Artfully Chic

10 06 2008

SL was being crazy again last night and my friend Rhodesy and I were unable to get to the studio for an extended period of time. Don’t you just HATE those impromptu days off? *wink*

We decided to see where SL would let us go and after attempting to teleport to several different locations, we ended up at the Cetus Gallery and Sculpture Parkwhere Elros Tuominen is having a showing of his work. There are several pieces, indoor and outdoor ones, and we had such a fun time looking around. I had to stop myself from buying several of them!

But what to wear while wandering around an art gallery?

I asked myself that same question and, after a bit of mix and match magic, came up with what I think is a stunningly chic yet comfortable look.

I just love this top from Gisaci at Armidi. It’s ultra chic and the color was unusual enough to make me depart from my normal red and black color scheme. Adding the pants from the Office Affair outfit I snagged at Mischief a few months ago kept the look sophisticated but added that touch of casual that I was looking for. To top if off, I threw on some fabulous jewlery and the sleek and sexy Xinful Boots from ZHAO to create an outfit that’s casual enough to go wander around SL all day, yet still fashionable and chic enough to wear to the office.

Pics of our adventure and model info behind the jump!

One of the things I love most about the art Elros creates is it’s immersive quality. A lot of the sculptures here are meant to be sat in/on and you get to rotate around amidst all the swirling color and light.

Besides, it’s fun to make your friends try and find you when you do.

After dragging myself away from the sculpture I wanted to buy inside the gallery, Rhodesy and I went to investigate the pieces in the park. Of course, I immediately found another piece I wanted. This one was called “The Four Winds”, and it had a piece representing the North, South, East, and West winds that rotated slowly around in a circle. Again, another piece you’re meant to sit on and enjoy. This may end up in my house soon.

Model Info:
Skin: CS Charmed Skin 20 – Glitter-Silver 2
Eyes: Eye AC – DarkTurquoise Eyes
Manicure: Sin Skins Glitter Manicure, Crimson
Shape: Body Doubles Sarah Michelle Gellar (modified to look nothing like her).
Hair: Abyss – Secret, Light Blonde
Top: Gisaci – Buone Vacanze, Blu
Pants: Mischief – Office Affair (part of full outfit)
Shoes: ZHAO – XINFUL, Black Leather
Jewelry: Inks & Kinks – Nostril Diamond Stud
Caroline’s – Right Hand Ring, Individual
Caroline’s – Pearl Leaf Silver Collection, necklace and earrings
Gisaci – Healing Koi Bangle, Bells




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