Week of Lingerie – Wednesday

19 03 2009

Insolence was my first SL lingerie love. I remember wandering into the store by chance and being mesmerized by the designs. It was the first example of really well done lingerie I had seen and I bought almost the entire store right then and there. It’s been over a year now that I’ve been wandering the grid and you know what? I still love Insolence. Camilla Yosuke’s designs are incredibly detailed and well crafted and she’s always coming up with something imaginative and feminine.

When I think of Insolence, two words come to mind: Feminine and Innocent. Most of the lingerie at Insolence is soft and flirty, feminine and elegant. But they are never boring. When Camilla Yosuke dropped review copies of her latest release, Dolores, on me, I was excited to see what she had come up with this time.


Dolores is the last set in the Winter Line, according to the notecard Camilla sent with it’s release. It is a delicate ensemble of lace and tulle; the flower pattern an ode to the Spring season that is moving towards us. It comes in black with several different colors for accents, and this gorgeous white.


I like it in the black version, but the white is my favorite. It’s beautiful in it’s purity; like the beauty of that last pristine snowfall. The sheerness of the lace lends a touch of risque to this piece, and I like that little twist on an otherwise very quaint set.


As well as Camilla Yousuke does innocence, there are those times when she steps outside the box and makes something bold, daring, and dramatic…like Lilly. This was released back in October, but somehow I completely missed it. When I saw my friend Rhodesy pull it out in order to do the Same Damn Thing Challenge with me, I was quite impressed and ran over to Insolence to snag this set that very night.


Lilly is sexy with a capital S. It is drama and seduction; a bold statement wrapped in a very pretty corset made from satin and ribbons. The flower pattern of this texture is subtle, yet remarkable. It really brings out the lines of the satin making the texture that much more scrumptious. The lacing in the back is lovely, and I love that it goes ALL the way down. Don’t worry, it comes with panties…but thong panties that are almost invisible unless you look closely. And with a back view like that, who wouldn’t be?


There’s lacing down the sides to compliment the back, and I love the black satiny ribbon at the top of the strings. Stockings and garters complete the set because; let’s face it, they just WORK with corsets. They complete the package, so to speak. I counted at least three different ways you can wear this set and it comes on multiple layers for easy mixing and matching.

In keeping with the drama of the design, I chose the Princess Carita set from Alienbear Design so that I’d be dripping with diamonds, so to speak. It’s not difficult to picture this outfit in an old castle setting, as Camilla envisoned while she was creating it. Ryker Beck’s new Eden skin (available at ::Genesis:: ) and her lovely Speculation Eyes completed the look.


Lilly is my favorite piece by Camilla; the one that is the most ME. It’s rich and seductive with a hint of danger; just the way I like my lingerie…and other things.


I’m sure you’ve all been to Insolence, but maybe you missed something like I did. It never hurts to go back and check it out again. You just might find THE perfect set of lingerie.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Outfit 1
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden – Sugar, Codie **PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Au Naturel Eyes, Blue **PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Hair: ETD – Willow, Elika’s Red
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Lingerie: Insolence – Dolores, White **REVIEW ITEM**
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
::Genesis:: – Itty Bitty Heart Belly Ring **PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Earthstones – Beautiful Slave Bracelets – Moonstone
Earthstones – Floating Circles Set, Diamond/Silver

Outfit 2
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden – Sugar, Codie **PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Speculation Eyes (Natural), Blue **GIFT**
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Black
Hair: ETD – Willow, Elika’s Red
Lingerie: Insolence – Lilly Satin Outfit, Red
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Cocktail Shoes, Bloody Mary
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Diamond Nostril Stud
Alienbear Design – Princess Carita Full Set, Red

Photo #1:  Striking Poses – Maxim0608 – Shannon Elizabeth USA
Photo #2:  Striking Poses – Sarah Michelle Gellar_4
Photo #3:  Striking Poses – Sarah Michelle Gellar_5
Photo #4:  Striking Poses – Gwen Stefani_3
Photo #5:  Striking Poses – Lara Croft_7
Photo #6:  Striking Poses – Desperate Edie
Photo #7:  Striking Poses – Mairlyn_4




2 responses

19 03 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

Fabulous review as ever!! Now I want Lilly too!

19 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Cajsa. 😉

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