Costume Reveal

9 08 2008
Ah, costume parties. They can be such fun but, depending on the theme, finding the right costume can prove difficult. I have found that piecing a costume together can be much more fun and creative then buying a ready to wear one. Now, I’m not saying never buy a ready to wear costume, because sometimes they fit the theme perfectly. I’m just saying…if you’ve not tried piecing together your own, give it a try next time you get invited to a costume party. You’ll see what I mean.

For MDR’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, I decided to go as Queen Titania. I chose that particular costume idea for two reasons: 1) She’s a great charachter in the play, and 2) My rl name is derived from Titania and means “Queen of Fairies.” So really, it made perfect sense for me to attend the party as Queen Titania. But I also knew that there was a very good chance others would have the same idea as me. So, I decided to create my own unique Titania look. LOTS of shopping later, I came up with what I thought was the perfect costume to portray the Queen of the Summer Court.

My costume started with the dress. I know most fairy costumes aren’t much on clothing, but I thought Queen Titania should have a lovely dress. I wandered into Fancy Fairy Wings and Fashions and fell in love with the Champagne and Roses dress. Designer Violaine Villota has made a stunning confection of a dress. I love the red bodice and the way the material lays. The texture is stunning. It’s delictate and beautiful. It comes with several skirt options, but I chose the longest for my costume.

More photos and info behind the cut.

In the same store, I found the most gorgeous pair of fairy wings I’ve ever laid eyes on: The Scripted Kira Wings in Blood Velvet. The wings open and close as you walk and have the most gorgeous texture on them. They’re absolutely stunning and I love the richness of the colors. The red in the wings went perfectly with the Champagne and Roses dress.

The next item on my list was a new skin. My friend Rhodesy Durant found the perfect one for me at *~{Frick}. The Peaches – Shamrocked v.1 skin was the perfect summery compliment to my outfit. Oh, and the hair I chose was the Sharon hair from Sirena in blonde with red tips. I wanted something elegant yet fun, and the Sharon hair was perfect for that.

The crowning touch (pun intended) to the outfit was the Princess Carlita set from Alienbear Designs. This set comes with a crown, earrlings, necklace, scepter, and bracelets. The detail on Alienbear jewelry is to die for, really. I can’t say enough good things about the work of Alienbear Gupte. Simply stunning.

The finishing touches was YIP’s magrttes fantasy eyes that look like a summer sky, a cute little fairy wand (which I have absolutely no recollection of how it came to be in my inventory), fairy dust on my feet which was a gift from Rhodesy, and the Avilion Mist Fantasy Collection in Moonlight. This stunning jeweled set comes in all sorts of shapes and is color changing as well. A very fun accent.

In the end, there were other Titania’s at the party but my costume was still unique and original. That’s the best advantage for piecing a costume together. No one will look quite like you.

Model Info:
Skin: *~{Frick} – Peaches -Shamrocked, v.1
Hair: Sirena – Sharon, Blonde with Red Tips
Eyes: YIP’s – Margrttes Fantasy Eyes
Wings: Fancy Fairy Wings and Fashions – Scripted Kira Wings, BloodVelvet
Gown: Fancy Fairy Wings and Fashions – Champagne and Roses Gown
Jewelry: Alienbear Designs – Princess Carita Full Set, Red
Avilion Mist – Fantasy Collection, Moonlight.
Fairy Dust on Feet and Purple Fairy Wand.




2 responses

10 08 2008

Oh you look so beautiful, Silo and I are both so bummed we didn’t make it. I’ll have to post my fairy costume anyway darnit!


10 08 2008

Gorgeous photos, darling! You did a fantastic job of showing off all the little pieces. 🙂

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