Costume Greatness!

26 10 2008

My love for Halloween is no secret. I love everything about it and that includes hunting for the PERFECT costume to wear to all of those Halloween parties. Finding the right costume can sometimes be difficult depending on what you’re going for. I tend to stay away from the super scary bloody monster/killer stuff. I like creative costumes. Costumes that make you take a closer look. Costumes that aren’t ordinary. Costumes that are still, while fitting the theme, a bit sassy and/or sexy.
There are a lot of great costumes out there this year. It’s been somewhat difficult for me to choose the “best” out of all the wonderful work I’ve seen, but I have finally come to the conclusion that for costumes, nothing beats the Marionette Dolls at The Abyss. To say they are fabulous is quite an understatement, but I’m going to say it anyway. They are FABULOUS! This isn’t just an outfit to throw on, it’s a complete kit. You get the shape, the skin, the hair, the clothing, the shoes…everything. Better still, the options included in these are a mix and match girl’s nirvana. There are at least three different outfit options per doll, and there are almost 50 items included in these sets! That is a lot of mix and matching. They are a bit on the pricey side, I have to admit…but it is SO worth it. Not only because of all the fun you can have dressing up for Halloween, but on the versatility of the clothing. I dare say you could wear some of this all year round. How cool is that? They come in these adorable collector’s boxes that look just like real doll boxes. A lot of love, time, and creativity went into these and it shows.
There are three different Dolls to choose from:



In my next three posts, I’m going to break the dolls out of their boxes and show you all the fun options you can have with them. Stay tuned!




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