26 10 2008

Magic is the first doll in the Marionette Dolls costume series from The Abyss, and I have to say she is spectacular. With hair the color of fire and clothing a lovely shade of purple, she’s sure to have many heads turning at those halloween parties.

I’m not a huge fan of purple, but I think it works wondefully well here. You get a ton of options with these costume sets, from the color of the bows in her hair to the pattern on the skirt. You can even decide if you want the marionette strings attached to the shoes or not. I’ve not had this much fun with a costume in a long time.

I have on the solid puprle skirt in this photo.

And the pattern skirt in this one:

I love the clothing in this. The peasant top and corset are incredibly sexy and the detail on this is amazing, right down to the row of buttons on the front. The stockings are wonderful and I had lots of fun mixing and matching the different pieces to create unique looks. The colors and textures are stunning and the outfit itself is sexy and sassy. The pantaloons are a fantastic addition to the dress and give the look a touch of whimsy that I adore. Oh, and it looks great even with my regular shape. There are resizing options, should you choose not to wear the shape included in the set, but really this shape is very well done and definitely completes the doll look. The doll strings are very realistic as well, though I chose to not have them attached to the shoes for the photos. But that option is certainly there.

Here’s what you get with Magic:
Skin (pg and mature versions)
Prim Eyelashes
Hair (with two different options for the bows)
Stockings (three different options)
Pantaloons (two different options)
Peasant Top (two different options)
Corset (two different options)
Skirt (two different options)
Victorian Boots (with strings or without)
Top Hat
Face Light
Bow (four options)

The bow options are a nice touch. You can go with the regular bows as in the photos above; however, I think my favorite option is the black bow with pearls.

Of course, the lace bow is lovely as well.

Decisions, decisions.
Fly on over to TheAbyss and snag one of these fabulous dolls for yourself. You can be sure you’re going to get a creative, unique, well-made, versatile costume.


Photography by Arcadia Nightfire, MDR Photo Studio

Model Info:

The Abyss – Marionette Doll, Magic (Review Item)

Poses: Photos 2-6 – Long Awkward Pose – Fantasy – Dolly
Photo 1 – Long Awkward Pose – Seduction




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