31 10 2008

Sorrow is the final doll in the Marionette Doll series from theAbyss and I have to admit she’s my favorite. As soon as I put this on, I knew it would be the one I chose to wear for Halloween. I’m not sure if it’s the runny mascara or the wonderful net gloves, but this one has totally won me over. As much as I love the other two dolls, this one is just…perfect. It also really fits my mood these days.

She’s a bit Gothy, a tiny bit Emo, and a lot doll. Sorrow’s clothing is also black and red, much like Mystery, but the pattern and shade of red are completely different. Sorrow is…darker. The pattern on the skirt looks more like blood spatter on fishnet than anything resembling polka dots. (although you will find polka dots on the hair bows.)

The solid skirt is wonderful too.

You get the same clothing options as the other dolls but the gloves are an added bonus with this one and a nice touch, I think. I love that they are ripped. They lend themselves well to the overall theme of this outfit. I should mention also that these shapes are modifiable. I didn’t change them because I thought they were great as is, but you certainly have the option if you so choose.

Sorrow comes with:
Skin (pg and mature versions)
Prim Eyelashes
Hair (with two different options for the bows)
Stockings (two different options)
Pantaloons (two different options)
Peasant Top (two different options)
Full Corset(two different options)
Half Corset (two different options)
Skirt (two different options)
Victorian Boots (with strings or without)

Ripped Net Gloves
Top Hat
Face Light
Bow (three options)

Not much more can be said about these dolls that I’ve not already said in these last few posts. So if you are running around at the last minute looking for a great costume to wear to that special Halloween party, look no futher than theAbyss. Yes, the Marionette Dolls are a bit pricey…but they’re totally worth it for a no muss no fuss costume that’s unique and fabulous.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:
theAbyss – Full Avatar – Sorrow_Marionette Doll (Review Item)
Photo 1 – Luth – Melancholy 11
Photo 2 – Luth – Melancholy 01
Photo 3 – Luth – Melancholy 04
Photo 4 – Luth – Melancholy 01
Photo 5 – Luth – Melancholy 09




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