29 10 2008

Mystery is the second doll in the Marionette Dolls series from theAbyss. She is just as lovely as the first doll, Magic, yet very different. Where Magic is dark, Mystery is light. Her hair is an eye-catching full bright blonde and her skin is lovely and pale; almost like alabaster. She’s an absolutely gorgeous doll.

As with Magic before her, Mystery comes with lots of fun options for mixing and matching. In the photo above, I’m wearing the pattern peasant shirt, the pattern black half corset, and the solid black skirt. I love the red polka dots on this pattern shirt, so I opted for the half corset so as to show off said polka dots.

Speaking of polka dots…

You get two options for bloomers as well. Below I’m wearing the pattern bloomers sans skirt to show you how absolutely fabulous they are. And I have to say, the red and black polka dotted stockings are my favorite in this set.

In the photo below, I’ve opted for the pattern skirt, a lovely black paisely design, and the full corset, which accomplishes a somewhat different type of sexy than the half corset.

Last but not least is the solid peasant shirt, the half corset and the solid black skirt. The options abound with this set – all pattern, all solid, mix and match, etc. I love versatility. And, I feel I must mention how well done the doll strings are. I’ve seen doll strings before that just sort of hang there and don’t do anything, but these move with the avatar flawlessly and are yet another example of the attention to detail that went into making these sets.

Mystery comes with:
Skin (pg and mature versions)
Prim Eyelashes
Hair (with two different options for the bows)
Stockings (two different options)
Pantaloons (two different options)
Peasant Top (two different options)
Full Corset(two different options)
Half Corset (two different options)
Skirt (two different options)
Victorian Boots (with strings or without)
Top Hat
Face Light
Bow (three options)

So teleport over to theAbyss and snag one of these gorgeous dolls for all those Halloween parties you’ll be going to. Your only problem will be choosing which doll to get.

Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Studio

Model Info:
theAbyss – Full Avatar – Mystery_Marionette Doll (Review Item)

Photo 1: Long Awkward Pose – Fantasy – Puppet
Photo 2: Long Awkward Pose – Fantasy – FaePose 7
Photo 3: Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Dance
Photo 4: Long Awkward Pose – Geisha – Memoirs




2 responses

29 10 2008
miss fit dawn

I love these avatars, but they are so expensive. There’s no question they are high quality… well for second life, but you get more for you money at avatar stores like grendel’s children, and it does a ton of things, looks great and is fully moddable. I should start a blog so I can get them free I guess. They are beautiful but way to expensive for what they do and don’t do.

31 10 2008
Arcadia Nightfire

They are expensive, no doubt about that. However, I can understand why. With the amount of clothing options you get plus shape, skin, hair, eyes. It’s the complete package and high quality. I don’t think its unreasonable for the amount of stuff you get.

I’ve never been to Grendel’s children but I’m sure it’s a nice store. Personally, I was looking for something that I could just put on and look fabulous…not something I’d have to spend a ton of time modifying. I don’t have that kind of time these days.

These avatars are fully modable. You can change the shape to anything you want. I did not change them for myself because I liked them the way they are, but it is certainly an option.

As for your comment about starting a blog so you can get stuff for free, I’m not quite sure what to say to that. I didn’t accept a position as a writer for this blog so that I could get free stuff. 95% of the stuff I blog are things I’ve purchased with my own lindens. I blog it because I love it and want to share, plain and simple.

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