Where’s The Loot?

23 03 2009

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Why, at the Clothing Fair of course. But you only have a few more hours to go and check out this fabulous shopping experience. Nine sims filled with wares by designers from all across the grid and a lot of the profits go to Relay For Life. So by shopping you’re actually doing something good and helping people. What more can you ask for?

This Relay For Life Clothing fair is themed along Pirate lines, and several designers have created special pirate inspired outfits for their Relay For Life vendor. All of the proceeds from these special vendors go to Relay For Life.  I found two of these special outfits that I just love. The first is by Mariska Simons of Blacklace and it’s called Crimson Temptress.


I know, I know…my blog has been Blacklace heavy this week.  How could I pass this outfit up, though?  I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled into the Blacklace booth on Sim 6 and saw this little gem.  The outfit comes complete with this fantastic hat, necklace, and a set of bracelets.  This has to be one of the sexiest outfits out there.  The attention to detail that Mariska always brings to her outfits shines here.  I love the little gold skulls on the tops of the seamed fishnet stockings. 

Now, the prim skirt did need a little adjusting, but once that was fixed, I was set. 


I added a bit more gold to the outfit with the No130 earrings by Kraftika, which were a gift from friend and fellow fashion blogger, Cajsa Lilliehook.  They really are quite fabulous and come in both gold and silver.  I also added this cute skull and cross bones belly ring, which I edited to make it look like gold instead of silver. For boots, only the over knees by Drawmachine would do.  I adore this outfit, but then that’s really not a surprise considering who designed it.  But do you know what else I love?  The mix and match potential here is staggering; especially when you think about the jewelry involved.  All of this fabulousness for donating to a charity.  How can you pass it up?


The second specially designed Relay For Life outfit I found was on Sim 4 and it’s by Kiana Dulce.  Called Naveen Pirate Wench, it certainly brings to mind pirate bars and serving wenches.


I’ve not been to Kiana Dulce before, but I have to give props here for a very well done outfit.  It’s a little grunge take on Pirate Life, I think.  I love the bodice, of course, and it comes with this cute pirate hat.  In fact, it comes with the socks and boots as well.  For 450L, that is quite the deal.  I love the treasure map texture on the skirt.  Such an interesting and creative touch.  Oh, and the socks are a fantastic tattered net pattern that will surely be used in some sort of mix and match fashion in the near future.


A side benefit of the Clothing Fair is finding all of these designers you’d never heard of before, like Kiana Dulce.  After her work on this special outfit, I definitely plan to check out her main store.


So there’s the loot.  Two fantastic pirate themed outfits that you can wear as is, or mix and match into new and fantastic outfits.  The only problem I’ll have is deciding which one of these to wear if MDR ever has a pirate party.

If pirates aren’t your thing, still do go and check out Clothing Fair during these last few hours.  It ends late tonight, but you still have time to visit at least a few of the Sims.  You’ll never know what fantastic treasure you’ll find.   I’ve provided a list of links below to all nine Sims.  It’s for a good cause and it’s incredibly generous of the designers, entertainers, and organizers to donate all of this time, energy, creativity, and profit to a worthy cause. 

SL Relay For Life Clothing Fair Links:

Clothing Fair 1
Clothing Fair 2
Clothing Fair 3
Clothing Fair 4
Clothing Fair 5
Clothing Fair 6
Clothing Fair 7

Clothing Fair 8
Clothing Fair 9 (Entertainment and Auction)

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Outfit 1
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Codie **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Twilight Eyes, Edward **GIFT**
Hair: ETD – Gabrielle, Elika’s Red
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Outfit: Blacklace Crimson Temptress (includes necklace and a set of bracelets)
Shoes: Drawmachine – Overknees, Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Kraftika – No130 Earrings, Gold **GIFT**
Damsel – Snakeskin Bangles, Damsel
Alyssa Bijoux – Diamond Skull Belly Stud

Outfit 2
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden Sugar, Codie **PRI**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Twilight Eyes, Edward **GIFT**
Hair: ETD – Gabrielle, Elika’s Red
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Outfit: Kiana Dulce – Naveen Pirate Wench (includes hat, socks, boots)
Jewelry: Maitreya – Coin Necklace
Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Viva La Glam -VG Republic – Basic Metal Bangles Set, Thick

Photo #1:  Long Awkward Pose – Doin Right
Photo #2:  Long Awkward Pose – Back to the Wall
Photo #3:  Lost Angel – Insolence Female – I’m gonna prove it
Photo #4:  Long Awkward Pose – F-Blogger 1 **GIFT**
Photo #5:  Long Awkward Pose – F-Blogger 1  **GIFT**
Photo #6:  Long Awkward Pose – F-Blogger 4 – Pursehold  **GIFT**




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23 03 2009

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