Week of Lingerie – Monday

17 03 2009

Inventory sorting is a funny thing.  You make all these plans of what you’re going to sort and when, sometimes even how and then once you get in there you realize that your plans are not going to work.  I had intended to blog some of the newer Blacklace tonight, but once I got into the jungle that is my lingerie folder, I realized there were some other pieces that needed to be sorted first.  So, in the interest of me getting this folder cleaned out and organized by the end of the week, I’m going to let my inventory dictate what gets blogged and when.  Today, it’s Casa Del Shai.

I don’t have a lot from Casa del Shai, but that’s more due to the fact that the lingerie section of her store isn’t quite as developed as the rest of her line.  Shai Delacroix does amazing clothing, for both men and women, and the little section that houses her lingerie is like a little treasure chest of delightful, sexy creations.  I enjoy the way she creates both classic and contemporary looks with her designs.  In fact, there are still several things I’d like to buy there.  One thing that I had to buy, though, was the Selena set.


This lovely little bra and panty set comes in a variety of colors, but it was the blue that caught my eye.  It’s a striking, vibrant hue that naturally draws the eye.  If you look closely, you can see the gorgeous shading of the color on this texture.  The design of this set is flawless, hugging curves and creating elegant lines,  and I love the pattern and shape of the bra with it’s little bow in the center. 


The delicate lace accents on the panties are a nice touch.  It’s feminine and chic, but I wouldn’t call it soft.  It’s the set you wear under your business suit to give you that extra burst of sexy confidence.


As much as I love the Selena set, my favorite creation of Shai Delacroix has to be her Adriana Corset set. 


This is the classic of all classics when it comes to lingerie.  If you don’t own this go and buy it right now.  Right now, I say! 


The texture is extremely well done, the design is beautiful and graceful, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any piece that makes your AV’s derriere look THAT  good. I’ve seen it on several people, of all body types, and the result is the same.  S-E-X-Y!


And, of course, it comes in several layer options which gives you mix and match potential off the charts.  I’ve worn the top of this with leather pants, with a skirt, added the cincher to a shirt, etc.  The possibilities are endless, and really…doesn’t your lingerie deserve to come out of the bedroom from time to time? 

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Outfit 1
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden – Sugar, Codie ** PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Au Naturel Eyes, Blue **PREVIOUS REVIEW ITEM**
Hair: Maitreya – Nico, Beach Blonde
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Pedicure: Candy Nail – #000 Basic Toenails Red
Lingerie: Casa del Shai – Selena Lingerie Set, Blue
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Caroline’s – Graduated Diamond Set
Caroline’s – Individual, a Right Hand Ring
::Genesis:: – Itty Bitty Heart Belly Ring (platinum)

Outfit 2
Skin: Celestial Studios – Charmed Skin – 20 (Glitter – Silver 2)
Eyes: Eye AC – darkturquoise
Hair: ETD – Yvette, Chestnut
Manicure: Sin Skins – Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Lingerie: Casa del Shai – Adriana Lingerie Set, Champagne
Shoes: Maitreya – Virtue, Patent Black
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud

Photo #1:  Striking Poses – DQ2 Bette Davis
Photo #2:  Striking Poses -DQ2 Bette Davis
Photo #3:  Striking Poses – Angelina Jolie_10
Photo #4:  Striking Poses – DQ2 Bette Davis
Photo #5:  Striking Poses – Jessica Alba_1
Photo #6:  Striking Poses – DQ6 – Ann Margaret




3 responses

17 03 2009
Gabby Panacek

Wow! Shai’s lingerie looks fantastic! And I love that you’re still wearing the Eden skin…It really does look fantastic on you! <333

17 03 2009
Cajsa Lilliehook

okay, I am definitely getting that second one – so hot.

17 03 2009
Arcadia Nightfire

Thanks, Gabby. I really REALLY do adore this Eden skin.

And I thought you already had that one, Caj or I would have told you to grab it a long time ago, lol.

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