Prep School Punk

25 03 2009

Friend, co-worker, and fellow fashionista Cajsa Lilliehook passed me a landmark the other day to a store called Rara Avis.  I’d never heard of it, but she thought I’d like some of the things there.  Hungry for new fashion, I went that night to check it out and I have to say she was right. I took my time looking around because on first visual pass I wanted about eight things, but my budget required me to narrow it down a bit.

One of the first things I came across was this intriguing little shirt called Tear You Apart.  It was cute, in a completely odd sort of way.  The name of it, though, reminded me of the song by She Wants Revenge with the same name, so I decided I had to have it.  I wasn’t entirely positive I’d like it because the pattern isn’t something I’d normally wear.  But if I have learned anything during this past year of shopping in SL, it’s to grab those things that stand out to me even if they’re not my usual style.  More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised.  And this time was no different.


I adore this shirt!  And for 100L, I don’t think you can pass it up.  I certainly couldn’t. I decided to wear it to my friend Maht’s DJ gig on Sunday and began building an outfit around this shirt.  The 3/4 Pants and Basic Boots from WRONG were the perfect choice to go with this wrap shirt.  Sexy and punk was the initial idea I had in mind.


I really do love the texture of this shirt with it’s fun, bright, and funky design on one side and black and white stripes on the other.  Those stripes continue around to the back, as well, and it comes in two different styles, a normal and a transparent back.

I wanted some fun and funky jewelry to pair with this look, and I knew that the new necklace I bought from Violet Voltaire would be perfect.  I discovered her amazing work this past weekend at The Armoire event.  The Blackhearts Wicked Necklace immediately grabbed my attention because if ever I were going to wear a heart neckalce, it would be one with spikes on it.

Actually, it’s incredibly well done and detailed.  I went to her store and bought several other pieces that she has on display and will probably blog about them in the future.  I aslo decided to wear her lucky stars bracelet in violet and black and then added the Starlight, Starbright earrings by Balderdash.  Those were another hunt item at The Armoire and I thought the whimsy of them went perfectly with this outfit.  The Sanity Jelly Bracelets from WRONG, a wardrobe staple, were next.  Oh, and I chose the Earthstones Belly Ring in Triple Goddess because it matches my latest RL tattoo.  That’s a lot of different pieces of jewelry, right?  There is a method to my madness though, I swear.  I wanted different accessories, not a complete set, to help with the punk feel of this look.

For skin, the only choice was which makeup version of Eden to use.  I love this skin from ::Genesis:: and the talented Ryker Beck.  I chose Nekophelia for the black lips and glittery eye makeup.  It’s the perfect compliment to this fantastic shirt.


I was already wearing the Willow hair by ETD when I started piecing the outfit together and I decided to go with it.  With the barette holding one side back, it adds just a touch of prep school cute to this look.  Also, I liked it because it wouldn’t be the obvious choice to pair with this outfit.  However, because of the shape, it maintains just enough edge to work well with it.


This look definitely needed tattoos, and I chose the Apnea Tattoo from Snatch for two reasons:

1.  They are my favorite.
2. I liked the way they draw the eye down the length of my arm, giving the illusion of a longer sleeve to the shirt. 


So there you have it; a little Prep School meets Punk.  I’ve been wearing this for three days, and I’m not sure when I’ll want to take this shirt off.  It’s just so fun!  I only wish it came in a dozen or so more texture options.  I’d like to have at least that many in my inventory. 😉

I’ll be blogging them again, I’m sure, but in the meantime be sure to check out Rara Avis. They have some fantastic stuff and lots of Coming Soon signs also.  I can’t wait to see what they put out next.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:

Skin:  Genesis – Eden, Sugar – Nekophelia
Eyes:  Genesis – Speculation Eyes, Blue **Gift**
Hair:  ETD – Willow, Elika’s Red
Manicure:  Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Tattoos:  Sn@tch – Apnea Tattoo
Shirt:  Rara Avis – Tear You Apart
Pants:  WRONG –  Black 3/4 Pants (Kitty Patch)
Shoes:  WRONG – Basic Boots, Black
Jewelry:  WRONG – Sanity Jelly Bracelets
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Balderdash – Starlight, Starbright Hoops **Armoire Hunt Gift**
Violet Voltaire – Blackhearts: Wicked Necklace
Violet Voltaire – Lucky Star Bracelet: Black/Violet **Freebie Gift**
Earthstones – Belly Ring, Triple Goddess/Silver

Photo #1:  Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Powerful Elegance PR4
Photo #2:  Reel Expressions – *Luth* Shoes 05
Photo #3:  My own AO
Photo #4:  Long Awkward pose – Timid Girl
Photo #5:  Long Awkward Pose – Miss Pretty




11 responses

25 03 2009
25 03 2009
Violet Voltaire

Oh wow , thank you for featuring my necklace! I’m glad you liked my sturfs! ^_^ And oh man, now i have SWR stuck in my head. *runs off to play them*

25 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

You’re quite welcome, Violet. I’m sure I’ll be featuring more of your stuff soon. It’s exquisite. 😉

And yes, that’s exactly what happened to me when I bought this shirt. In fact, I’m listening to them right now. 😉

26 03 2009
Azriel Ballyhoo

So glad you love this shirt as much as I do! (And that song by SWR!) 😉 I have actually been considering making additional versions of Tear You Apart; now my gears are turning. I did make a version in pink and black for Valentine’s Day with my design partner Nineveh. It’s part of an outfit called Pepto Dismal and you can get it FOR FREE from our mainstore and update group or you can find it on XStreet. The outfit is divided into two sets so you will need to pick it up from Nineveh Teskat and I to get the shirt, skirt, pants and corset. Much love, Azzy

26 03 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

Woo hoo! I was pretty sure you would like Rara Avis! That look is hot! I love the shirt and the jewelry melange is perfect.

26 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Additional versions? Oh, don’t toy with me! LOL I so need to get on your update group so I know when/if those come out. I’d be ecstatic!

And I will check out that Pepto Dismal set *snickers at the name*. Though, pink isn’t usually a color I wear, I have been known to branch out now and then obviously. 😉

I really am excited to see what you come up with next. You have such a great and eclectic collection at Rara Avis. Thanks for the comment. 😉

Oh, and I’ve been listening to She Wants Revenge for three days now, lol.

26 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Cajsa…for the compliment and that landmark, lol. It really is a fun store. I’m quite glad you thought of me when you found it. 😉

26 03 2009
Discount Designer Fashion Clothes

I like the dress. It looks good and the design is provocative and revealing. An excellent clubwear!

26 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks. 😉

18 04 2009
The Dichotomy of Arcadia…and other newness. « Second Life’s largest community blog

[…] few weeks ago, I posted about the Tear You Apart shirt by Rara Avis called Prep School Punk in which I raved about how much I adore said shirt. The one down side I described was that it […]

18 04 2009
Ivey Deschanel

I love it! I’m a big fan of Rara Avis and I’m always excited to see what they come up with next!

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