Skin Trade

16 03 2009

I’ve never blogged a skin before.  In fact, I hardly ever change my skin.  I think I’ve mentioned before my difficulty finding another skin I like as much as my everyday one.  It’s not that there aren’t great skins out there, because there are. But I’ve been hard pressed to find one that doesn’t completely change the face of my av and has good makeup that I like.  In SL, as in RL, I am extremely picky about things.  So when Ryker Beck of Genesis offered up review packs of her new skin, I decided to take a chance and see if I would like it.

And I do.  A lot.  So much so that I’m blogging about it…and that should tell you something.




Ryker has taken her creativity, talent, and the amazing eye for detail that made her jewelry such a success and applied them to the art of skin making.  Her first skin, Eden, is a truly remarkable piece of art.  Hand painted by Ryker, you can see that an enormous amount of time, work, and love went into the Eden skin line.  And, as with her jewelry, it is the amazing attention to detail that grabs my eye first.  From the amazingly well done shoulder blades and elbows, to the lovely knees and little freckles and moles placed here and there.  Eden looks realistic, much moreso than my old skin.  It’s so smooth, especially around my nose which is a problem spot on my particular shape.



Eden comes in several different skin tones and each tone has 20 available makeup versions.  Also, each comes with the option for freckles or not.  I’m wearing the Sugar, or pale tones without freckles.  The makeup version called Codie is my favorite.  Red, red lips and dark eyes. 


Rockstar is my second favorite, with dark eye makeup and a mauve-y colored lip.  The makeup options included with Eden are amazing in their variety…surely something for everyone.  To see some wonderful shots of the available makeup, check out Gabby’s post here.


Another fun aspect of this skin is that Ryker has made 5 pairs of eyes that compliment the skin tones beautifully and these come with every makeup pack.  You also get a cute little belly ring and a special windlight settings notecard.

The pubic hair is tintable and is included on a pants and underpants layer option.  The landing strip hair option is the default version, but other pubic hair options will be available at Genesis when the skin is released on Tuesday. 


This skin is stunning.  Simply, remarkable.  I’ve worn it several places around the grid and gotten lots of compliments from those who know me and know how rare it is for me to change my skin.  Oh, and it’s a joy to photograph as well, which is always important to us photographers.

Eden will be released on Tuesday, March 17th.  So make sure you head over to Genesis and check out Eden for yourself. 

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
Skin: ::Genesis:: – Eden, Sugar Tone (Codie and Rockstar Makeup) **REVIEW ITEM**
Eyes: ::Genesis:: – Au Naturel Eyes, Blue and Gray (came with the skins)**REVIEW ITEM**
Hair: booN – free hair NMR32 Chestnut
Panties: Ornamental Life – Antoinette Whirls, Kissing Snow




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17 03 2009
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