.  I love how well done this snakeskin texture is.

Here it is at its longest length:


And here, as a trench coat.  Of course, you can wear it as just a jacket as well which could be fun for a more casual look.


I paired it with the Zelma Hotpants, also by Leezu Baxter.  I bought those mainly to recreate the look in the advertisement for the Noir London Coat, again because I thought it looked very runway.  I was thinking photo opportunity when I bought it, but it works out quite well for this challenge too. I found the Coquette Noir Black Patent Ankle Boots from Indyra’s Originals to be a fun pairing with this look. I bought these ages and ages ago, again just never finding the right items to pair them with.  Hair was a difficult choice, because I wanted something quite dramatic.  Then I remembered a Sirena hair I had a demo for called Allure.  Once I tried that on, I knew it was the right choice.  So, I went out and bought it.  Technically, not an item languishing in my inventory, but the demo was.  And since I made the rules, I suppose I can bend them. 😉

For accessories, more Alienbear Designs.  This time a group gift of a special set she made for the Nardcotix opening.  If you’re not on the Alienbear group, you might want to conisder doing so.  She sends out lots of great goodies throughout the year.  I chose the Wretched Dollies Jet Black skin for even more dark drama.  I’ve had this skin ever since the Oz SIM opened but never really put it on.  It worked perfectly with this look.


So there you go…two Make Me A Supermodel runway ready looks with stuff just lying around collecting dust in my inventory.  Well, for the most part anyway.  I’m really quite glad I took these items out and played around with some fun, dramatic looks.  It gave me a lot of ideas on ways I can use these pieces in the future.  So the next time you’re searching for something to wear, try putting together a look from those forgotten items in your inventory.  You just might be surprised with what you can come up with.

Oh, and though this isn’t really a “formal” blog challenge, if any of you other bloggers decide to do this, link me.  I wanna see what you come up with. That goes for any readers who may want to share their looks as well.  I always enjoy reading your comments. 🙂

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Outfit #1
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Chocolate Orange **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Twilight Eyes, Visitors **GIFT**
Manicure: CaNDy NaiL – BLoridinal nails,=blood=
Hair: *Pazazz Hair* – Affiliation, Silver **REVIEW ITEM**
Dress: LeLutka – OCEAN dress, Red
Shoes: Jimmy Chau Shoes – Bettie, Red **REVIEW ITEM**
Jewelry: Earthstones – Bangle Set, Obsidian/Jasper
Fear & Clothing – Leather Bracelets with Metal Girly **GIFT**
Alienbear Design – Bleeding Heart with Forehead Tiara Set (includes choker, earrings, and tiara).

Outfit #2:
Skin: Wretched Dollies – Skin Jet Black
Eyes: Urban Dare – Lucky Monkey Neko Eyes, Turquoise-Purple
Hair: Sirena – Allure, Ocean – Blue (Hair Up with Clip)
Coat: Leezu Baxter – Noir London Coat, Black
Pants: Leezu Baxter – Zelma Hotpants, Black
Shoes: Indyra’s Originals – Coquette Noir DV-8 Ankle Boots, Black Patent
Gloves: Fear & Clothing – Gloves, Fur Trim Black **GIFT**
Jewelry: Alienbear Designs – 2009 NX Dark Gift Set **GROUP GIFT**
Eye Candy – Hellenic Tone Silver/Mosaic Cuff
Kunstkammer – Snowdome Ring, antiqued silver
Purple Moon – Belly Piercing Silver Sapphire
ICI Cannes – Diamond/Silver Monroe Piercing

Photo #1:  Striking Poses – Liv Tyler_1
Photo #2:  Lost Angel – Insolence *Female* I’m Gonna Prove It
Photo #3:  Striking Poses – Liv Tyler_1
Photo #4:  Long Awkward Pose – Bolly9
Photo #5:  Long Awkward Pose – Fierce
Photo #6:  Long Awkward Pose – Fierce
Photo #7:  Long Awkward Pose – Fierce
Photo #8:  Long Awkward Pose – Dayum




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31 03 2009
Girl On Film « Second Life’s largest community blog

[…] Girl On Film 2009 March 30 tags: Corrupted Innocence, LeeZu Baxter, LeLutka by Arcadia Nightfire Girl on Film […]

31 03 2009

WOW Arc, great post! I really enjoyed reading and ‘watching’ the runway along the way. I am so going to take your suggestion and put together some outfits from inventory. I can clean and have fun plus find staples all at once. Thanks for visiting Corrupted Innocence and the kind words. We are glad you liked the build/designers and enjoyed the visit. Everyone has worked very hard to make it what it now is.

1 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Tesa. 😉 You’ll have to let me know what you come up with.

3 04 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

Great outfits, Arcadia. I love that coat from LeeZu – it’s very art deco looking from the back. I especially love the short version and want one of my own in RL.

3 04 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Caj. 😉 I think I like the short version best as well. It’s too bad we can’t have some of these pieces in rl, lol. There are several I’d like to own. 😉

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